Macarthur Anglican School Bulletin
No. 11, Week 2 - Winter Term 2019
From the Headmaster

The HSC Trial Examinations take place have taking place in the past two weeks with the final Examinations being held on Monday. Over the past weeks the School has also experienced the CREATE nights - one for Music and Drama and the other for Visual Arts, Design and Technology and Software Design and Development. These events are an opportunity for the students to display or perform their major works in their chosen subject (sometimes in more than one) in the lead up to the HSC Marking process. It is worth keeping in mind that for these students, as well as those in Society and Culture and Indonesian, elements of their final HSC Examinations are taking place in the forthcoming weeks. 

The looming nature of these deadlines and the return of the HSC Trial Examinations can be an anxious time in the life of our students, so please pray for the students and the staff as we work through these challenging times. 

Last week Macarthur hosted the annual GATEWay 8 event over three days. This event is designed to encourage students to be creative and critical thinkers and to take risks in finding solutions to problems. This event began as a small local activity for other schools in our region but due to the effort put in by the Macarthur staff it has now grown to a Sydney wide event. 

Over the three days of GATEWay 8, schools came from all across Sydney and the Illawarra including, The Illawarra Grammar School, Newington, Pittwater House Schools, Kings, Queenwood, Wenona and St Lukes Grammar School, to name a few. It is particularly pleasing to receive thanks from the Heads of these schools for the opportunity afforded to their students. Macarthur’s influence and leadership in the wider educational community is more significant than perhaps some of our community realise. Thank you Mrs Fitzpatrick for providing the leadership in this endeavour.

Serious planning is now taking place in preparation for the new Integrated Studies Centre. When complete, this project will provide an opportunity for our Science, Technology and Creative Design and Mathematics Faculties to integrate their teaching and learning in such a way that will further promote the academic culture of Macarthur. The design process is rapidly taking shape and there has been a constant stream of consultants doing their work in preparation for submitting plans for the Development Application. This past week, as part of the engineering work needed, a boring machine has been on site and is a stark reminder of the noise and disruption we are likely to have as building commences in the early stages of next year.

When the DA has been approved and the School Council have worked through what will be included in Phase 1 of this major project, I will be in a position to share our plans with the wider community. It is proving to be exciting and hopefully with the support of the community a significant part of the overall project can be included in Phase 1. Watch this space as they say.

David Nockles
From the Deputy Headmaster
Welcome to the World of ‘Panda Parenting’
“Is it workin’ for yer?” is a line Dr Phil uses on the guests of his show when they repeat an action that consistently results in the same negative response from a loved one. I have the perfect example in my own home. Three weekdays out of five, child number two comes home with an untouched lunchbox. What pains his dear mother is that she has spent a good amount of time asking her beloved son what he would like for his lunches, she has shopped and handed over her hard-earned cash for the said items, and at the end of the dinner run has wearily made his gourmet lunch, only to have it returned untouched (and unfit) for re-use the following day. All wasted.
“I was too busy,’ or “not hungry” or “so-and-so brought hot chips and I ate them instead,” are some of the myriad of excuses that answer his poor mother’s frustrated inquiries as to why he did not eat his lunch. He is sixteen, but it has been the same way since he was six!
As Dr Phil would say in his southern American drawl, “Mrs Kokic, is it workin’ for yer?”
It’s time for some ‘panda parenting!’
‘Panda parenting’ was first dubbed by American educator and journalist Esther Wojcicki to describe a parenting style that allowed children freedom to make decisions for themselves (within reason) and accept the consequences. The aim of this method is to gently try to guide children toward independence and resilience, rather than do too much for them. ‘Panda parenting’ is very unlike so-called ‘tiger parenting’ or ‘helicopter parenting’ where parents strive, hover and make all the decisions to ensure their children are failure-proofed.
Panda parents will face two internal struggles that must be overcome. The first, bearing the silent condemnation of the tiger and helicopter parents. The panda parent is often made to feel lazy and guilty at not providing their child maximum opportunities to succeed. In fact, panda parenting requires children to fail in order to learn. Many modern parents cannot cope with such notions.
The second struggle is enduring the torturous processes of letting kids do things for themselves. You can be sure that if child number two makes his own lunch he will be hopelessly slow, there will be a bigger mess in the kitchen and chocolate bullets will likely replace the nutritious carrot sticks. Or even more likely, the lunch will be completely forgotten. A successful transition to full independence will take time … probably a lot of time.
Mrs Kokic is, (in my opinion), overly-worried about her beloved son’s nutrition, his likely forgetfulness to make his own lunch and the inevitable hunger-pains that will result. She is possibly even concerned that others will think her a poor mum for not packing a superfood lunchbox. But she has it all completely wrong! …. not that I would tell her. I tried doing that a few times, and then I heard Dr Phil say, “Is it workin’ for yer?”
Andrew Kokic
From the Dean of Studies 

