Macarthur Anglican School Bulletin
No. 14, Week 4 - Spring Term 2016
Upcoming Dates

4 Nov - Annual Benefit Concert, Camden Civic Centre
11,12,18,19 Nov - Alice in Wonderland 
14 Nov - Junior $ Middle School Strings and Band Concert
6 Dec - Speech Night

From the Acting Headmaster

Every year I have to write a report to a government agency which I am quite sure no-one ever reads.  I have certainly never received any feedback one way or the other.  The job itself is not difficult, but the six or seven hours it takes me to compile the report is an agony.  Why?  Because the work seems so pointless.  I do much more difficult and unpleasant jobs in my usual role as Deputy Headmaster … but somehow writing this report really does my head in.
We all enjoy our work more when we feel it has a purpose … where there is a sense that it is doing some service or community good.  Even housework is easier when family members indicate an appreciation.  And that is why we all love being thanked.  Getting paid certainly helps garner our enthusiasm for work, but many jobs are done so much better when people feel appreciated.
Last week I read a letter of thanks from a parent to the staff.  Their child had been in the school for thirteen years.  He was an intelligent boy, though no scholar.  He was quite the scallywag in Years 5-9, but by the end of Year 12 had emerged (as most of them do) as a fine young man.  The lad’s education had not come easily.  The family had found it a considerable financial sacrifice.  But they wrote, that they were so delighted with his education, “before knowing any of his results” and heartily thanked his teachers … and even one of the accounting staff!
When I read the letter aloud I saw the staff discernibly lift.  So many teachers from T-12 had invested into this boy.  They were already proud of the young man he had become, but to be thanked … well that was the icing on the cake.  I am certain that when they left the Chapel that morning all the children in the school benefitted from their renewed and rekindled zeal.  They had purpose.  It was tangible.  All it took was a single ‘thanks.’
Two years ago I had a Year 11 Studies of Religion class that habitually thanked me at the end of almost every lesson.  It made teaching them feel so effortless.  Are there people in your life that need to be thanked?  Have you been promising yourself to write that letter to a teacher or Administration staff member and never got around to it?  Do you encourage your children to really thank those who serve them or touched their life in some way?  It is a great habit to get into.  It costs us so little but its benefits are priceless.

Andrew Kokic

From the Dean of Studies

Parents of students in Years 7-12 should now have been emailed copies of reports for the 2016 Academic year.  Reports for students in T-6 will be issued towards the end of this term.
For students in Years 7-9, these reports are similar in format to those issued in Autumn Term.  For students in Years 10 and 11, the reports also indicate student achievement and ranking in examinations.
There has been a deliberate decision made at Macarthur not to report on student achievement and ranking in examinations for Years 7-9.  While examinations are an important opportunity for students to learn to demonstrate their knowledge in timed examination conditions, we believe that the results from the examinations should not be over-emphasised or seen as being any more important than the other tasks the students have completed.  As we are endeavouring to build a culture of ongoing thinking and learning, we want students to see that their day-to-day learning in class is equally (if not more) important to their performance in examinations.  Examinations are only an indication of what students know at one point in time.  Kath Murdoch, author and consultant on educational inquiry recently commented on the limitations of examinations, highlighting their inadequacies of measuring students’ learning and understanding. “Exams remain a ludicrous, archaic way to ‘measure’ young people’s learning.”   Interestingly, universities are increasingly using alternative or additional information for university entrance.  There is an emphasis on students’ co-curricular and community involvement as well as their active participation in initiatives and programmes such as the Duke of Edinburgh's Award.
So, why do we insist on students sitting examinations and why do we report on examination performance and ranking for students in Years 10-12?  Presently, the HSC still consists of 50% achievement in internal (school-based) assessment and 50% achievement in external examinations.  So, while we recognise that performance in examinations does not necessarily indicate the true sum of what students know and understand, we also realise that students need practice in articulating what they know under examination conditions.  Both students and parents also need more detailed information about how students fare in examinations.
Years 7-12 reports also provide parents with additional information.  Parents can see how their child has performed compared to their cohort and whether they are below or above the middle 50% of the class or year group.  Hence, parents can ascertain what quartile the students are in.
There is also other pertinent information on reports, including student achievement in content and skill areas relevant to each subject.  An important feature of the reports is an indication of how students have demonstrated their learning behaviours.  These learning behaviours (or dispositions) show students’ growth mind set and critical and creative thinking.  These are attributes that 21st century learners require and are increasingly being valued at a tertiary level and by employers.
Melissa Gould-Drakeley
From the Dean of Students

