Macarthur Anglican School Bulletin
No. 16, Week 8 - Spring Term 2016
Upcoming Dates

5 Dec - T-4 Presentation Assembly
6 Dec - Speech Night
From the Headmaster

It is hard to believe that this is the final Bulletin for 2016.  What a wonderful fortnight it has been with so many opportunities for students to shine.  The HSC cohort have already had amazing success with over 60% of the students already having secured a place at university for next year.  This is even more remarkable when you think that the results have not yet been released and the formal round of University offers is not until January.   These early round offers are made based on the individual applications, most often involving an interview and past Year 12 reports.  Macarthur has an ever growing reputation with several universities in regards to preparing students well for tertiary study and as such more and more early offers of places are being made.  Congratulations to the HSC cohort. 

Our young scientists have also had a remarkable week with three of our senior students, Cate Ward, Noah Gray and Jonathan Hartono receiving a Victor Chang School Science Award in a ceremony hosted by Camden Council.  Later in the same week Esther Alexander, and Andrew Towell placed first in their are categories in the University of Wollongong Illawarra Coal Science Competition.  Jaden Acres placed third, which is also a fantastic achievement with six other students gaining Highly Commended awards.  What a wonderful set of results.  Further information about these successes can be found later in the Bulletin.

All this academic success begins of course in the early years of schooling and so it was wonderful to see our Transition to Year 2 students performing in the T-2 Christmas Concert.  Well done to these students who were so pleased to be able to perform for their parents and grandparents.  The story of God’s goodness to us all in the  birth of his Son Jesus was so beautifully portrayed by the students, this time through the eyes of one of the bright shining stars!  Well done boys and girls.

Next week we see several opportunities to formally acknowledge student success.  On Monday the Junior School Presentation Assembly takes place where many students will receive awards in recognition of their achievements.  The following day, on Tuesday morning, a Headmaster’s Assembly for the Middle and Senior School students is held where Excellence in Effort Awards are presented as well as number of Colours for academic success.  Later that evening is of course the Macarthur’s Thirty-Third Speech and Awards Night at the State Sports Centre as usual.  This, as always, is such a wonderful culmination of the school year where students successes can be celebrated and is a fitting end to the year.  We do so, not only through the awards that are presented, but the display of student work and music performance that takes place prior to the formalities commencing.

While this is compulsory event of students in Years 5 to 12, parents and students from the Junior School who wish to join in the celebrations are more than welcome to attend.  

As the year rapidly draws to a close I would like to take the opportunity of wishing you all a very Happy Christmas and a wonderful summer break, whatever it is you are doing.  

God Bless.