We Are ALL Learners – BIG and Small!
Teaching is a dynamic profession and as new knowledge about teaching and learning emerges, new types of expertise are required by educators. Teachers must keep abreast of this knowledge base and use it continually refine their conceptual and pedagogical skills. 

Earlier this year, Mr Looyen, Faculty Head of Science, was invited by CERN (European Council for Nuclear Research) based in Geneva, Switzerland to attend their two week International Teacher Programme. CERN is the largest physics research facility in the world.  He was one of three Australians chosen in a group of forty-five teachers from around the world. CERN is not simply a research facility. It was there that the world wide web was invented and the technology developed there has led to advanced medical treatments from PET scans to the ubiquitous touchscreens on your iPhone and much more.
Mr Looyen’s Report from CERN – July/August 2019
Our time here has been exciting, intense and draining all at once. The idea that physicists only understand approximately five percent of the universe is such an exciting and daunting prospect - one that as teachers we should be elaborating on and highlighting to our students. There is so much we don’t understand - the discoveries are theirs for the uncovering!
We have had many lectures presented by experts in their respective fields including topics such as:-
- physics of particle accelerators, detectors and elementary particles
- medical applications of particle physics and the discovery of Higgs Boson
- how data is collected and analysed
- anti-matter research
Inter-dispersed within the many lectures, we had a chance to have some amazing visits. The highlight of which was the visit to the CMS cavern.  We also had the opportunity to see the CMS control centre, the data centre and the cryogenic test hall facility. CMS was one of the particle detectors that helped confirm the Higgs Boson in 2012.
One distinction for all of us has been the collaboration with the other teachers from around the world. It was heartening to see the passion teachers from across the world shared for the development of teacher networks and in developing current best practices in the teaching of Science. The increased focus on teaching students how to engage with Science through inquiry processes has been highlighted by teachers as something they are keen to foster within their classrooms. We have no doubt that the friendships and professional connections developed between teachers in the programme and professionals at CERN will support continued collaboration into the future for the benefit of all students.
Part of the program was devoted to classroom implementation with frequent visits to S’Cool Lab, a unique science classroom set up at CERN, to help teachers find ways to implement particle physics in the classroom through modelling and hands-on experiments.
It was a truly amazing experience. Not only did we learn a lot and found ways to embed the content in our curriculum, but we also made great friends from all around the world with whom we will continue to collaborate.  
Paul Looyen
Faculty Head of Science 
Mr Looyen has already begun to share some of the knowledge and understandings from this powerful professional learning opportunity with Macarthur staff and students. Students in Years 5 and 6 are keen to know more about CERN and have requested Mr Looyen visit again to share his expertise and engage with them. 

