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Oh Sofia, Oh how I love you!!...
Greetings Maltese Lovers!!
So, as most of you know, we added a new baby to the family!
Little Super Joy!! Mystic Paradise Maltese Kennels out of Russia has blessed us with yet another amazing family member!
We have decided to call her Sofia, or Sofie. My daughter decided on the name and we all agreed. So her American Kennel Club name will be Mystic Paradise Kennels Super Joy Sofia. Her Russian Kynological Federation name will stay Mystic Paradise Kennels Super Joy.

Кукла наша сахарная- *ДЖОЙКА*
😍💞Mystic Paradise SUPER JOY💞😍
(Misty Valley Kor's Romantic Soul / Plus Swell of Whitefairy's World) import Korea
Dam: CH BIANCA MELODY OF LOVE (Int Ch Exceptional Glitter Maltezzi /Ch Zvezdniy Lev Maria-Mirabella)

She had a long flight here coming from Russia, to Japan, and then to Dallas, but she came in great spirits and is happy to be in her new home.
Little Sofia has already set up permanent residence in our hearts with her cuteness and class. She has an amazing little personality and is such a little cuddle bug. Although, I do have to say, she has made it quite clear that the QUEEN is in town, so she expects to be treated as such, so we have rolled out the red carpet, lol.

But she is very friendly with all the others, especially Gracie, who she has become great pals with. She has been welcomed into the fluffy family with open paws and everyone is doing great!
So far, Sofie loves doggie-sling cuddling, spending time with Gracie, and rough housing with Watson. She is sweet, tender, and a little sassy!
Every morning, I make my coffee as usual, and when I turn around, there she is with her little bed head hair and prancing little dance! She greets me every morning with hugs and happiness, tugging on my pajama pants until I pick her up. I have to admit, I get a little nervous every time we add to the family, but once they are here, I can't imagine life without them!! Maltese really have a way of pulling on those heart strings!!
On a little side note, some of you may find it interesting to pay attention to the little bit of tear staining that Sofia has come to us with. All I am going to do is switch her over to our diet, the NutriSource Grain Free Chicken, you will notice over time that those tear stains are going to disappear!! It's like magic! So many dog foods, even ones made for Maltese, contain ingredients that Maltese just do not do well on.
High quality food and good RO filtered water make such a huge difference! I could talk about this for days, but follow along in her pictures, and you'll see.... she will be white as snow like the rest in no time flat!!
A little news on Rosie...
She goes in to see our Vet on Thursday for her pregnancy test, check-up, and hopefully an ultrasound!!
I will also be bringing Sofia in at that time to have her introduction and check-up as well.
I will keep you all posted on Rosie's results and hopefully we'll have some ultrasound pictures! Paws crossed!!

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"Maltese puppies are such a treasure to own. Or should I say, a treasure to be owned by. They have a way of quickly becoming the boss of your entire world. And people mysteriously submit to those black button eyes and little round noses! It’s the power of cuteness mixed with classiness that intrigues us all. You will happily be at their beck and call as they consume your life and fill it with love. Maltese are sure to bring a kaleidoscope of amusement, silliness, and happiness to anyone, and they are quick to steal your heart. Once held, a Maltese will never be forgotten. Their friendship is irreplaceable, and their memory will last a lifetime. I hope you enjoy this book about the Maltese. May it give you a small insight into the ways of this tiny beloved breed and the joy they share with those who love them."

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