Camps 2017
All students in Years 8-12 have recently attended Camp Information Sessions for 2017 where they were able to download the information booklets from the front page of the Macarthur website.  This is also available for parents, along with other relevant forms.
The Outdoor Education programme offers a full range of activities that have been sequentially programmed from Year 7 to build upon prior learning from each previous camp culminating in a more relaxed camp in Year 12 at Coffs Harbour.
This is the first year in many years that we have changed  the venues for two of the camps: Year 8 attending Vision Valley in Arcadia and Year 9 attending the Sports and Recreation site at Broken Bay.   Both venues off unique experiences and suit the sequence of activities to fit the Macarthur Outdoor Education programme.
The Camp Declaration forms and other links have been sent for parent approval via Parent Paperwork and the annual update of pink Medical forms has been mailed home to be returned by Friday 4 November having been signed by a parent and any changes to details annotated.  It is very helpful to have these forms completed and submitted by the due dates to allow sufficient time for our outside providers to be informed and School records updated.
Student Achievements
Recent achievements by Macarthur students at high levels of competition continue to impress.  Grace and Isabella Tyson and Taylor Drayton represented NSW All School at the National Interschool’s competition contributing to the overall point score allowing NSW to be awarded the overall winner.  Isabella ribboned and got an overall fifth place for the Working Hunter (including a first in the Led Phase).  Taylor and Grace also did well against the best in Australia but were unfortunately outside of the ribbon positions.  Congratulations to all three girls who did their best under sometimes difficult conditions.
Paris Kellner (Year 8) recently placed sixth at the State Open Dressage Championships.  This is an outstanding achievement considering her podium position was gained against adults most of which are known paid professional riders.  These events often go unnoticed outside of the normal school pathways of achievement so I am very pleased to report on students in our school who are pursuing their interest at such a high level.
Richard Cartwright (Year 12) has recently achieved second place at the NSW Interschools Cycling in the Under 19 category.  This event required riders to complete a gruelling day of competition comprising of a individual time trial, a Criterium race and a Road race.  Richard won the road race event and lost only four seconds in the overall standings.  He has recently been invited to ride in the National Road Series competition as a fully sponsored rider in the Subaru Albion Team.  This is the highest level of Elite men’s racing in Australia and an impressive accolade for a cyclist of his age. 
Tim Cartwright

Chaplain's Chat

Toys n Tucker Campaign
Our annual appeal for new toys and food that will last for Christmas hampers began in Week 3 and will end in Week 6.  So please start bringing in the goods for Anglicare to distribute to those in need at Christmas time (T-6 to class and 8-12 to the Chapel Foyer).

Quizworx Comes to T-4 Chapels
The very appealing Quizworx puppets came to T-4 Chapel last week.  The theme was 'What is the way to God?'  Percival (the puppet) and Jordan (the presenter) guided us, in a very entertaining way, to the conclusion that 'Jesus is the way to God'.