Kylie Elling 

From the Head of the IRC
2019 Macarthur Anglican School GATEway 8 Competition
The 2019 GATEway 8 competition was held at Macarthur Anglican School from the 
14-16 August. Macarthur hosts this competition annually for teams of students from a range of Independent Schools. Each team completes a series of tasks designed to stimulate the eight multiple intelligences outlined by Howard Gardner. Whilst this competition has always been popular, it has grown considerably through commendations from visiting teams over the past few years. We now attract Independent Schools from a large catchment area who seek to enthuse high potential learners in deep learning and critical and creative academic pursuits. We pride ourselves on our holistic, whole school team, approach to GATEway 8 and the exceptional calibre of challenging tasks written across a range of curriculum areas by Middle School and Senior School Macarthur staff.
A record number of schools took part in the competition this year. The Year 5/6 and Year 7/8 days had twenty-six teams competing (208 students) and the Year 9/10 day had twenty-two teams competing. Students completed a range of tasks related to the theme 'colour'. The tasks included: researching how colour has been used throughout history and how it might be used in the future, designing a storyboard for a short film about colour, answering a range of mathematical questions based on colour (making a hexaflexagon, colour sudoku, designing and making a coloured probability spinner), writing a song to teach younger learners about colours, and designing a sculpture based on the concepts of Fauvism (including photography & lighting). Students also participated in an interactive linguistics game and a fun interpersonal drama challenge. 
All three days were fun, productive, and rewarding. All of our students represented Macarthur with pride and integrity, working as a team and applying themselves to all tasks. All participants were stretched beyond their comfort zone and challenged to take academic risks.
The GATEway 8 Competition results for 2019 are listed below. A special mention must go to the Year 9/10 Macarthur Anglican Team 1, who were awarded first place on day one of the competition. This is a considerable achievement, given the calibre of the teams competing! 
The GATEway8 competition continues to showcase academic rigour and deep learning at Macarthur Anglican School. The success of this competition stems from our whole school approach towards stretching and challenging student learning through evolving professional approaches. Many schools are already expressing interest in the 2020 GATEway 8 competition!
Rebecca Fitzpatrick
Community Chat
Wrapping gifts can be tedious. For those of us who aren’t very good at it, or leave wrapping to the last frantic moment, it can be a downright chore. Yet, wrapping for Father’s Day and Mother’s Day here at school provides, on a small scale, some of the best moments. There are always plenty of volunteers for these days and I am always struck at the vast array of conversations and the friendships that are created. My thanks to everyone who helped out last week, you were wrapping machines!
The Father’s Day stall will be held next Tuesday and Wednesday. Gifts are $5.00 or $10.00 each. Volunteers are needed but please email me if you are available for any time over those two days.

The class schedule is:
Tuesday 27 August – 2 day TM and TG, Years 3, 4, 5 and 6
Wednesday 28 August – 3/5 Day Transition,  Kindergarten, 1 and 2
The Business Networking Afternoon is tomorrow, Saturday 24 August, 3.00pm – 5.00pm. This is an afternoon of connecting and networking with others in the School Community – think of it as LinkedIn but face-to-face. The afternoon is free and it’s not too late to attend but please do book (for catering purposes) at
Planning is well underway for upcoming events. Please note these dates for your diary:

Wednesday 4 September       W@M Meeting (Evening)
Friday 6 September                M@M RUOK? Day Breakfast
Saturday 12 October              Class of 1989, 30 year Reunion
Saturday 19 October              Class of 1999, 20 Year Reunion
Monday 21 October               W@M Project Pink
Saturday 26 October              Class of 2009, 10 Year Reunion
Saturday 2 November             M@M Colourful family Fun Run
Tuesday 26 November            W@M Gingerbread House Workshop
Karyn Ingram
From the International Registrar

