Macarthur Anglican School Bulletin
No. 11, Week 2 - Winter Term 2019
From the Headmaster

What a fortnight, indeed a week, it has been. Tonight and tomorrow sees the final three performances of the Musical, Les Misérables. What a show it has been so far and I am sure the final shows will be just as good. This is a challenging musical to put on in so many ways and yet the cast, crew and staff have all risen to the challenge resulting in a superb show. I could not be more delighted by the talents of our students and their efforts, both personal and corporately, to bring together a show such as this. I wish to thank Mrs James who has produced and directed the Show, Mr Palmer who has overseen the technical side of the Show and Dr Bennison who has overseen and conducted the Orchestra.  Without their support our students would not be able to shine as they have.

What delights me most about these musical opportunities is that students play such a central role. Of course that are the performers, but the leadership and skill shown by the students on the Technical Team and in the Backstage Crew is a wonder to behold and deserve their just recognition. Well done to all involved.

Running alongside the Musical has been the Year 12 Trial HSC Examinations. These are important in the sense that they give the students their first real test of what the HSC Examination period is like. The Trial HSC Examinations are never easy and so as they continue into next week please keep our Year 12 cohort in your prayers.

This week I have also had the wonderful privilege of hosting Mr Arai, the Headmaster of Nihon University the Third High School, Tokyo at Macarthur. Mr Arai, along with Mr Shabita (Deputy Headmaster) are visiting as part of Nihon School’s 90th year celebrations. As part of those celebrations, on Wednesday morning, Mr Arai and I signed a Sister School Agreement that confirmed much of what we have beed doing together for the past fifteen years or so as well as expanding the relationship.

As part of that agreement Nihon have confirmed is their desire to host Macarthur students visiting their school as part of the Snowsports Tour we arrange from time-to-time and also possibly future stand alone cultural tours. In addition, I am delighted to say that we have established a Teacher Exchange or Visitation Programme. This will operate in a similar way to the current programme with our sister school in Hungary, Lévay József Református Gimnazium, with Macarthur teachers travelling during the January school holidays to teach English at the School. The professional development benefits from these experiences are incredibly worthwhile and I am delighted with this addition to our current relationship.

David Nockles
From the Deputy Headmaster
The foremost task of any school is to keep children safe. That is why the Headmaster ordered ME to stay home in the last week of Autumn Term. 
Why? Because I had influenza.
The Headmaster did not need to convince me. Just a few weeks earlier my elderly father, (now 90), barely survived it and has been in care since.
On the first day of my illness my wife posted a humorous picture of me clearly suffering what she titled, ‘man-flu.’ Naturally, it drew a hilarious array of responses from so-called ‘friends’, but in truth influenza is no joke.
If you have been following the news at all you would be aware that this is one of the worst flu seasons on record, already promising to surpass our dreadful 2017 season. Already, over 200 Australians have died of the flu, and whilst most of them have been elderly, the toll has included babies, toddlers, teenagers and erstwhile ‘healthy’ adults. 
To demonstrate visibly how serious this season is shaping up, check out the graph below. You will notice from the black line that influenza numbers have spiked much earlier in 2019. This does not bode well for July and August (typically our worst period).
Clearly then, it is so important to keep your children home when they are unwell. We have some of the most vulnerable people on our campus including babies in the Exploring Tree facility and elderly grandparents, babies and toddlers who accompany siblings to school. Apart for the lost school hours for children and the cost of replacing ill staff that spreading illnesses cause, we (not to sound too alarmist), don’t want to risk a tragedy.
It is never easy to take time off work when we, or our children, are ill. There is never a convenient time. But we will collectively benefit as a community, if we and our children stay home rather than ‘soldiering on’ when we are ill.
Andrew Kokic
From the Dean of Studies 

