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The R&D Management Conference 2019 is just a few weeks away and it will be looking at the drivers for innovation and the impact of new technologies such as AI and Industry 4.0.

We pick up some of the themes in this newsletter. As always if you would like to comment or contribute a post of your own please do get in touch - we look forward to hearing from you. 

Hall of Fame: chance to nominate most influential authors

Which academic authors do you think have made the most impact?  There is a chance to vote for your top three at the R&D Management Conference and online.

RADMA is celebrating 40 years of the R&D Management Conference with a Hall of Fame to recognise the contributions made by researchers to this discipline. The top three will be announced in the conference next year. 


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What is the impact of Industry 4.0 on innovation design processes?

Industry 4.0 has become a popular buzzword among different communities, with the understanding of this phenomenon mostly limited to process automation and overall performance improvement. But is this view too limited? 

"Innovation is the trigger of Industry 4.0" is the theme of Track 7.2 at the R&D Management conference 2019. We asked Track co-chair Lia Tirabeni to explain more about the theme of the track. 
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Challenge of consumer trust in the era of digitisation

While personalization is considered to be a benefit, the marketers’ exploitation of consumer personal information can trigger consumers’ privacy concerns.

Track 7.5 in the  R&D Management conference 2019 - 'Emerging landscapes. New skills, new technologies and new organizational challenges in the 4.0 age' - aims to critically analyze the opportunities, dark side and challenges created by a move to 4.0.

We asked Track co-chair Julien Cloarec about developments in this fascinating area of research. 

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RADMA celebrating 40 years – The rise of Fab Spaces

Fab Spaces provide wider public access to professional manufacturing technologies and offer a new context for entrepreneurial innovation, explains Valeria Dammicco, who is speaking at the R&D Management Conference.

Valeria, from the Centre for Technology Management within the IfM, is one of the many students RADMA has supported over the last 40 years.

Valeria is inviting nominations for a Hall of Fame and here she discusses what has inspired her to study Fab Spaces, an emerging area of technology innovation.
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