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Kia ora e te whānau

The winter solstice here in Aotearoa is a time where Matariki (the Pleides) is not visible in the sky. Slowly as it becomes more visible in the east, it represents, among other things, our new year. In the depths of winter, it's a time to regenerate, to nourish, and to relook at our purpose.

For Lasavia Healing, we are setting the foundations in place to enable the Lasavia Essences to become available here and around the world. A set of mother tinctures has arrived safely in Germany, and can now be produced there. The first year coursebook, Into the World, will be published this year, a culmination of many years work developing the Lasavia Healing courses with the support of the brilliant team at Lasavia Publishing.

For the people of the north, it's the turn towards the darkness at the fullness of the light, a celebration as the heat of summer settles into the earth. In another two months, Leila will be in Germany, working with Lasavia Healing teachers from both sides of the world to offer a series of groups and workshops diving into the transformative power of this work.

The Underworld

The underworld is a world under and inside the earth. It’s a place of darkness. This darkness could be the rich and fruitful place of the unremembered and disowned aspects of oneself. It is also a world of entities, unusual beings and myth. It is a place without light and therefore a place without physical sight, a place of the seer.

The underworld is called the lower world in contemporary shamanic practice. I see the words underworld and lower world interchangeable. When I do a shamanic journey into the underworld I see the bizarre, the mythological - I see things I do not understand nor can I easily fit them in my everyday reality. Sometimes there is an absurdity, like the world of Alice and Wonderland. Occasionally this absurdity is on the edge of awe and fear.

The underworld is a place where we can meet our shadow, and unearth the shadow patterns and unconscious forces that impact our life. I find it a place of exaggeration and yet when I work in this world observing and seeing, things can change in my personal life, in my ordinary everyday life. It can seem like a bizarre dream that you know has import but you can’t quite figure, yet by having that dream something shifts and you recognize a truth that you saw, a truth that lies behind the façade. In the underworld you can uncover people's masks.


The Element Earth

East, fire, animals,
up to the sun down to the earth,
to the fire within
North, water, plants,
up to the moon down to the earth,
to the water within
West, earth, mineral, stone,
up to the mountain down to the earth,
to the minerals in our bones

South air, birds, flight,
up to the stars down to the earth,
to the breath in us.

The element of earth has rhythm to it, it is always moving, changing, and dynamic. There is a vibrant universe existing in the ordinary, this is the nature of earth, and yet we are able to create an organizational stability and work with it. Earth element is about creation and our relationship with the material. In understanding your tools for art purposes or for gardening or crafting, that in getting to know them well, like friends, then you will be able to create with them rather than make them do your will. There is an attendance to tools in relationship to the environment. The tools I need for my garden, the clothing I wear, how I want to adorn myself, these are the quality of earth and when we do it well we can feel light.

extracted from Into the World, by Leila Lees
coursebook for The Lasavia Course


Lasavia Learning in 2018

Year 1 Lasavia Course starting in the Whangarei Heads
This will be starting in August taught by Chalice Malcolm - please contact Mary our Course Co-ordinator for more information.
More about the Lasavia Course >

Lasavia Summer School - August-September 2018, Germany
Lasavia teachers from Aotearoa and Deutschland are collaborating to offer another beautiful summer school series of talks and workshops.
Lasavia Summer School - info in English >
Lasavia Summer School - info in Deutsch >


The Making of our Medicine Drums

This year's European drum workshop was held in Payerbach, a delightful small village nestled in the Alps about an hour from Vienna. Beautiful, powerful drums were made. I can feel the whispering of their rhythm as they dry, waiting to be played.

A big thank you to Alastair Blain for all his efforts sourcing the materials.

- Chalice Malcolm

Exploring your personal ethical foundation

Write down five values that are important to you.

Under each value write down what this might mean for you. Research what other people write about these values.

Start to engage in an inner dialogue around these values and your actions. How do your actions and your values connect?

Think of this as an on-going exploration, rather than a self examination. Explore how you feel about making mistakes and the value of mistakes.

Look at the roles you have in your life. Do some roles have certain ethical practices?
How do these roles and ethical practices overlap in your life?

Take time to reflect and write.
Share your ideas and reflections with others.
More Lasavia Writing >
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Supporting and Building the Work

Like all companies, a lot of work goes on in the background. We are quietly building the foundations and systems, writing course material, establishing marketing channels and training teachers. The world needs this work! If you are in the position to make a financial donation, Lasavia would benefit greatly. Be it big or small, a regular auto payment or a one-off, if you would like to make a deposit please do so here.
Donate to Lasavia Healing >

Wishing you a beautiful season of transition,
The team at Lasavia Healing

May our feet walk gently,
may our hands respect her,
may we learn the lessons
in every leaf and rock
may our strength restore her.

Lasavia – Our World(s) Made Whole Through Connection
Copyright © 2018 Lasavia Healing, All rights reserved.

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