Assessment: A Focus on Yearly Examinations (Years 7-11)
With the Yearly Examinations being held this Term for students in Years 7-11 (11-20 September), parents may have noticed their children beginning to create short summaries of concepts studied but at the same time becoming stressed about having to communicate all that they have learned throughout the year within a short time frame. 
Students will receive an assessment notification for each of the Yearly Examinations they will undertake. The notification will outline the specific outcomes, concepts and skills to be assessed. One way for students to revise for examinations is to practise exam-style questions under timed conditions at home. Past Yearly Examinations can be found on the Intranet. 
It is important to note that not all subjects use a formal examination as their assessment. Some courses have a different type of assessment for this Term. The subjects that will be assessed through a Yearly Examination are as follows:

Year 7 - English, Mathematics, Science, PDHPE, Indonesian, Music, Biblical Studies
Year 8 - English, Mathematics, Science, PDHPE, Indonesian, Music, Biblical Studies
Year 9 - English, Mathematics, Science, PDHPE, Indonesian Major, Music Minor, History Major, Geography Major, Visual Arts Major
Year 10 - English, EAL/D, Mathematics, Science, PDHPE, Indonesian Major, Music Major/Minor, History Major, Geography Major, Visual Arts Major
Year 11 - ALL courses will have a Yearly Examination
For further and more detailed information regarding our assessment procedures please refer to the Assessment Manuals found on the Intranet. 
Years 7 and 8 ELEVATE Study Skills Sessions
Students in Years 7 and 8 will attend a session run by ELEVATE Education which will focus on summarising, taking notes and specific study skills. In addition to this, Mrs Watkins and Mrs Fitzgerald will be facilitating a number of Year 11 Academic Mentors to run study skills sessions with Year 7 students during House Group in the coming weeks. 
I would like to encourage parents with students in Year 7 to attend the Study Skills Session to be held on Monday, 12 August at 7.00pm in the Cranmer Room. This session will cover how you, as a parent, can assist your child in their preparation for examinations and other assessments. It is important for our younger students in the secondary school to develop positive study habits early in their schooling.
Please Remember to Keep Things in Perspective
Often, students over-emphasise the importance of examinations. For some subjects examinations are weighted more heavily than other tasks but for many subjects an examination is worth no more than any other task. 
Examinations cannot assess all skills and learning outcomes. This is especially the case for students in Years 7-9 whose classwork is often just as important as summative assessment tasks and examinations. Years 7-9 students also do not have their examination results recorded separately on their Yearly Reports. 
Examinations are intended to assess a student’s knowledge and understanding of various aspects of the subject that they are studying. Importantly they provide a platform in which teachers can evaluate a student’s ability to apply their knowledge and show their depth of understanding. Good examinations do not simply provide students with an opportunity to share everything they know about a particular topic or to regurgitate facts. 
Macarthur endeavours to provide students with a range of summative assessments throughout the year. In addition, teachers record student progress and achievement in class activities. These activities are also often the best way to assess students critical and creative thinking skills. You may have heard these assessment tasks called ‘Assessment for Learning’ tasks or formative assessment. 
While examinations are designed to assess students’ ability to apply their knowledge and understanding within a designated time frame, we recognise that many students experience difficulty with this as they take longer to process questions and formulate their responses. Nonetheless, we also recognise the need to prepare students for their final HSC examinations. 
NESA is also placing less and less emphasis on examinations. From this year, only one formal examination is permitted for each subject for Years 11 and 12. NESA also requires students to complete fewer tasks. As such Year 11 students complete only three tasks (including the Yearly Examinations) and Year 12 students complete four tasks (including the Trial HSC Examinations).
There is also a third form of assessment that we are promoting called Assessment as Learning. This form of assessment sees students taking responsibility for their own learning and knowing exactly what they need to improve on in order to enhance their learning. At Macarthur, we place a strong focus on students setting their own academic learning goals and taking on teacher feedback. 
Students will receive far more detailed feedback from both formative and summative assessment tasks completed throughout the year than from their performance in examinations. While we want students to take examinations seriously and are pleased to see students making study notes and studying hard, we also want them to realise that their performance in examinations should not define them.
Years 7-11 Parent Teacher Interviews
Parent Teacher Interviews will be held on Thursday 29 August & Monday 2 September. 
These will provide an opportunity to ‘check-in’ prior to Yearly Examinations and to ensure an adequate support system is in place for students to accurately demonstrate their knowledge, understanding and skills through these formal and ongoing assessments. 
Kylie Elling 

