Macarthur Anglican School Bulletin
No. 15, Week 6 - Spring Term 2016
Upcoming Dates

30 Nov - T-2 Concert
5 Dec - T-4 Presentation Assembly
6 Dec - Speech Night
From the Headmaster

Following a thorough recruitment process that resulted in a large number of very strong applications from interstate, including independent and state schools as well as the tertiary sector, it gives me great delight to announce that I have appointed Mrs Estelle Stelzer as the next Head of the Junior School commencing in January 2017.

Mrs Stelzer is married to Ben and together they have two children, both of whom are enrolled in the secondary years at Macarthur, James in Year 11 and Lauren in Year 9.  Since 2014 Mrs Stelzer has been the Director of Primary and in addition to that is currently the Acting Deputy Head of School at St Peter's Anglican Primary School. As a family they worship together at St Peter’s Anglican Church.

I am looking forward very much to the arrival of Mrs Stelzer and to what she will add to the truly outstanding work Mrs Elling has achieved other the past few years.  

I have taken the opportunity of this new appointment to refine the Master Teacher allocation across Transition to Year 6.  As of January there will now be three Master Teachers of Research and Innovation Transition to Year 6:

Mrs Elma Stassen     T - Yr 1

Mrs Katrina Ha          Year 2 - 4

Mrs Karen Williams    Year 5 - 6

No doubt there will be some overlap in work scope as these Master Teachers demonstrate and provide leadership in educational research and innovative practises through the primary years of schooling at Macarthur.

As parents would be aware, Mr Stuart Hughes will be leaving Macarthur at the end of the year to take a role as Head of English and as a result I have appointed Mrs Allie Margin as Head of Broughton House from January 2017.  

After twenty years of incredible dedicated service to the School, Mrs Judith Golding will be retiring at the end of the year.  Judith, as you know, has operated the Senior Cafeteria for all of that time.  In addition to Judith leaving, Mrs Anna Fuimara has indicated that she wishes to step away from the licensing agreement we have with her in the Macarthur Café.  As a result I have decided to make an operational change as of January 2017.  Next year, all three food service outlets, the Senior Cafeteria, The Junior Canteen and the Macarthur Café will be operated by an third party provider, 'Made Fresh’.  Made Fresh will produce all the food and provide the staffing to service.  FlexiSchools will continue to operate as an online purchasing platform.  Having the canteens and Café outsourced is a very different approach to what we have had in the past and so I will be keen to observe the operations throughout 2017.

Many parents have been consistent volunteers in both the Senior Cafeteria and Junior Canteen over the years.  I would like to thank you very much for your willingness to serve the School in this way.  If this avenue of volunteering has now been shut off from you, can I suggest you make contact with Mrs Karyn Ingram ( to find other ways that your volunteering spirit and support can be utilised.  

David Nockles

From the Dean of Students

Speech and Awards Night 2016
Macarthur Anglican School Speech and Awards Night will be held on Tuesday 6 December 2016 at the Sydney Olympic Park Sports Centre, Olympic Boulevard, Sydney Olympic Park.  This is a wonderful opportunity for our school to demonstrate the vast array of opportunities students at Macarthur enjoy and to celebrate achievements accomplished throughout 2016.  It is compulsory that all students in Year 5-12 attend accompanied by their parents.
Details for the Transportation of Students 
Students may be an award winner and/or involved in one or more of the many performance groups or technical support teams and will be required to attend the venue early to rehearse and prepare for the Awards Ceremony.  Two bus departures have been arranged:
12.30pm bus – All music groups except Drum Corp and Middle School Swing Band
4.30pm bus – School Prefects, Award Recipients, Drum Corp, Middle School Swing Band
Parents will be sent paperwork to select and grant permission for their child to be transported to the venue.
Transport to the venue will be by coach, the cost of which is met from the service charge levied by the school.  Alternatively, the students that would depart on the 4.30pm bus may be transported by their parents to the venue if you prefer.  However, it is essential that those students are at the venue by 6.00pm.  No return transport will be provided.  Students must remain at the venue at all times.  At the conclusion of Speech Night parents are responsible for transport home from the venue.
Dress Requirements
Dress requirements for all students are full School uniform.  Boys are to wear Winter uniform with their blazers and girls are to wear Summer uniform with their blazers.  (Please note girls do not require black stockings for this event.)
Students should bring food and drink for afternoon tea and dinner.  There will also be an opportunity for them to purchase food and light refreshments at the venue.  Students will be supervised by staff at the venue throughout the afternoon.
Roll Marking
All award winners are to report to Mr Paul Morgan or Mr Adrian Kruse at 6.00pm who will be located between the Hall of Legends and the Auditorium entry.  Prefects should report to Mr Joly Hordern on their arrival.  Importantly, any student who has not had their name marked off by 6.30pm will not be called for their award.
Students who are not receiving an award must have their name marked under their House Banner.
This is an exceptional evening and one in which staff, parents and students combine to celebrate the culmination of a years activity in the life of the School.  I look forward to enjoying this occasion with you and your family.
Tim Cartwright

