Macarthur Anglican School Bulletin
No. 4, Week 8 - Summer Term 2017
From the Headmaster

Last week all parents of the School would have received an email letter from me outlining a change to the sports uniform being phased in from the commencement of Winter Term 2017 (July).  As I outlined in the letter, an 18 month phase in period will be in place and so parents should not feel the need to immediately replace the current sports shirt or tracksuit jacket.

The current tracksuit pants will be able to be worn with the new shirts and tracksuit jackets as will the shorts.  There are no further changes.  While changes to the tracksuit pants have been made, they remain black and have a vastly improved cut and fabric. The same can be said for the new shorts that will go on sale. Both have gold lettering rather than white but as I say, the old shorts and pants will fit well with the new shirts and jacket for some time yet.

Since sending out the letter we have received very pleasing feedback about the changes.  I am cognisant of the impact such a change has to the clothing pool and hand-me-down uniforms and as stated in my letter, I appreciate your understanding and forbearance in this.  There is never a good time to change any part of the uniform.  Included after my report are images of the new tracksuit jacket and sports shirt for your reference.  If you have any questions pertaining to the uniform changes, please direct your queries to Mrs Sue McKell in the Uniform Shop.

This morning the Year 11 students who have been on the Thailand Outreach Trip for the past two weeks returned home.  Once again the trip was an excellent success with over 300 Thai primary-aged children being taught English by our Year 11 students as part of the annual eCamp at Varee Chiang Mai School.  No doubt the students will enjoy a rest over the weekend before returning to class on Monday.

Monday and Wednesday, God willing, will see the Cross Country events being held after they were postponed due to weather.  The track is still very wet and muddy but it will be important for the event to take place in order to select the team to represent Macarthur at the upcoming NASSA Cross Country event. It will truly be a cross country course with many water features and mud puddles. 

The weather has created a number of dilemmas for the School but on the whole the campus has fared well.  Thank you to those who attended the Grandparent’s Day celebrations last Friday for your understanding following the incredible downpour we received on Thursday afternoon and evening.  It was a great day and dare I say it - the celebrations were hardly dampened.

David Nockles

From the Dean of Studies
NAPLAN and the HSC

From 2020, students will be required to reach a minimum literacy and numeracy standard to receive their HSC.  Currently the award of the HSC does not require minimum literacy and numeracy standards to be met.

This affects all current Year 9 students.  The minimum standards realigned to Level 3 of the Australian Core Skills Framework. The Level 3 outcomes are tabulated below, and are available on the ACSF website. (  Demonstration tests are available on the NESA website.(

One way students can show they have reached the minimum literacy and numeracy standard is to attain a Band 8 in their Year 9 Reading, Writing and Numeracy NAPLAN tests.  While NESA does not expect all Year 9 students to achieve Band 8 results, it acknowledges that students who achieve a Band 8 in one or all of these tests have pre-qualified for the minimum literacy and numeracy standard, and will not need to sit the tests for the skill area for which they have demonstrated a Band 8 result. 

At Macarthur, approximately 50% of our Year 9 students attain Band 8 results in all of their NAPLAN tests. This means that half of the cohort are expected to reach the minimum literacy or numeracy standard and will not need to sit the NESA tests.

Students who do not achieve a Band 8 in one or more of their Year 9 NAPLAN tests will need to pass the NESA Authority Education Standards online literacy and numeracy tests for the test(s) which they have attained a Band 7 or lower.  Disability provisions will be available for the tests in line with existing provisions for the HSC.

Students will have the opportunity to sit the tests multiple times throughout Years 10, 11 or 12 until they achieve minimum standards.  In fact, students have up to five years after the HSC to pass the tests.  Students who have not passed the tests are still permitted to sit the HSC examinations.
NESA is confident that students will continue to progress and be able to reach this level in Year 10, 11 or 12.  Historically at Macarthur, students who have not attained a Band 8 NAPLAN result have achieved results commensurate with the ACSF Level 3 standards by the end of Year 12, if not earlier. 
“The minimum standard will prompt an early focus on literacy and numeracy, and help students meet progressive milestones.” (