The Reverend David Hayman

Reports from the Victorian High Country Adventure
It was a chilly morning as we assembled at the School Chapel.  Excited yet unsure as to what the next few days would bring.  While the bus trip was long, we enjoyed each other’s company and settled in to take in the scenery.  Once dinner was finished we were glad to have a good night’s sleep. 
The highlights of our trip included bush walking followed by a hearty dinner around a campfire roasting marshmallows.  The sunset was simply stunning.  The next day we hiked to the top of Mt Buller.  It got colder as we trudged higher but the 360 degree view from the top was breath-taking to say the least.  The Victorian High Country was exquisite in the morning sun.  I really enjoyed sliding down a section of the mountain that was still blanketed in snow.  
Later that day we visited the local zoo which showcased Australian and exotic animals. We were fortunate enough to see the lions being fed and pat a white pure bred dingo.  To add to our adventurous day, we then went horse riding through the high country.  For some of us it was our first experience on horseback.  We began with a little fear and trepidation but ended up having a great time, the peacefulness of travelling quietly through the Australian country at a pace that forced us to admire the view.  To top off the action packed day, we returned to our accommodation and all joined forces to cook up a feast to share.  Then fell into bed exhausted.
On our final morning we had a quick shopping trip in Beechworth to buy local honey and lollies before the long trip home.  The final hours of our trip home was spent singing the classics as we motored up the highway.  We would like to thank Mrs Davies and Reverend Hayman for enabling us to experience this unique part of Australia.
Cameron Ha Year 7
The week started on Wednesday, 12 October.  Twenty-three Year 7 and 8, along with Mrs Davies and Reverend Hayman, left school at 9.00am for our seven hour journey down south.  Once we got to our location of Mansfield, it was about 8:30pm. We had some dinner and settled into our cabins for the night.
On Thursday, we had breakfast and got in the bus for our morning agenda.  We headed to Stringy Bark Creek.  This place is where the Kelly gang fought with the police back in 1878.  It was a great educational experience.  In the afternoon we headed off to the working farm of Mr and Mrs Madin.  They were ever so lovely and helpful.  Mr Madin took our group out on a hike along an old logging trail.  Once we had walked around his property, we made our way back towards a hut.  There, we cooked some sausages, damper and marshmallows.  Then we headed back to our campsite to hit the hay to get a good nights rest for a big day tomorrow.
On Friday, everyone was excited for the day ahead.  The morning agenda included driving to Mount Buller, so we could hike to the very top.  Except, when we got there, we couldn't drive to the top.  So Mrs Davies, Reverend Hayman and twenty-three students hiked from the ski information centre, all the way to the top.  It was great fun as there was so much snow still on the mountain.  Once we had lunch on the mountain, we all slid down the snow and had snow fights.
In the afternoon, our group split in two for our activities.  The Year 7 girls went horse riding first, while the rest of us went to Mansfield Zoo.  Mansfield Zoo was great as there were a great variety of different animals.  After, we switched and Year 7 girls went to Mansfield Zoo while we went horse riding.  It was a great outdoor educational experience.  I give credit to Cameron Simmons, Year Eight, in using his courage and bravery in getting on a horse even if he was apprehensive at first.  The highlight of this trip definitely had to be Friday by far as we stood on top of Victoria, rode horses through the mountains, and visiting Mansfield Zoo seeing all the different animals.  I thank Mr and Mrs Madin for letting us visit their gorgeous farm.   We would all like to thank Mrs Davies and Reverend Hayman for giving up their time and taking us on a fantastic trip.
Emily Nieuwenhuis Year 8
Community Chat

Last week Women@Macarthur hosted Project Pink, a gorgeous evening that saw fifty-eight women from our school community come together to raise funds for Pink Ribbon.  Our venue, The Italian Food Project was amazing!  We were treated to a really yummy ‘grazing table’ with pastas, pizzas, antipastos and other Italian delights, all set in an intimate, pink flower filled cosy courtyard.  We heard from Alex Forster on her personal experience with breast cancer and, with the help of some very generous donations, W@M were delighted to raise $1500 for the Cancer Council.
In addition to the fundraising, we’ve been collecting pre-loved and new bras for Uplift Project, an organisation that sends bras to women from disadvantaged communities, both nationally and overseas.  All up, we have collected 275 bras.
From W@M, thank you to those who helped to raise these important funds; Little Miss Succulent, Glitz N Glamour Macarthur, Helen Macklinshaw, Allison Rae-Darby, Fleur Burge, Elegant Hair Design, Orangeville Meat Co., FMC Fitness, Elegance Nail Spa and The Italian Food Project.
And let’s not forget our men!  Men@Macarthur are hosting Barefoot Bowls this coming Tuesday 8 November, from 6.00pm at Camden Bowling Club.  This is a very casual affair and all dads, grandads, uncles and friends are invited to come along.  Stay just for the game or stay a bit longer and have dinner from the Bistro.  The game costs $10 and you will need to book using the link:
Lastly, please put these coming events in your diary:
  • Volunteer’s Morning Tea on Tuesday 22 November.
  • Gingerbread House Workshop on Wednesday 23 November in the Senior Canteen, orders are still open through Flexischools.
  • And HAMS!  W@M will be selling hams again this year with pick up date organised for 16 December.  Look for the email coming soon.
Karyn Ingram

