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CabriaSona is a cultural circuit, and an independently run boutique and full-service music agency specialised in world/folk music from Calabria, We also have a subsidiary, ItalySona that produces and promotes artists from other parts of Italy   

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Loccisano-De Carolis Guitar Duo

The Unique Sound and Thrill of the Chitarra Battente. 
The collaboration between the two guitarists from Southern Italy - Francesco Loccisano and Marcello De Carolis has no real beginning. It all started with their passion for guitar playing and their interest in a traditional folk guitar called “Chitarra Battente”.
"When we started with the instrument, which is typical of the musical traditions of the southern part of Italy, it seemed impossible to make use of it for soli and melodies. But after various experiments, a new sound took shape. It was so unique that we went for it. We eventually created a method ("La Chitarra Battente - Metodo Base”) published by, and worked on a repertoire of our own compositions which is included in the album “Venti” that was released in 2020.”
Francesco Loccisano is a classical guitar player from Calabria who developed a passion for this almost forgotten instrument  from the rich and diverse musical heritage of his region. While creating its own signature on the instrument and releasing his first two albums, he was invited in 2015 to join the Taranta Power Band of Italian world music legend Eugenio Bennato. He also appears on the stage of the likes of Vinicio Capossela and Gianna Nannini.
Classical guitarist Marcello De Carolis founded the duo "Cordaminazioni" in 2015 with whom he released his first album. From his firendship with Loccisano, healso started to develop his own style on the "chitarra Battente".
The duo, which has performed mostly in Italy in theaters, conservatories, and festivals auditoriums, and summer festivals, also started recently to play internationally. 

Dicography: Loccisano - Battente Italiana (2010), Mastrìa (2013), Solstizio (2017) | De Carolis - Cordaminazione (2015), The Eclectic Beating (2021) | Loccisano-De Carolis - Venti (2020)


Trad-Innovation and Feel-Good Music Made In Calabria
The ethno-grove Calabrian band Parafonè has been in business for 15 years. They are a good example on how one find inspiration in the rich local cultural heritage to innovate and put forward the musical traditions of an area that, in the middle of the Mediterranean and between two seas, has always been a place of virtuous contamination and the cradle of Tarantella– from the times of the ancient Magna Grecia to modern days. The wealth of local traditional instruments fits perfectly in a bed of bass/drums/guitars, and the exhilarating drive of the music is as good as anything coming from Africa (or the neighboring Puglia). This is a feel-good and festival band you want to present to your audience. 

Line-up: Bruno Tassone (voc, trad. instruments), Angelo Pisani (wind and trad. instruments), Antonio La rosa (drums, percussion), Domenico Tino (guitars, saz, bouzouki),Omar Remi (bass), Antonio Codispoti (accordion)
Awards: Tenco Music Awards (2016), Parodi Music Awards (2016)
International collaborations: Rasmi Bhatt (India), Eslam Adam (Egypt)
Discography: Live in Quarantine (2020) Incenso e Mirra (2019), Amistà (2015), Disperanza (2012), Il Ritorno dei Suoni (2011)
Special project: Calabria Orchestra (2021)


Electronically Folk 
Folkatomik is an Italian quartet with several identities.
Guitarist, DJ and producer, Daniele Li Bassi has shared the stages of Steve Winwood, Whitney Houston, Eugenio Finardi, Max Gazzè, Bandabardò, and many others Italian and international artists. He has been signed with various labels including Emi, Warner Chappell, Universal, Diy, and RaiTrade.
Franco Montanaro is a singer, drummer, and percussionist with an extensive CV on music from Southern Italy and North Africa. He has performed in two editions of the major Italian music festival “La Notte della Taranta”.
Multi-instrumentalist, Oreste Forestieri plays flutes, reed instruments, frame drums and plectrum. He worked as sidemanin for many Italian artists and has touredextensively in Europe, The Mediterranean, and Latin America. 
Valeria Quarta is an experienced singer (opera, jazz, soul, blues) who specialiesed in popular music from Puglia. She has been working for years as the lead singer of the "Valeria Quarta Pproject", and as part of the "Three Sisters" female vocal trio.
The quartet blends electronic avant-garde sounds with elements of traditional music from the southern Italy and the Mediterranean. The result is an original live performance where traditional instruments and synthesizers & electronics meet on stage to produce a glocal energy feel that makes you dance and reconnect with the deep and the ancient.

DEBUT ALBUM COMING SOON !  Single in May - Album in June
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Ciccio Nucera Band 
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