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From Solchem we appreciate the great acceptance that the eggshell membrane ESM® manufactured by our partner Torolis has had. During this time we have been receiving different questions that interest our customers, and we would like to show you some of them here below, since they are interesting advantages of ESM® regarding other ingredients in the market:

  1. The eggs arrive in one piece to the Torolis’ manufacturing facility. Membrane separation just after the egg break (natural method). Therefore, the microbiology results are much better, and a total traceability of the product is achieved. Torolis does not process eggshells from different geographical origins.
  2. Torolis manufactures the internal eggshell membrane (EMS) through an environmentally friendly process, in which no chemicals are used, so ESM® is 100% natural.
  3. ESM® is offered from three different origins:
  • Organic (BIO)
  • Free range
  • Conventional
  1. We have 3 types of ESM®:
  • Conventional
  • High density (HD) for product presentations requiring a lower volume of the ingredient. 
  • Soluble for drinkable products and creams

The efficacy of ESM® has been clinically proven in the following symptoms:

  • Decreased pain 
  • Mobility
  • Functionality
  • Stiffness 

Should you have any questions, please kindly do not hesitate to contact with us.

Best regards, 

Alicia Miguel
Sales executive

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