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Kiplin Hall sprint - Thursday 8th April

Don't miss CLOK's first event post lockdown at Kiplin Hall this Thursday. If you need some more encouragement to make the event, the courses sound super exciting, with the longest 5km course boasting a massive *50 controls* - that is a control every 100m, and the medium and short courses are the same. The event will have no kites or punches, so you'll need to be confident in your navigation, and the MapRun app on your phone or Garmin GPS watch will be the judge. Starts are from 2:30pm - 5:15pm. Full details here. You must pre-enter, and entries close midnight Tuesday 6th April.

CLOK Top Shop - Click and Collect

If you would like to order any of the CLOK kit on a "click and collect" basis please contact me and you can collect at the Kiplin Hall event this Thursday afternoon. Stock Includes:
  • No Name Training Jackets = £33 (seniors), £18 (juniors)
  • Orland Sport Soft Shell Jackets = £27 (seniors), £12 (juniors)
  • Oland running tops men & women = £15 (seniors), £10 (juniors) 
  • Buffs = £3
Information and pictures of the jackets are on the CLOK website (see jackets, O tops, and buffs). You can pay on the day either by contactless card or cash, but you must bring the correct money - no change given. If you would like to take advantage of the "click and collect" system, please contact me by email or telephone 01642 782475 prior to Thursday. My little white Kia should be parked near to the CLOK flag in the car park at Kiplin Hall.

See you there - Joan

Extraordinary General Meeting report

Many thanks to everyone who "Zoomed in" to our EGM on Thursday 1st April and to everyone who appointed a proxy to represent them at the meeting. That was really appreciated, as it meant that more than 20% of the club's membership participated in the meeting - either in person or by proxy - which enabled us to hold the vote on amending the constitution to make it possible to register the club as a Community Amateur Sports Club (CASC). If you haven't already seen it, an explanation of why this is important is available here on the CLOK web site. I'm pleased to say that the motion to amend the constitution was passed unanimously, so we can now proceed with the application for CASC status. Thanks again to everyone who supported the EGM.

Future Events: June O-Holiday Weekend

A date for your diary! Work is under way on putting on a special orienteering weekend near Whitby on 12th/13th June. 
  • On the afternoon of Saturday 12th June there will be a sprint event on Aislaby Moor - a new area on the south side of the A171 south-west of Whitby.  Many thanks to Paul and Cat Taylor, who are mapping the new area and planning the courses.
  • On Sunday 13th June - just a week after the British Middle Distance Championships at Newby Bridge - there will be a Middle Distance event in Hutton Mulgrave & Skelder Woods (map snippet below). This will be CLOK's annual Acorn event - our premier event of the year, using our best areas, top class maps and our most experienced planners. The courses for this year's Acorn event will be planned by Chris Wright, drawing on his preparations for the relays at last year’s (cancelled) JK.
Thankfully, we've already obtained access permissions for both these events and we're pretty confident that they'll be able to go ahead.  So, put the date in your diary, have a think about accommodation if appropriate, and look forward to a summer weekend of top class orienteering!

Mapping and planning equipment

If you're interested in doing any mapping projects or course planning - including MapRun virtual orienteering challenges - CLOK has some equipment that you may find useful.
  • Two Garmin GPSmap 64sx devices (photo here) that are very useful for both mapping and course planning, as they give you accurate locations for key features in the terrain and potential control sites.
  • Several laptop computers that are loaded with mapping (OCAD) and planning (Purple Pen) software.
If you'd like to borrow either a GPS or a computer, please contact Caroline Mackenzie via People interested in having a first foray into either mapping or planning are particularly welcome to borrow the equipment ...... and remember that help and advice is also freely available from the club's experienced mappers and planners.

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Upcoming events

Events are starting to be advertised again. Things could still change at the last minute, so always check the websites for any final updates, and don't forget that most (if not all) events require pre-entry now.
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