David Nockles

From the Dean of Studies
Innovation and Learning at Macarthur
Recently Macarthur hosted Sarah Gillinson (Managing Partner) and Paul Roberts (Chair) of the UK Innovation Centre as they were interested in seeing how Australian schools are embracing change and leading innovation in schools.
Macarthur was selected for their visit as a result of our involvement in the Association of Independent Schools’ Innovation Unit’s ‘Elevate’ Programme.  Through our work with ‘Elevate’, Macarthur has been looking at innovative models to assist students improve their growth mind set and enhance their critical and creative thinking skills.  Our entire T-12 staff are involved in this programme and collectively we have been looking at how we can change teaching practice to best strengthen students’ deep learning.  At a recent Professional Learning meeting we brainstormed what type of characteristics a 21st century teacher should possess to help engender a growth mind set in our students, and where enduring understanding would be an integral part of student learning.  Some of the responses from teachers include “seeing themselves as co-learners”, “being prepared to admit you don’t know the answer but show students where to find the answer”, “be willing to try new things and go out of your comfort zone”, “allow questions to remain” and “model ongoing learning”.
Over the term, I have had the privilege of seeing evidence of students’ critical and creative thinking both in class and in co-curricular activities.  I was impressed by the amazing work produced by students under the leadership of Kerena Purvis and Sarah Stewart in the Years 3-6 Science Club. Detailed research, scientific skills and deep thinking was clearly evident in projects such as Sarah Peck’s ‘No Pain, Lots of Game’, Caroline Psarris’ ‘Coffee and Heart Rate’, Andrew Towell’s ‘Blink and You Will Miss It’ and Jaden Acres ‘What Colour is Cool?’ Year 9 Science students also produced some outstanding Science Research projects under the leadership of Helen Glover.  I have also been thrilled to see teachers developing cross-curricular lessons in Maths and Science and to see STEM in action in Year 9 with Carolyn Watkins and Helen Glover leading the way.
At Macarthur, we are keen to develop collaborative learning between both teachers and students.  As part of Elevate, we have already consulted a wide range of students from Year 4 to Year 12 as we recognise that understanding our students’ perspectives is equally, if not more, important to our staff.  It is our goal for real student voice and leadership to be at the heart of learning at Macarthur - and with the help of Innovation team at the Association of Independent Schools, we are beginning to make that a reality.   Sarah Gillinson and Paul Roberts from the UK Innovation Centre loved what they saw at Macarthur.  Their favourite aspect was meeting some of our students and they were very impressed by our students Sarah Peck (Year 5) Luke Stewart (Year 6), Julia Kokic (Year 12) and Kaitlin Taylor (Year 12) who showed them around the School and answered questions about their learning at Macarthur.  In recent correspondence with the Headmaster, Sarah Gillinson remarked “The young people we met were all amazingly accomplished and reflective about their learning - and are clearly hugely enjoying their school experience.”
At Macarthur, we know that long-term growth requires deeper change strategies. It is our intention to build capacity in our staff, enabling them to develop strategies that liberate their creativity, tap into their passions, and re-energise them.  We are keen for our teachers to be inspired and then in turn inspire our students.
The Elevate team are also putting into place how to better involve parents in our future planning and some parents have already indicated that they would like to participate. 
Melissa Gould-Drakeley
From the Dean of Students

The venue for Speech and Awards Night is the Sydney Olympic Park Sports Centre at Homebush and the proceedings will commence at 7.30pm on Tuesday 6 December 2016.  Student performances and the display of works will be held in the Hall of Legends from 6.30pm. 
Speech and Awards Night will recognise student achievement in 2016 across the Middle School and Senior School and is compulsory for students in Years 5-12.  All Year 5-12 students will be dismissed from school on Tuesday at 12.00 noon in preparation for their attendance at this event.  The various bus companies that service the School will not be providing bus services to transport students home once dismissed and parents are encouraged to make suitable alternate transport arrangements.  After School Care closes on Friday 2 December and will not be an option for student supervision.
Students involved with rehearsals at the Sports Centre have been sent permission notes with details of departure times.  These students will need to bring food and drink for lunch and dinner or money to purchase items from the Kiosk at the venue.  Music students are permitted to wear their Sport Uniform for rehearsals but must change into full performance school uniform for Speech and Awards night
Student Leadership Team, Award winners and the Drum Corps will travel by coach at 4.30pm.  Any award winners not involved in a performance should be at the venue no later than 6.00pm.  Parents are reminded that students attending the rehearsal will be remaining at the venue until the conclusion of Speech and Awards Night.  No transport will be provided to return students to Cobbitty at the conclusion of the evening. 
Students in Years 5-12 are expected at the venue by 7.00pm.  All students are to report for roll call in the downstairs vestibule between the display centre and main auditorium.  Students should find the following teachers to have their names marked as present.

Barker:  Mrs Glover
Broughton:  Mr Hughes
Hassall:  Mrs Joel
Heber:  Mr Groves
Johnson:  Mrs Allen
Marsh:  Mrs Looyen