Chaplain's Chat

‘Toys n Tucker’ to be collected in week 7!
Our annual appeal for new toys and food that will last for Christmas hampers began in Week 3 and finished today, but if you have something you still want to bring in Monday Week 7 would be fine!  Thank you for those who have generously contributed.

Here is a photo of our effort- taken earlier this week.

‘It’s Free’
The ministry team put on a free barbeque for Years 8-12 last Thursday, donating the sausages and drinks themselves as a gift to the school… why?... because God’s love is free.
The Reverend David Hayman
Report from Year 11 service at the Toys n Tucker (Anglicare) Warehouse
A group of about eighteen students in Year 11, were given the wonderful opportunity to help out around the community by doing some community service in our pursuit of sharing God's wonderful love, at the Anglicare Warehouse in Villawood.  When we arrived at the warehouse, we were given a safety and hazards talk and given promotional t-shirts with the words 'Take Love' written on it, with the intention of showing God's love (just for clarification we take God's unending love and give it to others, hence the name).  We were then split into groups and assigned tasks like organising cans, toys and other items. 
In my group, we organised mostly bathroom essentials into boxes with the help of two volunteers from a local church.  We then packed away food items like tins into boxes that will be given to refugees. 
After all the sweat of manual work, we were given thirty minutes to talk amongst ourselves while enjoying our home packed meals, for Mr Bedingfield this was a salad.  After our tummies were fed, the groups swapped around.  My friend, Natalie, and I were given the intensive job to sort through hundreds of beads and bracelets, and organising them by type.
Our group was then off on our merry way, with smiles almost as big as the warehouse.  For our effort, the manager at the warehouse decided to kindly thank our team with a cold drink each and four packets of pineapple flavoured Tim Tams to share amongst ourselves.  Our exhausted team got on the bus, chatting about the day and still wearing the now sweaty Take Love t-shirts.  A little time had passed and our team set their hearts on a McDonald's pit stop.  Choreographing every second so that we would not be late to school and discussing the educational value that McDonald's can have for each subject — Business Studies, budgeting, Indonesian, ordering in Indonesian and then translating to English, etc.
This was a fun day that was dedicated for the help of others, and as the Bible says, "Love your neighbour as yourself" Mark 12:31.  I think that our team did this and through that we learnt to challenge ourselves and push ourselves to do a bit more, all with the purpose to bring honour to God.
Elizma Nel
Community Chat

Monday week ago it was all about the teddies!  Our very first Teddy Bear’s Picnic was a fun morning with lots of teddies and their young owners here to enjoy a tour of the school and a picnic.  Hosted by Playgroup and kindly supported by W@M, the aim of the morning was to introduce our new 2017 Transition and Kindergarten enrolments to Macarthur, in the hope they would see our very big campus as a fun and welcoming place to be.  The participation of our staff and teachers, introducing their own teddies to the children, made it a truly memorable morning and highlighted who the real kids are!  It seems you’re never too old for a teddy bear.
Friday last week held a particularly poignant moment.  We welcomed guests from Carrington Care to the Community Performance of Alice in Wonderland, only to learn that one of our guests had played The Mad Hatter at school when he was in Year 6.  “That was the year the war ended,” he told us.  He was very pleased to meet our own Mad Hatter, telling him he thought he did a wonderful job.
Orders have now closed for the Gingerbread House Workshop next Wednesday.  If you have ordered you will shortly receive an email from me as a reminder about the Workshop and what you need to bring.  Those who have ordered kits but are not attending the Workshop will receive an email about pick up.
Next Tuesday we have our Volunteer’s Morning Tea.  A general invitation has gone out to the whole School Community but I would also like to take a moment to encourage you to attend.  We estimate the number of people in our School who volunteer their time and energy is well over 150 and we are keen to say Thank You in person.  Please do use the following link to book (for catering purposes only, this is a free event);
Hams!!  Don’t forget your Christmas Hams.  Pick up is Friday 16 December at the school and they are the best hams you’ll find.  Please head to Flexischools and you’ll find them under ‘Excursions’.
Karyn Ingram

