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Gracie had her ultrasound yesterday! She actually had an x-ray and an ultrasound. The vet thought she was going to have two puppies but then changed her mind to just one puppy. So, I guess she is having just one little baby? Well, one for sure. (I'm still magically hoping for two!) And she is due anytime between now and a week. If she hasn't had this baby within 10 days it looks like we will be going in for a C-section. Let's hope everything runs naturally.

I know this isn't great news for the waiting list and it draws waiting out even further for some of you, and I am sorry. These things just are not predictable. So... long in waiting Lynne has first pick on the waiting list and this puppy will likely go to her. Everyone else will have to wait for Rosie's litter, which she is in season now. This, however, is Rosie's first time and I do not know what to expect from her so lets all keep our fingers crossed...with sprinkles on top!

Know that if at any time anyone is too anxious to wait for a puppy, I understand, and I am happy to help you find a puppy elsewhere from a reputable breeder.

Meanwhile, I am looking into importing another female soon as I simply can't keep up with the demand for our puppies. I'll let you know if/when we add to the family! And hopefully soon we can tame down the waiting list. Right now, anyone new joining the list will be waiting until late 2019-2020 for a puppy.

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