Students who are not award winners are encouraged to sit with their parents and must not move around the auditorium during the proceedings. 
The parking area to use is Parking Station P3 off Sarah Durack Avenue.  It can be approached  by turning into Australia Avenue from Homebush Bay Drive. Then turn left into Sarah Durack Avenue. P3 is a multi-storey carpark on the left, in easy walking distance from the Centre.  If P3 is full then we have been advised to use P4 which is near the Hockey fields.
Dress for Speech Night
Parents and students are reminded that proper attire for the evening will be full school uniform.  Boys are to wear winter uniform including blazers.  Girls are to wear summer uniform including blazer.  Shoes should be clean and polished.
Sydney Olympic Park Sports Centre has advised that large bags will be checked before entry into the Auditorium as part of a renewed security policy.  Please be mindful that this is a requirement of a public venue and not a policy of Macarthur.
The second Equestrian Day for the year was held on Monday and proved once again to be a great success with over forty eight riders participating.  Another aspect of this day includes the student volunteers who give up their time to assist younger riders and offer guidance and advice to students who are just beginning on their equestrian interests.
Special mention should be given to Isabella Tyson, Emily Moore and Taylor Drayton who acted as student coaches for the first time.

Despite the heat (and flies) the day was a great success.  The participants experienced sporting, jumping, flat work, games and a session on led-class.  Many of these activities were unfamiliar to both the participants or their horses but all achieved a pleasing standard and gained valuable experience in a well supervised environment.  Everyone went home having learnt new skills and with ribbons and a smile on their faces
Thanks to all the volunteers who help to make this day a success.
The following report is by Grace Jansen Year 9:

Today was another great horse gala day. It was full of laughs, fun, competition and sportsmanship.
The favourite part of the gala day for me was the sporting because it was full of fun activities and things that my horse and I love doing and I'm passionate about.

We also had a fun new games component this year run by some of the students we had a lot of laughs. These days wouldn't happen if we didn't have a wonderful group of horse parents, officials and students that make the day possible.
Tim Cartwright

Chaplain's Chat

‘Toys n Tucker’ -  WOW and THANK YOU!

The response to the Toys N Tucker appeal was terrific from individual items students in Years 8-12 brought in – encouraged by passionate appeals from the Prefects and House Captains, to the many many items brought in by the T-6 classes (280 by 2L alone!) and the generosity of so many families. Thank you.
Here are some photos of the pack up and Year 6 moving the boxes to the Anglicare van.

Wise Men (and Women and Children!) Worship Jesus.

The ‘Wise Men’ have been a bit of a theme in the T-4 chapels this week and will appear in the T-2 concert.  They lived a long time ago but the more I think about it I think we (could) have a lot in common with them.
They were smart and intelligent just like Macarthur people! (they were scientists studying the stars).

They were driven and persistent (we are all like that sometimes)(and they rode camels a long way!).
They listened to King Herod (politely) but were discerning enough to ignore his request (it go back and inform him of the whereabouts of this other ‘king’).
They were generous (brought good gifts and were happy to share in the joy of the moment) (and we could think a lot more about the type of gifts they brought and the meaning behind them).
But most of all they worshipped the new born King Jesus.
“On coming to the house, they saw the child with his mother Mary, and they bowed down and worshipped him.” Matthew 2.11
When we worship something or someone we would give anything for them – I wonder if we would give ‘ourselves’ to the one who wants to lead us to new life.

The same God who gives us the ultimate gift of love in sending his Son Jesus to be our saviour?
I trust that you will have a Christmas filled with joy and also get the opportunity to reflect on Jesus – the ‘reason for the season’.
The Reverend David Hayman
School Administration and Uniform Shop Hours During the Vacation 

The Administration Office will be closed from Monday 19 December 2016 until Friday 6 January 2017.  The rest of the vacation period Administration hours are 8.00am to 4.00pm each day.

The Uniform Shop will be closed from Wednesday 7 December 2016 to Tuesday 10 January 2017.  

It will reopen on Wednesday 11 January 2017 each day from 9.00am to 3.00pm.  If you have a new student commencing in 2017 please call the Uniform Shop on 4629 6243 to make an appointment to be fitted.

