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I would like to take this opportunity to wish you and your family a Happy New Year and to welcome you to 2017 at Macarthur.  I would particularly like to welcome those parents who are joining Macarthur for the first time this year.  I have no doubt that you will enjoy your association with the School.  The 2017 school year is rapidly approaching and the student holiday period will continue to be full of activity in preparing all that is required to welcome the return of the students.  

I have only recently returned from my trip to Hungary which, was part family holiday over Christmas and New Year and part school business.  While in Hungary I visited our sister school, Lévay József Református Gimnázium in Miskolc, Hungary to attend the celebrations of the 20th anniversary of our association and partnership.  During that time over 100 students from both schools have benefitted from an extended time in their sister school being hosted by families.  After my visit I am delighted to say that the friendship is as strong as ever and the association will no doubt continue for many years to come.

As Summer Term 2017 rapidly approaches, the staff continue to prepare for the return of the students, some to class and others straight off to camp.  As a staff we are looking forward very much to all that 2017 will bring.  A good deal of work has been done around the campus during the vacation period and the Innovation and Research Centre is soon to be furnished with other associated works still to be completed.  I am very much looking forward to a refreshed building that will at its heart promote creative, critical and deep thinking.

The 2016 Academic Year has seen a number of excellent academic achievements.  At every level, students have produced outstanding work, showing their deep knowledge and understanding. Students have received accolades in statewide, national and international competitions for History, ICT, Science, Indonesian, Mathematics and English among others.  I am sure you will enjoy reading some of the successes below.

I look forward to seeing you all when Summer Term 2017 commences.

Dr David Nockles

HSC and University Entrance Mark (ATAR) Successes

The 2016 HSC results and the Australian Tertiary Admissions Rank used to gain entry into university courses have been, for the third successive year, outstanding and demonstrate the scholarly commitment and work ethic Macarthur students possess.  The School Council and entire Macarthur staff are thrilled with the exemplary results attained by the 2016 cohort.  Macarthur places an emphasis on our students developing an enduring understanding of their work, not simply acquiring knowledge, through the development of deep, critical and creative thinking.  These outstanding results reflect Macarthur’s strong culture of thinking in which our students are encouraged to strive for excellence to the Glory of God.

Summary of Achievements

Across the cohort the students achieved the following ATAR results:

13% of students received an ATAR of 95 or higher
25% of students received an ATAR of 90 or higher
37% of students achieved an ATAR of 85 or higher
42% of students achieved an ATAR of 80 or higher
47% of students achieved an ATAR of 75 or higher
52% of students achieved an ATAR of 70 or higher

Over 80% of students were offered an Early Entry into a course of their choice at a wide range of universities.

NB: The Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR) is the measure used for matriculation or university entrance.

Congratulations go to Macarthur’s 2016 Dux, Patrick Dickinson with an ATAR of 98.05.  Patrick plans to study Commerce at the University of Sydney.  Patrick’s consistent achievement across subjects placed him on the HSC All Rounder Award Honour Roll. Patrick was also placed 4th in the State in Indonesian Continuers. 

Special congratulations should also go to Ante Kolanovic for his consistent achievement across subjects which placed him on the HSC All Rounder Award Honour Roll.  

Other achievements of note include: (pictured below clockwise)

Ernst Nel (ATAR 96.75) for his outstanding achievement in Drama. Ernst was nominated for OnStage which recognises exemplary individual performances and projects in Drama. Ernst scored 100% for his Group Drama Performance.

Charles Wearn for his outstanding achievement in Drama. Charles was nominated for OnStage which recognises exemplary individual performances and projects in Drama. Charles scored 100% for his Individual Drama Performance.

Chris White (ATAR 95.2) who attained 100% for his Personal Interest Project for Society and Culture. Chris investigated how dystopian popular culture, like the Hunger Games, can educate and empower young people to be politically and socially engaged.

Congratulations should also go to Justina Hanna (ATAR 92) for completing her HSC Mathematics and Mathematics Extension 1 course as an accelerant and achieving a Band 6 and Band E4 result respectively.

In Greater Detail - from the Dean of Studies

Macarthur Anglican School’s Year 12 students have excelled in the HSC again this year, yet again demonstrating Macarthur’s proven success in academic excellence. The Headmaster Dr David Nockles and the entire Macarthur staff are delighted with the students’ excellent results. Macarthur places an emphasis on our students learning how to think deeply and not just rote learn facts. These results reflect our students’ ability to apply their knowledge and demonstrate their deep understanding of the subjects they have learned.  We encourage students to challenge themselves, see mistakes as learning opportunities and strive for their personal best. 

Top achievers include Macarthur’s Dux, Patrick Dickinson (ATAR 98.05) and Ante Kolanovic (ATAR 96.65) who were recognised as All Rounders for attaining Band 6 results in at least 10 units. Patrick also achieved 4th place in the State in Indonesian Continuers. Importantly, these outstanding results mean that our students will be able to pursue their chosen field of study beyond school with a significant proportion choosing to study at a tertiary institution.  Impressively, over 80% of our students were offered Early Entry at various universities, while others were offered academic or leadership scholarships. 

35% of Macarthur students were recognised as Distinguished Achievers for attaining Band 6 or Extension Band 4 results and 75% of students gained Band 5 or Extension Band 3 results. Students also appeared on the HSC Honour roll 56 times. 

The School provides interested Year 12 students with Study Coaches. These coaches include Kindergarten-Year 6 teachers, Administration and Executive staff as well as the Years 7-12 teachers.  Students are encouraged to balance their academic study with co-curricular involvement and sport as research shows that students who are engaged at school are more likely to be happy and confident, and achieve better HSC results. 

At Macarthur, one of our academic goals is for students to develop a growth mind set.  We want students to believe that their intelligence is not finite, and mastery of their subjects can be improved by responding to feedback, hard work and perseverance. It is important to note that as a non-selective School, Macarthur is able to help all students excel and attain their personal best.

Macarthur’s top achievers have studied a wide variety of courses from the 37 subjects offered at HSC level.  For the vast majority of subjects, the results are well above the State Average with Society and Culture, Geography, English Extension 2, Indonesian Continuers, Physics and Software Design and Development leading the field. 

An impressive 25% of students who presented for the HSC in 2016 attained ATARs of 90 and over with 13% of students gaining ATARs of 95 and above. 42% of students achieved an ATAR of 80 or higher with 37% achieving an ATAR of 85 and over. 52% of the 2016 cohort attained an ATAR of 70 and above. 

Macarthur students are planning to study courses ranging from Agricultural Science, Commerce, Computer Science, Criminology, Graphic Design, Education, Engineering, Medical Science, International Securities, Law, Languages and Psychology.

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