R&D Today Newsletter - February 2019
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Agile, haptic gloves and
coping with disruptive tech

Improving productivity through better use of Agile, better methods of estimating cost of time, enhancing learning with augmented reality and advice to stop managers getting in a spin when faced with the threat of disruptive technologies - these are all discussed in our latest newsletter. 

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Can Agile be used for hardware development?

Can Agile project management methods - widely used in software - be applied in projects involving hardware? 

A number of companies have been experimenting with Agile methods in hardware projects – few have been taken to completion but the indications are that there can be significant improvements to speed and efficiency, as well as in staff morale.
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Could cyber-human technology improve productivity?

Could smart glasses help to make you be more productive? A team at IfM is investigating how augmented reality affects human work in an industrial setting.

This includes haptic gloves that give human hands feedback information; this could be through vibration or force or other sensual feedback, for example if a human grabs an object like a mug in virtual reality, the gloves hold the fingers in place to simulate the gripping sensation.
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Don't let disruptive tech send you off course

The response of established businesses to the perceived threat of disruptive technologies is often counter-productive, observes Prof. Thierry Rayna, Professor of Innovation Management École Polytechnique.  

"Too often companies multiply 'proof-of-concepts' studies, but which are often misguided and create a risk of being blindsided when the true usages of the new technology finally emerges.”

Thierry is a co-chair of the 2019 R&D Management Conference, where he is looking forward to sharing ideas with practitioners and academics. 
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The Cost of Time in R&D projects

R&D projects often run late and managers face the issue of what to do if this happens, or indeed what measures to take to prevent it in the first place.

Rick Mitchell explains how to estimate in financial terms the impact of delay to an R&D project - a vital input when deciding what actions are worth taking.
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Forthcoming event

R&D Management Conference 2019: The innovation challenge: bridging research, industry and society
17-21 June 2019, Paris
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