Community Chat
The Volunteer’s Morning Tea is an opportunity for the School to thank the many parents and friends who give us their time and energy through the year.  Approximately 150 volunteers help with the Senior and Junior canteens, co-ordinating equestrian events, examination supervision, reading and maths groups, costume making and makeup, gardening and excursion help.
Last Tuesday over thirty of our Volunteers attended this year’s Morning Tea, which included a display of personal thanks from teachers, students and staff.  The Headmaster, Dr Nockles, spoke of the importance of our Volunteers, expressing his thanks whilst acknowledging that the changes to the Canteens will impact the opportunities for parents to be involved at School.  In light of this, I’ll be working to help parents find other ways to remain connected to the School and I welcome your input on this.
Also last week, W@M hosted the Gingerbread House Workshop.  Never have I seen so many lollies in one place!  The Workshop was a delightfully informal evening with mums, dads and kids enjoying some family time.  We had very experienced decorators with some first timers, all creating lovely Gingerbread Houses in time for Christmas.
On Friday the M@M held their last BBQ Breakfast for 2016.  The breakfasts are increasingly popular with both students and parents.  In particular, it’s been great to see more dads take the opportunity to drop their children at school on these mornings and swing by the BBQ Brekky to catch up and connect with other dads.
Now that we’re all thinking of Christmas don’t forget to order your Christmas Hams.  The Christmas Hams is a W@M fundraising initiative and they are the best tasting hams you’ll find.  To order, go to Flexischools and look under ‘Excursions’ for order details.  Pick up is on Friday 16 December from the Admininstration building.
Lastly, as we near the end of the School Term, I’d like to say thank you for the support and encouragement I’ve received whilst settling in to this role.  My thoughts and prayers are with you for a wonderful and safe Christmas and I look forward to a wonderful 2017 for us all.
Karyn Ingram
Victor Chang Science Awards
On 28 November Camden Council hosted the Victor Chang Science Awards.  Cate Ward, Noah Gray and Joseph Hartono (Year 12) accompanied Dr Nockles to the Awards and were presented with their awards for past successes and their future potential as young scientists.
The University of Wollongong Illawarra Coal Science Fair
The University of Wollongong Illawarra Coal Science Fair is a great opportunity for primary and high school students to develop their scientific skills and investigate the incredible universe around us.  On 30 November a group of twenty students travelled down to the Fair to view the research projects entered in this year's Fair.  Prizes are awarded to the top three projects in each of the year groups - Years 3 & 4, Years 5 & 6, Years 7 & 8, Years 9 & 10, and Years 11 & 12.  Esther Alexander (Year 10) came first in her group with Andrew Towell (Year 4) also being placed first and Jaden Acres (Year 4) placed third in their group.

The following students received Highly Commended Awards:  Sarah Peck (Year 5), Caroline Psarris (Year 5), Caitlin Sendt, Isaiah Kezelos, Laura Chillmaid and Bethany Noakes (Year 10).  A hug thank you must also go to Mrs Glover, Mrs Stewart and Mrs Purvis for all the help that they gave to the students with their research projects.
Photos from the Sports Award Evening
From the Head of Junior School

Some photos from the T-4 Christmas Concert
From the Head of Middle School

NSW Junior Chess League State Final
On Sunday 27 November Year 6 students, Rowan Hey, Enoch Pei and Peter Cruz (left to right) represented Macarthur in the NSW Junior Chess League State Final at North Sydney Boys High School.  They were one of fifty teams from schools as far away as Armidale, Gunnedah, Orange and Albury.  We left school at 8.00am and returned at 6.00pm.  They played seven half hour games over the course of the day.  The boys happily experienced some wins and also learnt a lot in their defeat against some strong opponents.  Whilst they weren’t victorious on the day they certainly represented Macarthur Anglican and the broader Macarthur region with pride. Congratulations boys on a fine effort!
Neil Davies
Photos from the Year 6 Dinner and Dance

From the Head of Senior School

Steven Zhang (Year 12) recently did work experience with a successfully young emerging Sydney designer - Alicia Scibberas.

Steven writes:
From my work experience I was able to work alongside Australian stylist Alicia Scibberas.  As a part of it we went to a variety of furniture and home decoration stores as well as some outdoor markets to gain inspiration for design.  Personally, this time provided me with experiences to learn potential careers that involve design elements.  I was able to engage in many different conversations with her regarding my future careers.  She was not the only designer I have been able to gain contact with.  There have been other designers who have also been willing to provide insight into their journey of design.

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