News from Hungary

Sam Nockles, Lincoln Bartlett and Vanessa Gooden of Year 11 are on exchange for four months at Lévay Jószef Református Gimnázium, our sister school in Miskolc.  They have been in Hungary since the end of September and have settled into life in the boarding school and they have started attending Hungarian language lessons.  Miss Raeburn, who will be on exchange for twelve months, has begun teaching English to fifteen different classes as well as six conversation groups.
Sam writes about his first few weeks:
I’m having a great time in Hungary.  In the school it is very different from Macarthur.  We are in the same class for all subjects so the bond between the students in the class is very strong.  But the thing that I find the weirdest about the school is that in-between each class there is a ten or fifteen minute break.  Sometimes this confuses me because I am so used to having a set morning tea and lunchtime but at Lévay one can eat between classes.  Another interesting thing about the school day is that it is a flexible timetable.  Depending on what subjects you study students can start later and finish earlier.  For example there are eight lessons on Friday, I miss out on lessons 1,7 and 8 which means I can sleep in and go home earlier.  The dorm in the boarding part of the school is so much fun and that is where I have made the most friends.  The dorm is really good because it is a short walk from the main street which means it is close to stores and food, which is really good.  The highlight of my stay with my host family has been going to a Hungarian football game.  The local team DVTK won 2-0 against the second best team in Hungary and everyone was going crazy.  Another highlight was going to the mushroom festival, in a little village high up in the mountains.  There were many mushroom and market stalls selling their homemade goods.  Hungarian lessons have been going well, and I have been slowly increasing my vocabulary, so I'm not just saying szia (hello) to everyone I see.  The food is really good and with every meal there is either pasta, bread or potatoes.  So I like that.  I'm looking forward to having more fun times with my friends and more experiences with my host family!
We look forward to hearing about more adventures from Hungary.

Annette Fitzgerald - Hungarian Exchange Co-ordinator

From the Uniform Shop

Uniform Changes for Year 2 Students Moving Into Year 3

Boys and Girls

Change to the Microfibre Tracksuit and Black Shorts

Summer Uniform

BOYS change to Khaki Shorts with Side Tabs

Uniform Changes for Year 4 Students Moving Into Year 5 

Summer Uniform

Boys change from Grey Socks to Khaki Socks and change their hats from Legionnaire Cap to House Bucket Hat.

Girls dress changes to Macarthur Tartan Dress, (no Lemon Collar & Cuff), white socks with green stripe. Girls are to change their hats to the House Bucket Hat.

Winter Uniform

Boys change to long grey trousers, long sleeved white shirts, tie, black belt and grey socks.

Girls change to long sleeved white blouses, beige tights, same Pinafore.

Student Achievements

Duke of Edinburgh Awards

On Wednesday Nicholas Elisha, Patchanon Tungkiatsilp (Year 12, 2016) and Abbey Glover (Year 12, 2015) were presented with the Duke of Edinburgh Gold Awards at Government House. Participants in this award have to challenge themselves in a number of different ways over twelve months:
  • Community Service - volunteering in the community
  • Physical Recreation - improving health and fitness
  • Skills - developing a personal interest and practical and social skills
  •  Adventurous Journey - team journey, expedition or exploration
It is magnificent effort for a student to achieve their Gold Award whilst still at school during their HSC year.

Patchanon is the first International student to gain his Gold Award in the current structure and only the second of our International students to achieve this prestigious award.

Congratulations to all Abbey, Nicholas and Patchanon!
Madison Baker, Ryan Macklinshaw (Year 9) and Matthew Eder (Year 8) all competed for Macarthur and Benjamin Durman (Year 8) for Central Coast in the State Softball Championships at Manly last weekend.  The girls did well and the Macarthur boys fought on to make the finals but were runners up in the Grand Final.