Years 7-11 Theatrical Production of Alice in Wonderland

Fifty-four enthusiastic actors, alongside a fabulous technical team, have been working extremely hard getting ready to put ‘Alice in Wonderland’ on the Macarthur Anglican School stage.  

This well-known story, adapted for the stage by Jeannette Jaquish from the original text by Lewis Carroll, presents us with a crazy romp through Wonderland, meeting all the usual suspects. Alice (Daisy Morphew) makes many new friends, including the Mad Hatter (Jonathan Kennedy), Tweedle Dum and
Tweedle Dee (Georgina and Sophia Seton), and the White Rabbit (Andrew Simmons). She is also confronted with the unpredictable head-lopping Queen of Hearts (Kayla King). Alice begins as a moody, unco-operative teen, however through the experiences in Wonderland, her own behaviours are confronted as she learns the true meaning of ‘crazy’, as the Caterpillar (Natalie Ristancevski) wisely informs her ‘we’re all mad down here’.

The production is suitable for all ages. There are five performances for you to attend, over two weekends, and tickets are available on the Macarthur Anglican School website; book now to avoid disappointment!

Adults - $20; Children/Pensioners - $10

Allie Margin - Drama Teacher/Director

Upper Hunter Beef Bonanza 2016

On the weekend of 21-23 October the School competed in the above event in Scone.  This is a massive competition with 850 students and 287 steers competing.  

The School took six students:  Taylor Drayton (Year 11), Madison Price (Year 11), Brooke Baker (Year 11), Jamil Azeem (Year 11), Daniel Pearce (Year 12) and Jack Janson (Year 12) along with four steers - Wally, Charlie, Bluey and Chino.

Despite atrocious weather on the first day all the steers were very competitive with Charlie coming fourth from fifteen.  In the 15 Year's Parader's Competition Taylor reached the semi final as did Daniel Pearce in the 16 Year's Parader's.  Taylor also came third out of 158 students in the 15 Years Junior Judging.

The steers performed very well in the 'hook' part of the competition.  Wally placed fifth, Chino placed third and Bluey placed second and was overall Reserve Champion Light Middle Weight Carcass only 0.06 points out of 100 behind the Champion steer.  As a result of the hook section of the competition all four steers the School presented won a ribbon, which is an excellent achievement. 

The School would like to thank Michael and Maureen Rawsthorne, Rob Costello of Nairne Park Angus and Andrew and Helen Glover for supporting the show team.

David Baker

Student Achievements

Nathan Simpson – Year 3
Congratulations to Nathan Simpson for his achievements in the recent Australian Open Bujitsu Tournament.  He came first in Traditional Weapons and Extreme Weapons and second in Extreme Forms. An extremely successful day at the biggest ever tournament in Australia. Well done Nathan!
Caitlin Sendt - Year 9

Last night at the NSW Young Scientist Awards at the University of Wollongong Caitlin Sendt won second place in the State for her Science Research Project (SRP) on 'Is Global Worming the Solution to Global Warming'.  She investigated whether we could get help from our invertebrate friends by incorporating earthworms into soil.  She found that the radish plants grown in soil with worms grew faster than those grown without worms. Her research also hinted at a potential use of worms to protect plants from pests and disease.

Jorja Baker - Year 5

Jorja participated at a CIS level in Softball over the holidays.  It was great weather all three days and the team came fifth overall.  On the Labour Day long weekend the team competed at the Adelaide Junior Softball Tournament and went through undefeated.  Congratulations Jorja!