The Head of Middle School, Head of Senior School, English and Mathematics teachers will monitor students’ progress throughout Years 10-12 to help support them achieve the Level 3 ACSF standards.  It is also an expectation that all teachers teach literacy and numeracy skills.  Unlike other schools in NSW, Mathematics is compulsory until the end of Year 11 and this will give students an increased opportunity to develop numeracy skills and attain the minimum standards.
ACSF Level 3 Standards
Reading Evaluates and integrates information and ideas to construct meaning from a range of familiar, and some unfamiliar, texts and text types.
Selects and applies a range of reading strategies as appropriate to purpose and text types.
Writing Communicates relationships between ideas and information in a style appropriate to audience and purpose.
Selects vocabulary, grammatical structures and conventions appropriate to the text.
Numeracy Selects and interprets mathematical information that may be partly embedded in a range of familiar, and some less familiar, tasks and texts.
Selects from and uses a variety of developing mathematical and problem-solving strategies in a range of familiar and some less familiar contexts
 The NAPLAN tests are taking place from 9-11 May with an additional day, 12 May being scheduled as a make-up day for students who miss any of the tests.
Parent Teacher Interviews – Years 7-9, 11

Parent Teacher Interviews for students in Years 7, 8, 9 and 11 are being held in the first and second week back of Autumn Term (27 April and 1 May).  Parents will receive a separate email with an invitation to book interview times. These will be held in the School Gymnasium. 
Melissa Gould-Drakeley
Chaplain's Chat
One Egg Campaign ---- one egg a day for a child in Rwanda?
Each year, prior to Easter, we have a T-12 campaign to raise money for the ‘One Egg’ project. This will happen in Weeks 9 and 10 this term.
T-6 students are invited to bring in $5 to their classes and Years 7-12 will have an opportunity to donate in the ‘donation egg’ at Chapels and on the ‘Eggstravaganza fun day’ (Monday 3 April).
For every $5 raised a pre-school child in Rwanda will receive an egg a day for a month. This is organised through Anglican Aid. See their website for more details.
We focus so much on our chocolate Easter eggs – why not think about the benefit a real egg can bring to a child in Rwanda?
Easter Service
We are planning to have a whole school Easter service Friday 7 April at 1.50pm in the St Paul area (near the Junior School Canteen). Parents are welcome to join us as we reflect on Jesus and Easter.
Dads and Daughters Weekend Postponed
Unfortunately we had to postpone the Dads and Daughters week planned for last weekend. The Shoalhaven River was too dangerous for us to use and it was forecast to be a very wet weekend (up to 100mm rain) and some of the roads were flooded!

We now plan to hold the weekend for Dads and Daughters (Year 3-7) on 20-22 October.
Oasis Getaway Weekend 26-28 May for Students in Years 7-12.
A weekend of Christian fellowship, bible teaching and fun for students in Years 7-12. We will travel to Telford on the Port Hacking River in the Royal National Park. This year’s theme will be “Being Human – and Christian”.
Applications and information will shortly be sent to students and deposits will be able to be made on Flexischools.
Super Cru Camp for K-6 students July Holidays (Monday 3- Friday 7 July)
Advance notice… we will be holding another Super Cru Day Camp at Macarthur during the July holidays. This will be open for children from K-Year 6 and will operate full days Monday to Friday. Crusaders run this camp with us and in partnership with local churches. I will be looking for assistant leaders from Years 9-11 to be trained to assist at the camp. Adults are also very welcome to assist as leaders. Contact me or Calum Henderson from Crusaders for more details or to be notified when registrations are open go to
Reverend David Hayman  4629 6225
Community Chat
Thank you to the many wonderful parents who gave their time and energy to help with morning tea at Grandparent’s Day last week. You did a terrific job of topping seven hundred scones with butter, jam and cream, and served over four hundred grandparents with tea and coffee. You helped make the morning a lovely success and we are very grateful to you.
Last Thursday, TBT (Talk Back Thursday) welcomed a number of new ladies as we heard about establishing effective boundaries. If you were unable to join us last week, please do feel free to come along this week. We are meeting again in the Cranmer Room on Thursday, 8.30am–9.30am.
Next Friday 31 March and Saturday 1 April is the Camden Show! As in previous years, Macarthur will have a Marquee and Display to showcase all the things we love about our School. If you’re at the Show, be sure to drop in and say hello.
Lastly, don’t forget the Headmaster’s Golf Challenge on Friday 21 April, at Glenmore Heritage Valley Golf Club. The cost per player is $50 and includes 18 holes, golf cart and lunch. Bookings can be made using the following link:
Karyn Ingram
Sheep and Wool Judging Day at Frensham

Thirteen students along the above day at Frensham on Tuesday 14 March.  