Ryan, Madison and Matthew have just been selected for the U15 NSW Metro teams.  Madison is off to Perth with the girls and Ryan and Matthew will be playing in Brisbane in January to take on the other states.  Good luck and go NSW!
From the Head of Junior School

Kindergarten Have Loads of Fun with Science
Last Friday Kindergarten students had the opportunity to take part in a Science Fun Day.  There were so many hands on experiences for the boys and girls they could hardly contain their excitement.  A big thank you to all the mums and dads who came along to assist on the day.
Mrs Pleskun & Mrs Cowper
Park Ranger Visit – Year 3
Year Three have been studying National Parks and were privileged to be able to have a real live park ranger come to visit.  The children sat enthralled as she described her life as a ranger on  Moreton Island off the coast of Queensland.  Mrs Jane Burgett, mum of Jessica and Luke Doria  (Years 3 and 4), explained the role of a park ranger, how she came to have had such a fascinating job and answered the multitude of questions the children had prepared for her.

During her time on the Island she explained how she also featured on television, at that time, as Ranger Jane.  She discussed the need to protect the endangered species on the island and protect the native animals from being fed by over zealous tourists and from pollution thrown into the sea.  The children enjoyed her story of the almost frozen bat, that came back to life in her shirt pocket.  She also described her current role in the Environmental Protection Authority.  

We would like to thank Ranger Jane for her informative and entertaining talk and for putting the spark into the minds of the children, inspiring some of them to consider becoming the next generation of conservationists.
From the Head of Middle School

Year 5 & GATEway to Mogo & Science Centre
Year 5 & GATEway recently travelled to Mogo Gold Rush Colony to experience what life would have been like living during the 1850s gold rush era.
The students participated in various activities including gold panning, making damper bread and exploring an authentic Gold Rush town and disused mine shaft with an expert tour guide.  They also watched demonstrations of the traditional blacksmith and wood turning trades that were vital services to a gold rRush community at that time.
Later in the evening a local Aboriginal story teller captivated the students with Dream Time stories and bush tucker and hunting demonstrations.
The next day we travelled to Wollongong Science Centre.  The students were able to consolidate their understanding of the Solar System, Light & States of Matter at the shows in the Planetarium and Science Theatre.
The students were then able to explore the exhibitions on the hands-on floors.  This was probably the highlight for most of the students as they were able to follow their own natural curiosity and engage with highly interactive activities.
Year 6 Canberra Excursion

Year 6 students had the opportunity to visit Canberra which supported what they have been learning in class and it consisted of a visit to Parliament House, the War Memorial, Old Parliament House, the AIS and Questacon.  The students had a wonderful time.

The Australian Government recognises the importance off all young Australians being able to visit Canberra as part of their Civics and Citizenship education.  To this end the government contributes towards the cost of this excursion sending a rebate to the school at the completion of the excursion.

