August 2020
Midweek Escapes

The past couple months have been difficult for many people. I have known some individuals young and older, who have been diagnosed with Covid, and I have known a few who have passed away. Thankfully it has not touched my immediate family, but I am heartbroken for so many who are suffering. We decided to get out of town (safely) and have some escapes over the summer to lighten the mood not only for my son, but also for ourselves. Upon reflecting on our travels, I have deemed it the "Summer of the Bears".

Bears?  It all started when a place within an easy drive from Las Vegas was advertising their easy, touch free, no contact attraction.  Bearizona is a drive through wildlife park that I have visited a couple times before.  After staring at the inside of my house, I was ready for a change and invited my mom to come along. We enjoyed a visit to Williams Arizona, driving through the park twice and saw some gorgeous wolves and black bears. It was a much needed escape.

Next, my boyfriend and I took my son to Big Bear, CA. I used to attend a summer camp in Big Bear when I was in high school, and I hadn't been back since.  I was pleasantly surprised by the fact that everyone was very conscious about wearing masks and practicing social distancing. While I was on that trip, a good friend of mine asked me to go to Yellowstone with her. I did what any good friend should do and said yes!

Thus, part 3 of the Bear themed summer commenced. We had an amazing 8 day road trip to one of the most beautiful places on the planet, and were awarded with seeing 5 wild bears! 3 Black Bears and 2 Grizzlies. This was a HUGE deal to me because on my previous two trips to Yellowstone, I had not seen a bear. Also, I was somewhat terrified of them. But guess what?  I'm happy to announce that my bear fear is cured.  I have a healthy respect for bears, especially Grizzlies, but going forward I'm no longer going to let misplaced fear prevent me from hiking and enjoying some gorgeous country. Bears do their thing, I do mine. I respect them. 

Here is a photo of a young black bear that we encountered in Yellowstone: 

I wanted to share these "Bear Summer" adventures to show that it is possible to leave your house and still be socially distanced, safe and sanitary.  We saw amazing things from our vehicles, ordered food to go in most cases, sanitized and used wipes on tables, etc. I was extremely impressed by the measures that were taken and enforced at Yellowstone National Park regarding Covid precautions. They did an amazing job, and most of the other visitors we saw were practicing safe practices as well.  Bravo! 
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Sarah never expected to see Kyle again, let alone to have to work with him.

Kyle became a knight, not guessing “the one that got away” would be the one he’d rely on each evening.

But magic can still happen in King Arthur’s arena.


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