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Probiotics for daily maintenance and balance of intestinal health of elderly

Dear Client:
We are pleased to present our latest product incorporation Megaflora SENIOR, developed for the Megaflora line from which you already know the successful Megaflora 9 EVO with more than 14 years of presence in the market.
Megaflora SENIOR is indicated for the balance of the intestinal flora of the elderly, especially sensitive to infections caused by Clostridium and Salmonella.
Megaflora SENIOR is based on the same concept as Megaflora 9 EVO: a multi-species and multi-strain probiotic mixture, made using an special technology that allows the inclusion of bacteria in a prebiotic and mineral matrix that has the following properties:

  • 10 bacterial strains specifically selected for application.
  • High stability at room temperature (3 years).
  • High gastro-resistance.
  • High lactic acid producing activity.
  • Contains vitamin D, which may be lacking in this age group.

In addition, pre-clinical studies have demonstrated its effectiveness in:

  • Inhibition of the growth of Clostridium difficile and the production of its enterotoxins.
  • Growth inhibition of Salmonella enteritidis.
  • Maintenance of the integrity of the intestinal epithelial barrier.
  • Stimulation of the immune system.
Description of Megaflora SENIOR
Do not hesitate to contact your Solchem ​​sales agent in case you wish to receive additional product information.
Meritxell Mateu
Sales executive

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