Hannah Davey - Year 6

Hannah won a Medal for her Short Story in the NAIDOC week competition.  She was one of forty winners chosen from 52,000 entries. Well done Hannah!
University of Wollongong Regional Science Fair

On 30 November Caitlin Sendt, Alana Kolanovic, Isaiah Bezels, Bethany Noakes, Esther Alexander, Georgina Seton, Laura Chillmaid, Leah Challenor, Shivani Mistry and Jasmine Barrie (all in Year 10) will be competing at the University of Wollongong Regional Science Fair with their Science Research Projects (SRPs).  

Also for the first time students from our Junior School will be competing with projects they have completed as part of the first Year 3 to Year 6 Science Fair.  Summer Herta (Year 3), Jaden Acres, Andrew Powell, Lachlan Siemon, Isaac Barrett (Year 4), Sarah Peck, Caroline Psarris, Lilly Siemon, Justine Fouwler, Sienna Defrancesco Year 5) will all have the SRPs in the competition.

We wish them all the best.
NSW Junior Chess League Regional Final

On 19 October, Peter Cruz, Luke Stewart, Isaiah Gray and Rowan Hey from Macarthur Anglican School played two gruelling matches against the winners of the Fairfield Zone - St John's Park Public School.  They were strong opponents but the boys managed to hold their own very well.  Each match was played until the end and each match lasted over thirty minutes.  

During their post-match debrief, the boys made respectful comments about their opponents clever moves and errors.  The boys demonstrated grace and great sportsmanship in the face of defeat.  The experience was priceless and it was a joy to watch these brilliant minds in action.
Junior Chess Team Success

The NSW Junior Chess League held a one day tournament at Campbelltown Catholic Club last week. There were fifty-eight teams playing on the day.  Macarthur Anglican entered seven teams.  The Macarthur Region tournament was won by Macarthur Anglican’s A team (pictured below). The boys, Peter Cruz, Rowan Hey and Enoch Pei,  are now off to play against other teams from across the state in Sydney later this month.
From the Head of Junior School

Skip for Bibles 2016 
Year 4 have raised over $1200 through sponsorship in their recent skip-a-thon. The money will be used to purchase a Bible for each of the Kindergarten Students. What a wonderful achievement and a fantastic way for God’s precious Word to be in many homes. Kindergarten will receive their Bibles on Wednesday 9 November at 8.45am in the Chapel. Parents are welcome to attend. 
Kylie Elling
Talking Transport in Transition

One of the topics we have enjoyed this term was ‘Transport’.  We walked around our school to look at the kinds of Transport we could see and watched the traffic going past our school.  We recorded the information we collected and discussed what we saw.  It was fun to play and sing ‘The Wheels on the Bus’ and ‘Row, Row, Row Your Boat’.  We made models of transport with construction materials and we loved playing with our new toy trucks.
Mrs Morse
Kindergarten Love Swimming Lessons!

Every Wednesday this term Kindergarten travel on the school bus to a local Narellan pool for swimming lessons.  The students are learning how to dive, float and use big arms.  They are even surprising their teachers at how fast they can get changed when the lessons are over.  The students have said it is a lot of fun to improve their swimming skills and learn about water safety.
Mrs Pleskun and Mrs Cowper
Year 2 Excursion to Elizabeth Farm

In Winter Term, Year 2 studied the local history of Camden in History.  A major focus of the unit was John and Elizabeth Macarthur and their shaping of Camden’s history.  In Week 8 of Winter Term, it all came to life when we travelled to Parramatta to visit Elizabeth Farm, which is the restored original home of the Macarthur’s.  It was built in 1793 just five years after the landing of the First Fleet.  Thus making the home 223 years old!  
Upon arriving at the old homestead we were met by friendly guides who transported us back to the late 18th Century.  In the homestead our guide made us detectives in the drawing room to find what the Macarthur family did in their spare time.  We found sewing, books, playing cards, music and letters.  Unfortunately, (or fortunately!) we couldn’t find any TVs or iPads.  We were most impressed with the special ropes in each room that when pulled, called a servant, and would very much like this system installed in our own houses!
We were not impressed, however, that there were no toilets in the house.  Outside we played 18th century games of hoop and stick, quoits and cup and ball.  We were then made to wash the clothes which was hard work, before getting to write our names with a quill and ink.  We had a fantastic time and were overwhelmed with how different the Macarthur's lived to how we live now.
Mr Langley and Miss Martinez
From the Head of Middle School