From the Dean of Students
Bangladesh Pastor Addresses Macarthur Students
A tremendous opportunity was given to our students to hear Pastor Colin from Bangladesh address our students on the difficulties faced by the majority of people living in poverty throughout the country.  With 51% of the country being less than one metre above sea level, continual flooding wipes out crops and spreads disease across the country areas and cities alike. 
Pastor Colin gave insight into the difficulties faced by Christians living in Bangladesh and encouraged our students to pray for the Christian church who are faced with many pressures of living as a minority group.  He reiterated the importance of education and thanked our school for the generous giving of funds which supplies the needs for a school of about 100 students for one year of operation.
Colin has also spent time visiting our classrooms and gave a seminar to Year 10 Geography students discussing high density living and urbanisation in developing countries. I have no doubt that this visit is the first of many more to come and I am encouraged by the enthusiasm of staff and students to talk with Pastor Colin and seek further involvement.
Bible Society Masterclass
On Tuesday, twenty-four Years 10-12 students attended a ‘Masterclass 2019’  which is organised by the Bible Society for students across Australia. We were treated to three excellent speakers who spoke on a variety of topics that were informative and practically challenging.
John Dickson, a well-respected Ancient Historian and author, spoke about the Historical Truth of Jesus in a sceptical age. He addressed questions such as: Can we really trust the Bibles origins, accuracy and authority? In particular he addressed the issue of historical support for the reliability and centrality of the Gospel. This was an engaging and informative morning with a lot of information that can be discussed at future Thursday Bible Studies.
This event is well organised and a tremendous opportunity for students around Sydney to gather with other Christian groups within secondary schools.  What an encouragement to all our students and a worthwhile day spent in affirming our faith in Jesus.
Tim Cartwright
Community Chat
Do you remember when Macarthur Anglican School was located in Narellan? Have you been past there lately? If you have, you will have noticed our old school is no longer! Yandelora is a new purpose built, state of the art, School for Specific Purposes that caters for students with a disability, from Kindergarten to Year 12.
We are thrilled to be developing a partnership between Yandelora and Macarthur. We’ve been working on a number of ideas and, as of this term, Year 11 students can choose Yandelora as a Sport elective. The first group of Macarthur students headed across to Yandelora last week with each one designated a buddy for the term. Students from both schools had so much fun!! The afternoon ended too quickly for everyone and it’s clear that this initiative is a winner. 
On Monday we had over seventy older folks attend the Community Performance of Les Misérables, coming from Camden Activity Centre, Carrington Care, Wollondilly Support and Community Care and the Sisters of Mary. Although the performance serves as a final dress rehearsal for our students, it is also a beautiful opportunity to welcome our community into the School. All of our guests were delighted with the performance, commenting on the maturity and professionalism of the cast and crew. 
Dates for your diary:

Tuesday 13 August             Father’s Day Wrapping
Saturday 24 August             Business Networking Afternoon
Tuesday 27 August             Father’s Day Stall
Wednesday 28 August        Father’s Day Stall
Friday 6 September             M@M RUOK? Day BBQ Breakfast
Monday 21 October             W@M Project Pink
Saturday 2 November         M@M Colourful Family Fun Run
Karyn Ingram
From the International Registrar

Our new international and study tour students have been enjoying a range of activities this term. They have already visited the Blue Mountains and Teen Ranch. English as a Second Language sessions have also been arranged to assist them to learn about Australian culture and language.  
Trish Cartwright
From the Sports Desk
Winter Term is off to a great start with some excellent results in Round 1 against Broughton Anglican College.

Round 1 MISA results as follows:

Year 10-12 Girls Softball won 10-5
Year 10-12 Boys Cricket lost 83-18
Year 7/8 Boys Soccer 0-0 draw
Year 9/10 Boys Soccer lost 3-1
Year 7-9 Girls Soccer 1-1 draw
Year 7/8 Netball won 26-17
Year 9/10 Netball won 17-14
Boys AFL won 53-40
Girls AFL won 88-0
Last week for IPSSO we played St Gregory’s College (STG) and Mount Annan Christian College (MACC). Congratulations to those teams that came away with a win.

