If you missed our February Workshop

We had such a lovely time brainstorming solutions on how to be more organised. Perhaps some of the solutions we discussed will benefit you in some way.
Here are the solutions to some of the organisng dilemmas we discussed.
Moving House!!
What happens when we move house? It's always so stressful, regardless of how we plan it. 
  1. Have a bunch of boxes made up to collect like items together. 
  2. Do a little bit every day so it doesn't seem so overwhelming. 
  3. Label the boxes, what items are inside and which room they are going into.
  4. Label them in the same place so you know where to look for the label and make an inventory.
How to manage a home office or craft room.
Many of us have home offices/ spare rooms / craft rooms. The important thing is to decide what you want to use the room for and create homes for everything and defined zones (this area is for my crafting utensils and this is my office space) Once that decision is made it will be easier to maintain. Start by organising a drawer or a shelf, not the whole room as this will leave you feeling tired and defeated if you don't succeed. Small accomplishments lead to greater success.
Managing staff 
The third dilemma (and it seems that it was a concern for a few of the ladies) is having lots of staff who are being held accountable for their actions and duties.

We discussed a few applications that can improve the above situations and the favorite being Wunderlist, creating checklists so that everyone can see who has and hasn't done their duties and it creates visibility and accountability. (I have implemented this with one of my clients and it's working out marvelously!)
Managing staff with regards to stock.
Having lots of staff and stock and making sure that stock is being managed and stored properly and that staff are being held accountable for their actions.

We found a great application for stock control. Sortly and Sortly Pro. It is a fabulous app if you have large amounts of stock and you need inventories populated and is so wonderfully user friendly.
Filing! everyone's pet hate! (well most anyway)

To combat 'filing' as such, we discussed archive boxes  - saves you from having to 'go through your filing and file the bits, having a box labelled for the month or year or category and just popping the paper in, means it's filed and easy to store.
We talked about the one touch rule, if implemented will prevent things from being left where they don’t belong.

Just put the items away in their designated homes first time round or do little sweeps around a room and put things away. Before I go to bed I spend 15 mins tidying the lounge and kitchen before, so that when I wake up it's all neat and I start the day on the right foot! This especially applies to children's items as they seem to grow legs and end up all over the house and then it's a great adventure while you are trying to get everyone out the house in the morning and trying to find a school hat (that is a memory of mine that comes to mind)
The famous Default Diary!
Default diaries and having a to-do list that we never get to. Did you know that every time you get distracted, it takes you 5 minutes or more to get your focus back!!

Block out a few 30 minute time slots to complete tasks you dislike doing, even if you don't finish, it's 30mins more than if you avoided it AND put your phone in another room. They are a HUGE distraction! (I learnt that from a few fabulous business coaches)
The infamous cluttered kitchen counter!
Is your kitchen counter...... always full of stuff. This is my FAVORITE, of course there is no space for anything in the cupboards... we all have a million mugs and dinner plates for armies of people whom we never feed. Clear those cupboards out and be realistic. Then perhaps space will be created for your appliances that previously lived on the counter
We hope some of these solutions will help you to feel more organised. If you have any questions don't hesitate to call. 
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