Welcome back for students in the Middle School where students are adjusting to new timetables, teachers and for some classes.  In Years 5 and 6 it is a time to reflect and finish the year well as they re-evaluate the goals they have set for the year and work to attain them, reflecting on things they have done well and things that could have been improved.  Students in Year 5 are preparing to set an excellent example to the younger students, academically, socially and spiritually as they are soon to enter Year 6.  It is also a time for Year 6 students to evaluate and work on their progress as they use this term to prepare effectively for their transition to secondary schooling.

For students in Year 7, 8 and 9, a new academic year presents itself with the opportunity to set new goals and further develop study habits and routines to achieve their best as they begin their new academic year.  I wish the new Year 10 Students all the best as they begin the next stage of their journey in the Senior School.  A Cruise to celebrate this move will occur on Wednesday 16 November. 

The Spring Term promises to be busy and rewarding with the IPSSO Summer Sport Finals for Year 5 and 6  to be conducted in addition to the Strings and Band Evening on Monday 14 November which will showcase the benefits of the music practice that students have undertaken all year.
The excursions for Year 5 and 6 are on 10 and 11 November.  Notes will be sent home soon.
Year 6 students are also looking forward to celebrating at their dance at the end of the term on Thursday 1 December.

Communication Reminder
A reminder that communication to teachers is most effective through the Diary.  I would encourage parents to continue to check the diary each week and when things are occurring at home please write a note in the diary. 
Neil Davies
Tiger Shield Primary Soccer Tournament
On the first Saturday of Spring term, a Macarthur boy’s and girl’s soccer team were invited to play in the Tiger Shield Primary School Soccer Tournament at Ron Dine Oval.  Macarthur Anglican School was one of fifteen public, independent and Catholic schools represented in the competition.
Each game was exactly fifteen minutes and started and finished at the sound of a siren.  No time for a break at half time - the clock kept ticking!  The main strategy was to attack and make the most of every opportunity to score.
Macarthur boy’s team had a successful run winning all their games, until the semis where they lost 1-0 in a very tight game against St Paul’s.   
The girls managed to do well too in the qualifying rounds, but lost to Broughton 1-0 in the quarter finals in the dying minutes.
The tournament was a great opportunity for the students to be involved in a local community event along with nearly 250 other young soccer enthusiasts.  It was a beautiful Spring day for soccer and they loved the fast paced nature of the games.  Each student is to be congratulated on their fabulous effort, and the way their respectful behaviour and sporting spirit reflected so positively on the community of Macarthur Anglican School.
Camden Tigers Soccer Club is to be congratulated on hosting and organising such a successful event.  Sincere thanks goes to our wonderful parent body and super coach, Mr John Kemp, who supported our students throughout the day!
 Andrew Wood

Leadership Camp 2016

On Tuesday, 11 October, twenty Year 12 School Prefects embarked on a journey to Anglican Youth Work's Chaldercot campsite in Port Hacking for a leadership camp.  Over the duration of the camp there was many laughs, memories, bonding and leadership skills that allowed the team to come together and is something each of us will cherish forever.  As a group we faced both physical and mental challenges and through these we bonded and strengthened our teamwork, discovering the importance of communication, working together and the qualities of being an effective leader. 

As Prefects we were able to set desired goals for 2017 for both in the school, in ourselves and the team.  With the guidance of Mr Hordern, Mrs Wong, and several other staff, the Leadership Team was able to grow and strengthen as a group and develop our leadership skills and individual selves.  Overall, the leadership camp was an amazing opportunity and a week that allowed the team to grow and strengthen in values, skills and communication, as we look forward to the coming year ahead. 

Stephanie Hennings - Year 12

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