Over the past two weeks we have enjoyed the annual visit from Nihon University the Third High School, Tokyo, Japan. This school visits Macarthur every year and a long and generous friendship continues to develop. 2019 marks the 90th year for Nihon University the Third High School and to celebrate we were delighted to enjoy a visit from the Headmaster, Mr Arai and the Deputy Headmaster, Mr Shibata in addition to escorting staff, Mr Norio Suzuki and Mr Shota Hirayama.
During the visit this year a Sister School Agreement was finalised and signed by the two Headmasters.  This will expand our relationship to include teacher exchanges, more individual students visiting Macarthur for short term study and the ongoing opportunity for Macarthur students to visit Japan as part of our SnowSports programme.
In addition to all of these great developments, we also had the annual programme for the visiting Japanese students to Macarthur. This included the T-Ball match for the Norio Suzuki Perpetual Trophy (won by Macarthur), Farm Visits, an Outdoor Education day, Junior School cultural classes, giant calligraphy and much more.  
Finally a heartfelt thank you to our generous homestay families who so kindly hosted these students.  We trust you have had a wonderful time. If any family of the school would like to be a part of hosting a Japanese student in the future, please contact Mrs Linda Ebeling on 4629 6240 or

Trish Cartwright
From the Sports Desk
Round 2 of MISA saw Macarthur play Wollondilly Anglican College with
results as follows: 

Year 10-12 Girls Softball lost 5-3
Year 10-12 Boys Cricket lost 57-63
Year 7/8 Boys Soccer won 2-0
Year 9/10 Boys Soccer won 3-0
Year 7-9 Girls Soccer won 3-0
Year 7/8 Netball lost 29-23
Year 9/10 Netball won 29-14
Boys AFL won 43-1
Girls AFL lost 19-8
In Round 3, Macarthur played Oran Park Anglican College meaning several teams had a bye. Congratulations to the students who played with some very convincing results:

Year 10-12 Girls Softball won 10-5
Year 10-12 Boys Cricket won 125-50
Boys AFL won 114-8
Girls AFL won 120-0
Over the last two weeks Macarthur have played Broughton Anglican College (BAC) and Oran Park Anglican College (OPAC). Congratulations to those teams that came away with a win.
Here are the results from the last two weeks:
                                                            Year 3/4                                  Year 5/6
Soccer                                               MAS 1,  BAC 6                      MAS 1,  BAC 2
Newcombe/Volleyball                        MAS 1,  BAC 2                      MAS 2,  BAC 0
Netball                                               MAS 5,  BAC 21                    MAS 18, BAC 12
AFL                                                    MAS 0,  BAC 98                    MAS 53, BAC 49
Soccer                                               MAS 0,  OPAC 1                    MAS 2,  OPAC 0
Newcombe/Volleyball                        MAS 2,  OPAC 0                    MAS 2,  OPAC 0
Netball                                               MAS 1,  OPAC 7                    MAS 18, OPAC 18
AFL                                                    MAS 7,  OPAC 108                MAS 34, OPAC 41
Junior NASSA Athletics Carnival
On Thursday 15 August Macarthur sent a group of Years 3-6 students to represent at the NASSA Junior Athletics Carnival. Congratulations to all our students who participated and represented our school with pride. Special congratulations to the following students who have now qualified as individuals for the CIS Junior Athletics Carnival which will be held on Thursday 12 September at Homebush:

Rumaisa Enayth
Ellie Fitzpatrick
Lily Hreszczuk
Jackson Neumann
Andre Perras
Oscar Saunders
Nathan Simpson
Leo Steimbeisser
CIS Cricket
Congratulations to Lily Hreszczuk (Year 6) and Siena Latham (Year 6) who have been selected in the Combined Independent Schools Primary Girls Cricket Team. This is an excellent achievement by Lily and Siena who will now represent CIS at the PSSA State Cricket Championships to be held at the Raby Sports Complex during the week commencing 28 October.
NASSA Football Gala Day
On Thursday the 8 August Macarthur sent five teams to represent at the NASSA Football Gala Day. All five teams represented Macarthur with great pride. Congratulations to our senior boys for winning the tournament.
CIS Netball Gala Day
Rose Jansen (Year 9) represented AICES at the CIS Netball Championships on Monday 19 August. AICES finished as runners up on the day. Congratulations Rose.
On Monday 19 August Macarthur had a Years 7-9 boys and Years 7-9 girls AFL team represent at the NASSA AFL Gala day. Once again Macarthur showed great determination and had a few unlucky results with both teams coming third on the day.
Wesley Horne
Faculty Head of Sport
Snowsports Results

Further results for Sascha Masjuk (Year 8) placed seventh individually in Grand Slalom and third in Boardercross for Northern Region.