The results were as follows:

Juniors 14 yrs and under

Meat Breed Sheep Junior Judging 
Codi Gibbeson 3rd /15 students
Emily Nieuwenhuis 2nd /15 students
Megan Baker 1st/ 15 students

Merino Sheep Junior Judging
Megan Baker =2nd /15 students

Intermediate 15-17yrs 

Meat Breed Sheep Junior Judging 
Tabitha Wilson Finalist /45 students

Merino Sheep Junior Judging
Chloe Sutcliffe Finalist /45 students

Merino Fleece Junior Judging
Jamil Azeem Finalist/ 45 students
Tamika Hughes Finalist /45 students
Cyndell White Finalist /45 students

Congratulations and well done!
David Baker

Student Achievement

Olivia Kowalik (Year 10) recently performed in the 'Celebration of Youth' concert in the Shoalhaven Entertainment Centre and the Wollongong Town Hall.  Olivia was playing as soloist, the first movement of Violin Concerto in C Major by Haydn with Steel City Strings Orchestra as an award for winning last year's Wollongong Eisteddfod in the concerto section.  The highlight of Olivia's performance was meeting the Australian composer, Ann Carr-Boyd, who said that her playing was "stunning".  What a great experience for such a young violist!
From the Head of Junior School

What makes a positive school community?
The children at Macarthur come from a large range of different families, backgrounds and cultures. They enjoy a variety of interests, learning styles and abilities, and because of these differences, everyone is included and welcome within our school community. 

Our school community creates opportunities for children and their families to belong. When we are part of a community that promotes respect, compassion and inclusion, every child is known and valued. Our 'buddy system' where new students are placed alongside children who are established in our school is just one way in which we welcome and support new children and their families. 

Not only are children provided opportunities to connect with others, but our parents are also encouraged to engage through opportunities such as TBT (Talk Back Thursday), Pause, Prompt, Praise in the classrooms and by enjoying occasions such as Grandparent's Day to connect while serving the school community. Thank you to the large number of parents who assisted with food at Grandparents' Day, for your willingness to connect and create a positive community. I also wish to thank our Community Partner, Handprint Photography for their willingness to take photos of Grandparents' Day and to work with and train our student photographers.

We thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to join together as a Junior School/Middle School community last Friday as we celebrated the relationships children have with their grandparents. The wisdom, love, life experience and understanding that Grandparents share with their grandchildren cannot be underestimated. It was wonderful to see over 400 grandparents enjoying performances from the T-6 students, which culminated in activities held within the classrooms. We wish to honour the love between grandparents and grandchildren, as well as to help children become aware of the strength, information and guidance that the older adults in their lives can offer. 

Estelle Stelzer

Junior School Payments
Could parents please check their child’s diary for a sticker from the Junior Canteen indicating if an item has been provided on an honour basis.  Unfortunately there are a number of families who, as yet, have not paid.

Please be aware that this practice will no longer be permitted and students who forget food at home will be sent to the Head’s of School Office where suitable arrangements will be made for a sandwich to be provided.

Years 3 and 4 Camp Reflections

I thought camp was so cool. I thought it blew away everyone's minds because they had good food, cabin points and lots of fun activities. My favourite thing was rock climbing as it was challenging but it was ‘challenging by choice’. I loved the songs about Jesus too.
By Marcela Sara

Camp was awesome! This year we got to go to the shimmery, clean water in the pool and do rafting. My group was split into two teams and in those teams we had to work together to make a raft out of the materials we had such as: three different sized wooden planks (short, medium and long) a really big container filled with air with handles and some rope. Our team then had to gently put the raft into the pool to test if it could float and if it could fit everyone on. After it was tested, and when the other team was ready, we would race our raft against the other team. When we were done our team had to lift the raft out of the water and take everything apart. The first team finished was the winner. I had lots of fun!
By Jessica Doria
I moan as we head to the bus.  Camp is now over and we are going home.  I think of three days ago when I was petrified of going to camp and now look where I am.  As I enter the bus, I now regret not wanting to go.  We drive back to school and my mum is waiting for me.  She motions for me to grab my stuff.  I say goodbye to my friends and run to Mum.  As we are driving home, Mum asked me what my favourite things were that I did on camp.  I simply said everything!  I told her about the amazing things we did, such as archery, crate climbing, the food they made, creating shelters and making friends.  I suddenly think, what will camp be like next year?
By Bianca Dunbier

Our camp was so fun and cool.  I can’t wait to go back to camp again.  My favourite activity was the crate climb because you can climb as high as a hill.  I loved the food and being able to sleep in the same cabin as my friends.  We had two teachers in a nearby cabin too.  I loved the night time games and earning house points.  When we got on the bus, Ainsley and I were so tired we had a sleep.  I can’t wait for next years' camp!
By Evelina Blackie

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