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Pet scams & Theft
Sorry, no puppy updates in this one, our house has been busy getting some new tile put in, but I will try and update this weekend with new pictures.

What I really wanted to take a minute to talk about quick is pet scams & theft. I am totally fed up with it. It is a heart breaking subject for me as I continue to receive contact from people who are suffering from this issue. So I just want to take a second to raise some awareness.

So, let's talk about Pet Theft & Scams. Again.

I have been raising Maltese for 9 years and pet scams & theft have always been an issue, but in the last 3 years, the complaints have skyrocketed! In the last couple of years, 2 of our own adopted Maltese were stolen from their own backyards. People will swipe a Maltese or any other small breed expensive dog, in a second! From your yard, your shopping cart, and your car! I have heard thieves go as far as removing microchips and then reselling.

Our very own photos have been stolen and posted on scamming websites for sale. Our name, Little Maltese, has been used by other breeders.

I get phone calls and emails every week from victims who are traumatized by scams and theft. It is astronomical. A lady called me a few weeks ago crying so hard that she could barely speak. She said she gave money over the phone and was promised a delivery that never arrived. And the phone number was then disconnected. She then proceeded to desperately get ME to take her money and get her a puppy. I said, Ma'am, stop right there!! NEVER just give people your money. No. No. No. Research, get references, go see.

People.... PLEASE do not give people a large sum of money without seeing the said pet first!! If you can't see the pet, get references. And not references from any Tom or Larry, make sure they are from a legitimate vet clinic and/or kennel club. Do not meet strangers in the middle of nowhere. Go to the kennel/home and see these pets personally if you can't get references.

What should you do if your pet is stolen? Call your area vet offices and notify them so they can check new patient microchips or chip area injuries. Check the shelters, and check online pet classified for your pet to be for sale! And call the police.

If you are scammed out of money, you might be out of luck, but know that there is a public search tool on the USDA website to file complaints and look up complaints. Please share this information with your friends and loved ones. Raise awareness on pet scams & theft. You might just help save a family from loss & devastation. Let's stop the heartbreak.

Thank you~
Little Maltese.
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