Here are the results from last week.

                                                Year 3/4                                  Year 5/6
Soccer                                   Macarthur 3,  STG 1                 Macarthur 4,  STG 0
Newcombe/Volleyball            Macarthur 2,  STG 0                 Macarthur 2,  STG 1
Netball                                   Macarthur 3,  MACC 15            Macarthur 11, MACC 7
AFL                                        Macarthur 0,  MACC 36            Macarthur 13, MACC 21
On Wednesday 31 July our Under 14 Girls competed at the Football NSW Futsal State Championships after being runners up at the Regional Tournament earlier in the year. The girls played exceptionally well throughout the day with the following results:
1-0 win against Pymble Ladies College
2-1 loss to Northern Beaches College
4-2 win against Wadalba Community School
4-0 loss to Mamre Anglican School
3-0 loss to Endeavour Sport High School
All Schools Cross Country

The NSW All Schools Cross Country was held at Eastern Creek on Friday 26 July. Macarthur had three students represent at this exceptional level with some very outstanding results.

Emily Groves (Year 10) finished twenty-seventh in her age group
Joel Offord (Year 8) finished fifth in his age group
Lauren Ward (Year 10) finished first in her age group.
Lauren will now go on to represent NSW All Schools at the School Sport Australia Championships in August this year.
Australian School Swimming Championships

The Australian School Swimming Championships were held in Melbourne from 27-31 July. Macarthur had two students represent at this prestigious level. Congratulations to both Georgina Seton (Year 12) and Ocheer Phaopin (Year 10) for their remarkable results at a National level.
Ocheer received a Silver medal in the 200m Butterfly, fourth in the 400m Individual Medley and fourth in the 100m Butterfly.
Georgina received a Silver in the 50m Backstroke, a Silver medal in the 4x50 Freestyle and a Bronze medal in the 50m Breaststroke.
Wes Horne
Snowsports Results

Macarthur finished Second overall in the Secondary Co-Education School, narrowly beaten by one point by Barker College. 

Third - Co-Educational Secondary Snowboard 
Div 4 Male Snowboard Giant Slalom: Owen Kenneally (Year 5), fifth Individual, Snowboard Cross: thirteenth Individual

Div 3 Female Snowboard Giant Slalom: Sascha Masjuk (Year 8), eighth Individual, Shay Jensen (Year 8) and Ayla Bozdas (Year 7) third Team
Div 3 Female Snowboard Cross: Sascha Masjuk fifth Individual, Shay Jensen and Ayla Bozdas  third Team

Div 1 Female Snowboard Cross : Alina Hill (Year 10) eighth Individual and Aislinn D’Arcy fourth Team
Div 1 Female Snowboard Giant Slalom: Alina Hill tenth Individual and Aislinn D’Arcy fourth Team
Div 1 Male Snowboard Giant Slalom: Rhys Jensen and Joshua Hand eighth Team
Div 1 Male Snowboard Cross: Joshua Hand fifteenth Individual and Rhys Jensen seventh Team
Second - Co-Ed Secondary Skiing 

Div 2 Male: William Kennedy (Year 10) eighth Individual
Ski X 
Div 1 Male: James White (Year 11), Tobias Howard (Year 12) and Joshua Drayton (Year 11) seventh Team
Div 1 Female: Jessica Turner (Year 12), Paris Kellner and Emily Nieuwenhuis (Year 11) ninth team
Div 1 Male: James White, Tobias Howard, Josh Drayton and Fletcher Kubik (Year 11) sixth Team

Div 2 Male: William Kennedy, Angus Murphy, Jack Dunlop and Luke Platt (Year 10) seventh Team
Div 2 Male: Alister Munro, Kruze Kellner and Liam D'Arcy (Year 9) ninth Team

The Scots Race and Redlands Cup races followed our Regional Interschools Competition. The racing is very competitive.