State Snowsports

Owen Kenneally (Year 5) and Sascha Masjuk have qualified to represent NSW at Nationals in Victoria in Snowboard GS. This event will take place at Mount Buller on 4-8 September.

Erica Looyen - Co-Ordinator
Sascha with her individual and two team medals.
Legacy Junior Public Speaking Competition

Earlier this year, Peter Mawere (Year 7) and Isabella Urquhart (Year 8) were selected to represent Macarthur Anglican School in an interschool Public Speaking Competition. The local final of this competition was held on Friday, 9 August.

The students were required to compose and present a five-minute speech on any topic they feel passionately about. They also participated in an impromptu round, wherein students were provided with an adjudicator-selected topic and given five minutes to compose a two-minute impromptu speech on this topic.

Both Peter and Isabella delivered their speeches with poise, eloquence and conviction, and relished the experience to converse with, and compete against, students from other schools included in the local round, such as Hurlstone Agricultural High School, Sarah Redfern High School, and Good Samaritan Catholic College.

The day was a success, with adjudicator Andrew Lasaitis congratulating the students on “speeches of such an impressively high standard” and our own Isabella Urquhart selected to move forward to the regional final of the competition which will take place on Tuesday, 27 August. 
Stephanie Mantzouridis
From the Head of Junior School

A couple of great opportunities to be a part of the activities at Macarthur will occur over the next few weeks. Firstly, we will be celebrating Father's Day on Friday 30 August with a breakfast in the Junior School area. Dads and Grandpas are welcome to enjoy a BBQ breakfast along with a morning of games and fun with your children. 

Year 6 and GATEway have been working hard over the past two terms on a Kidpreneur business group project. This has involved market research on target markets, design and production of hand made products. Each Kidpreneur business has researched a global issue and a supporting organisation. All profits will be going to these organisations. These unique products will be on sales during the Father's Day Breakfast along the Kindergarten verandah. Cost varies from 50c to $15.00. 

Our second opportunity to enjoy a morning together will be the Book Week Parade. Children are encouraged to come dressed up in a costume connected to a book. This year's theme is 'Reading is My Secret Power'. The Parade will commence at 9.00am in the Gymnasium and the Book Fair will also be available. In conjunction with Book Week celebrations, children are encouraged to create a piece of Artwork for the Gallery which will be housed in the GATEway room. Please see the flyer below for more details. We look forward to seeing you there.

Estelle Stelzer

Year 1
At the start of this term, Year 1 were fortunate to visit the Wollondilly Heritage Centre as part of their History unit ‘Present and Past Family Life’. The Centre, located in The Oaks is a feast of local history divided into six important areas of life in the past.

The areas included: The house, the laundry, the shed, the school, the coal mine and Aboriginal culture. In the house, the students were horrified that there was no toilet inside and that the family shared the same bath water. In the laundry the students were put to work cleaning clothes using washboards and hanging the clothes with dolly pegs. The students learned about old farming techniques and were thrilled to be able to use the old egg and apple sorting machines in the shed. The students sat at wooden desks in the school and wrote on slates. The left handers were shocked to learn that they would receive the cane for writing with their left hand. In the old coal mine, the students put on hard hats and learned about the tough and dirty life of a coal miner without modern machines.

Finally, the students were able to paint on their own boomerang. The students were taught different Aboriginal symbols which they painted on their boomerang to create their own Aboriginal story. A fantastic day was had by all where the students saw and learned first hand just how much life has changed over the last one hundred years.
Allison Bartlett, Peter Langley and Tracey Nieuwenhuis
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