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3D Meets Thermography
Ambitious TIPCHECK University Research Programme funded by the German Government

| Schweinfurt (Germany), 16 February 2017|  An ambitious research project funded with about 600.000 EUR by the German Ministry for Education and Research started in 2016 in cooperation with the University of Applied Sciences Würzburg-Schweinfurt (FHWS), the EiiF and the following partners: VIB (Dutch insulation contractors’ association), KAEFER Isoliertechnik GmbH & Co.KG, Hertel BV, Bilfinger OKI Isoliertechnik GmbH, G+H Isolierung GmbH, Knauf Insulation, Arnold Group and GWK Kuhlmann GmbH. 

The goal: the combination of infrared technology with 3D scanning for TIPCHECK and energy efficient insulation purposes.

TIPCHECKs (Technical Insulation Performance Checks) deliver already today figures and payback estimates of potential energy savings of industrial production processes which are -or should be- insulated. The potential is large and the payback times with an average of 1-2 years are economically very convincing, as shown in the EiiF’s first TIPCHECK Report evaluating 180 energy audits in the same number of plants in Europe and beyond.

Today TIPCHECK engineers are using thermography to inspect already insulated systems for hot or cold spots causing costly energy losses for asset owners and even more severe problems like hazardous hot surfaces or corrosion under insulation (CUI) threats. Besides the inspections of the already insulated parts, thermography is also used to illustrate the significant and costly thermal losses of typically uninsulated special parts such as valves, pairs of flanges, etc.

The innovative idea of the so called eDIan (effiziente Dämmung von Industrieanlagen) university research project has the objective to develop a procedure which combines in one single operation the geometric data capture of the situation in a 3D STL or CAD file showing the situation “as built” with a thermographic data capture analysing the surface temperatures and resulting heat losses on the inspected plant equipment or complete installation.

The geometrical recording of the plant can be carried out by means of laser scanning, either with a base station with a geometrically known position and/or a mobile hand-held scanning device which scans the surfaces without touching them. By combining the 3D scanner with a thermographic camera, the infrared measured surface temperatures can be attributed to 3D measured surface dimensions and, like this, complete the TIPCHECK audit in one go.

Furthermore, with this collected information, the actual heat losses can be calculated, and the sizes and dimensions of special shapes like valves available as STL or CAD files can be further processed to build the tailored insulation solutions to stop the energy waste and repair the existing system. One of the biggest challenges of the research project is to find how to embed this information automatically into existing planning software to build the specific solution like tailored insulation boxes on valves or pairs of flanges.

The research as such is led by Prof. Dr. Eng. Stefan Knoblach from the FHWS’s laboratory for engineering and industrial surveying and Prof. Dr. Eng. Winfried Wilke from the FHWS’s laboratory for technical metrology and experimental stress. Together with their dedicated team, including scientific worker Sabine Roman and the project coordinator Sebastian Fiedler, and with the support of the two Master students Georg Karl and Philipp Grümpel the first steps have already been made. 
Left picture: Terrestrial 3D laser scan to digitalize the geometry. Middle picture: Thermographic image of the same object, hot areas are shown in red. Right image: Combination of 3D laser scan and thermographic image. Dimensions and temperatures of the object can be extracted from the measurement.
In its last meeting in 2016, the research project established a Steering Committee comprised by one representative of each partner and chaired by the EiiF Foundation Director Andreas Gürtler. The insulation experts (see picture below) and the University project team meet in regular workshops to give practical input, exchange experience and know-how and support that developments are very much focused on the TIPCHECK and insulation needs.

In this week’s workshop at the FHWS in Schweinfurt, on 15 and 16 February, the eDIan partners met and witnessed the first achievements, and further developed single working packages defining the next short to medium term goals: 
  • Establish 3D semi-automatic elements from scanned uninsulated objects in an inexpensive and time efficient manner;
  • Develop a methodology to make quantitative temperature measurements on several hotspots in an existing installation.
After the workshop, the group of partners agreed that the research project is well on track but remains very challenging. We will further report about the progress of eDIan on the EiiF’s website and in our newsletter. Meanwhile, if you are interested to follow the developments of eDIan on a regular basis, please send an email to with the subject “eDIan” and you will automatically receive regular updates on the project progress.
Back row from left to right: Jochen Falgner (FHWS), Marcel Kosch (FHWS), Andreas Gürtler (EiiF), Dr. Andreas Nuber (Wölfel), Prof. Stefan Knoblach (FHWS), Fred Kuhlmann (GWK) and Jan Zanen (VIB). Front row from left to right: Dr. Andreas Günell (Wölfel), Dr. Markus Scholz (Wölfel), Sebastian Fiedler (FHWS), Philipp Grümpel (FHWS), Georg Karl (FHWS), Peter Stulen (Hertel), Sabina Roman (FHWS), Prof. Winfried Wilke (FHWS), Thomas Ortlieb (G+H), Gyna Galvis (KAEFER) and Frank Jüngerhans (KAEFER).
Not a TIPCHECK engineer yet?
Registration for TIPCHECK trainings in 2017 is now open!
Join us in Munich (Germany) on 4-7 April (in German), 20-23 June (in English) or 7-10 November (In English) and learn how to perform standardized high quality thermal energy audits and to get your TIPCHECK engineer certification.