Scots Race 
Owen Kenneally - Third
Sascha Masjuk - Third
Redlands Cup
Owen Kenneally - First
Sascha Masjuk - Ninth

The following students have been invited to enter the NSW Northern State Snowsports Championships at Perisher.
Owen Kenneally Snowboard Giant Slalom and Snowboard Cross
Sascha Masjuk Snowboard Giant Slalom and Snowboard Cross
Shay Jensen (not attending) Snowboard Giant Slalom and Snowboard Cross
Alina Hill Snowboard Giant Slalom and Snowboard Cross
Aislinn D’Arcy Snowboard Giant Slalom and Snowboard Cross
Joshua Hand (not attending) Snowboard Cross
William Kennedy Moguls, Alpine Giant Slalom
Joshua Drayton Ski Cross, Alpine Giant Slalom
James White Alpine Giant Slalom
Fletcher Kubik Alpine Giant Slalom
Angus Murphy Alpine Giant Slalom
Kruze Kellner Alpine Giant Slalom
Toby Howard Alpine Giant Slalom
Connor Dunbier Alpine Giant Slalom
Jack Dunlop (not attending) Alpine Giant Slalom
Luke Platt Alpine Giant Slalom

Erica Looyen - Co-Ordinator


This year, the Year 12 Music and Drama students are combining to present their performances at the HSC Create Night. Students are excited to perform for their family and friends and have been working extremely hard on their HSC practical bodies of work. 

All are welcome to attend, from 6.00pm in the Chapel on Thursday, 15 August. We would love to see you there!

Rebecca Bennison, Allie Margin and
Inés Marrable

Student Achievements

Congratulations to Madison Baker (Year 11) who recently travelled to Mankato (Minnesota) to represent Australia at the 2019 U18’s Peppers Softball Tournament. There were a total of eighteen teams competing from Canada, the US and Australia and the tournament ran over a period of three days. Madison played for Australia’s Green Team who finished top of their pool after two days of play and who eventually went on to win the grand final 8-2 against a very strong American team.
From the Head of Junior School

Professional learning continues to be of utmost importance in our school. Teachers need in-depth knowledge of the subject areas they teach, how students learn that content and an understanding of classroom environments that optimise learning. They need access to ongoing, high quality professional learning opportunities to develop and enhance the necessary skills and understandings. Like the members of other professions, teachers need to be continuous learners who see their own learning as being fundamental to membership of the profession rather than something that is incidental or optional. We are fortunate that Macarthur values such learning, and to that end, ensure staff are continuing in their individual development and also as a whole Junior School.

Investing in professional learning is the key to ensuring that we become learning communities where teachers work together, learn from each other and share best practice on effective teaching and learning. It is only through the collective work of teachers and by creating a shared professional knowledge that sustained school improvement will be secured. 

Before Winter Term commenced, staff at Macarthur undertook some professional learning, particularly in the area of Science and Digital Technology. Teachers were given the opportunity to further their skills in Digital Technology, work collegially with one another and be introduced to new technology.  We thoroughly enjoyed our professional learning time together and many staff have commenced using their new skills in their programmes this Term. In addition, all staff attended professional learning on Assessment and Feedback and chose electives to attend such as: Developing Critical and Creative Thinking Skills in Students, EALD Scales and Teaching Strategies and Effective Use of the Clevertouch Board.

Estelle Stelzer

Year 2
Year 2 have had a wonderful start to the Term. It is exciting to begin new units and grow as learners. In History, we are focussing on the history of technology. As the Term progresses we will be conducting research into the camera, computers, internet and the telephone. Our first lesson focussed on looking at cameras, both old and new and posing questions. This sparked our curiosity and lead to questions including:
  • Who invented the first camera?
  • When did colour photography become possible?
  • Can other technologies take photographs?
  • How does the flash on a camera work?
Our Science unit will focus on simple machines. This week we have focussed on creating a definition and examined a Rube Goldberg machine. After investigating pulley’s, levers, wedges and wheels and axils, we are looking forward to creating our own Rube Goldberg machines.
Katrina Ha and Lee-Anne Cowper
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