The course consists of three and a half days training with both theoretical and practical lessons, including a training session in the FIW München research laboratories and a a full TIPCHECK simulation.

Furthermore, all TIPCHECK engineers get a license to use the TIPCHECK calculation software. Almost all materials from our member companies can easily be imported into the TIPCHECK calculator, which also provides the function to calculate heat losses based on the measured surface temperatures.

Check if you meet the requirements for becoming a TIPCHECK engineer and register now!
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We are getting more and more international
The EiiF congratulates 13 new TIPCHECK engineers who passed the test and received their certificate on 1-4 November 2016. And wishes them a lot of success with their first TIPCHECKs!
  • Andrea ZAPPAROLI (Promat)
  • Debapratim DINDA (ROXUL - ROCKWOOL Insulation India) 
  • Emil MOSCH (Wiko Isolatietechniek)
  • Juuso MAAJARVI (Kymppi Group) 
  • Kaisler FERREIRA DA SILVA (Perfil Termico)
  • Karlheinz  KERMANN (Kermann Isolierungen GmbH)
  • Lean ZHEN HUA (Armacell Engineered Systems) 
  • Michael BLAKEY (KAEFER)
  • Michal DOBOSZ (Multiserwis Sp z o. o. - Bilfinger)
  • Pornpen YUJAROEN (ROCKWOOL Thailand)
  • Rogerio CASTILHO (RIP Serviços Industriais Ltda - KAEFER)
  • Vimal Paul NADAR (ROXUL - ROCKWOOL Insulation India)
Moreover, in this course the team of trainers also welcomed a new TIPCHECK scout. As already announced last year, TIPCHECK trainings are now opened to non-EiiF members who are certified energy auditors, certified energy managers or employees of an energy-related department of insulation users.

This group also stood out because of the variety of nationalities, with participants coming from Brazil, India, Malaysia and Thailand in addition to other European countries, showing the level of internationalization that TIPCHECK is achieving.
And the 2 TIPCHECK engineers of this issue are...
Michele Mannucci
Name: Michele Mannucci
Status: Senior TIPCHECK engineer 04-201108-06
Since: 2011
Company: Termisol Termica
“A large chemical plant in Italy contained hundreds of uninsulated or under-insulated parts, such as valves and flanges. The complexity of this project was due to the size of the plant and the need to assess the status of the insulation in hundreds of single parts. The TIPCHECK standardised methodology helped us to do this precisely and effectively. Our client was very positively surprised when we presented the audit results highlighting his saving potential and the short payback time and he decided to proceed without further delays.”

To download the TIPCHECK Report and read Michele's complete Case Study, please click here.
Michele Mannucci
Name: Alberto García-Blanco Baeza
Status: TIPCHECK engineer 04-201506-05
Since: 2015  
Company: Saint-Gobain ISOVER

“Saint-Gobain, following its internal program TIP-4-BEST has already audited several of its plants during 2016. This TIP-4-BEST is an energy saving program based in checking the Thermal Insulation Performance with the aim of Boosting Energy efficiency, Safety and Temperature control and a final target of cutting by ¼ the thermal energy consumption. Introduced in the Energy Management Board of each plant, the thermal performance has become part of the KPI indicators within the excellence industrial program of World Class Manufacturing that all Saint-Gobain plants are fulfilling. TIPCHECK auditing methods has been followed during the audits, selecting as a first step the major consumers of each plant to achieve the complete process within the coming years.”
EiiF welcomes 3 new Members
Perfil Térmico, founded in 1982 in Brazil, works in the development of complete solutions for industrial heating and insulation. From design to installation, provides a highly qualified technical team to optimize the performance of each client, analyzing and defining the applications best suited to their clients’ needs and structure. It serves industries that comprise production and processing of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, chemicals and petrochemicals, consumer electronics, petroleum derivatives, power generation, ceramics, glass, among others.
Thermatras B.V. is a Dutch company which specialises in measuring, producing and installing thermal insulation in the form of durable insulation blankets. With close-knit team of about 35 experts and skilled employees with more than 40 years experience in the business of insulation, the company serves the insulation requirements of a wide range of companies, institutions and organisations. They deliver custom made insulation for various applications both at home and abroad.
Wiko Isolatietechniek en Steigerbouw bv, established in February 1968 in The Netherlands, is a dependable, multifunctional family business with a workforce of 150 employees, supplying high quality, safe products both nationally and internationally. This Dutch company takes an independent, multidisciplinary approach, offering the following services both separately and in combination: thermal insulation, acoustic insulation, fire resistant penetration seals, scaffolding, rope access and tracing.
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  • Bremen (Germany), 7-8 March 2017 - Executive Committee Meeting (Open Strategy Meeting) 
  • Brussels (Belgium), 29-30 March 2017 - SFEM Seminar & Meeting 

  • Munich (Germany), 4-7 April 2017 - TIPCHECK Course (in German) 

  • tbd, 15-16 May 2017 -  Membership Board & Foundation Board Meetings 

  • Munich (Germany), 20-23 June 2017 -  TIPCHECK Course (in English) 

  • Munich (Germany), 7-10 November 2017 - TIPCHECK Course (in English) 
  • tbd, 22-23 November 2017 - General Assembly & Foundation Board Meeting
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