Gateway’s Genre Journey
At the conclusion of Winter Term I asked the Gateway class a question, “What was awesome and what do we need to change?”  They had a multitude of reflections one of which was, “We have done lots of writing but it would be fun to focus on creative writing for a while”.
My mind was awash with a plethora of different things we could explore as a class.  Finally we landed on the idea of exploring different genres of fiction.  The aim was to pull different texts apart and determine what elements needed to be present to equate to a text fitting a specific genre and then for the students to create their own pieces of writing in the genre.
Thus began our genre journey.  We began with the genre of mystery and here are just a few excerpts from the student's writing to whet your appetite…
Alone forever...
Green eyes, curly brown hair, a beautiful smile.  That’s how he remembered her.  Until she was taken.  Stolen from him!  No one would believe him, instead thinking he’d simply gone mad.  But if they knew what happened, knew the dread and loss of having your child stolen from you, unable to protect her the way a father should…
By Luke Stewart
Oh the pain…
The loud thud echoed through my head.  I could feel the eyes of the monster glaring at me.  The dark, evil eyes just waiting for the right time to strike.  Come on, show yourself.  Time was wasting.  I didn’t have all day.  The shadow emerged from the cupboard, ready to strike...
By Caleb Groves
The Mystery of Simone Diquinn
The darkness consumed Simone as she walked down the alley.  Water dripped down the walls making puddles that surrounded her.  She shivered, but she didn’t notice, she just cared about that one thing she desired, the one thing she yearned for…
By Claire Sich
The Mystery Of James Stevenson
James Stevenson woke with a start.  Trying to remember why he set the alarm for 3am, he fumbled around his bedside table looking for his glasses.  Once he found them, he peered around his room looking for possible clues as to why the alarm was sounding at this crazy time.  But there were none.  Strange, he thought.  Deciding that he must have forgotten to turn it off before he went to bed, he settled back in and closed his eyes.  But something wasn’t right…
By Isaac Grimes
The Descent
As I stepped onto the cold, marble tiles, a sense of dread overwhelmed me.  Wallpaper ripped from the ceiling, paintings covered in dust.  The low squeak of a rusty gate hinge echoed in the distance.  Something wasn’t right here… definitely not right…
By Rowan Hey
The Den
The vibe lingered for miles and miles, the vibe of the heartbroken, the wasted.  It surrounded the enclosure.  Within which, she, was in control.  No one dared to make contact with her because if we do she will take us into the den.  We don't know what actually happened to the other kids, maybe it's a threat, maybe she's afraid, maybe it's just life...
By Ryley Paki
My blood ran cold, the trees around me whispered into the night sky as to ward off the silent predator, the pine needles made a soft blanket for death, the trees tessellated in a way that makes the forest even more dangerous.  Tears well up in my eyes as I come to a realisation that each of these jagged breaths could be my last...
By Joshua Ferguson
Mrs Hayley Tuft

From the Head of Senior School

For Macarthur students Spring Term means moving from one academic year to the next and with this brings both a fresh start and an increase in responsibilities and expectations.  It also brings with it many new and exciting opportunities.  For Year 10 this includes the wearing of a new uniform and the commencement of formal external assessment - The Record of School Achievement (RoSA).  I have highlighted below some of the events that have occurred and that are about to occur for each year group.
Year 13 – Year 12, 2016
Year 12 - 2016 have now completed their formal schooling with the completion of their HSC examinations and are looking forward to their final two official school events.  The Graduation Dinner tonight (18 November) and Speech Night on 6 December.  The cohort have finished their time at Macarthur in such a positive way and we are proud of their achievements throughout this year.  I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the many students who have already been accepted into a range of tertiary institutions including The University of Wollongong and The University of New England through their Early Admission Programs.
Year 12 - 2017
Our new Year 12’s have now worked through what their Yearly Examination results have meant for them and are seeking advice as to their patterns of study in the HSC year.  Many students are taking up the challenge of extension subjects and I wish them all the best for their studies.

Macarthur Ball 2016
This term seventy-two of our new Year 12 students (out of seventy-six) participated in the Macarthur Ball on the 28 October. 
On a night of dancing and excessive photo taking, our cohort celebrated the transition from being just another year group to becoming the leaders of Macarthur, while acknowledging the long but rewarding journey ahead of us.  Friday, 28 October may have been the day of dressing up, but there was a lot more work involved than just rocking up in a dress or suit.  Through the admirable hard work of Miss Raeburn and Mrs Barnes, our year group not only became fantastic dancers, but also a whole lot closer than we'd ever previously been.

With lovely music, inspirational speeches and exceptional dance moves, courtesy of Mr Cartwright, the Ball truly capture the sense of family in Macarthur and the amount of support we have from parents and teachers alike as we move forward into such a significant chapter of our lives.  But this night could have been as memorable without the unbelievable dedication of Mrs Fitzgerald and Mr Bedingfield in organising this celebration.  So as we begin this daunting year that is the HSC, I hope that these words by Albert Einstein, 'in the middle of every difficulty lies opportunity' provide the motivation needed to push us towards success.
Sarah McDonald - Year 12 Prefect
Year 11
For Year 11 this term marks the beginning of their Preliminary HSC courses and with it a range of opportunities including:
UWS Open Day – 26 October
On Wednesday 26 November all Year 11 spent the day at Western Sydney University, Campbelltown Campus.  The day consisted of learning what University is like, participating in lectures, a range of other activities and Lunch on the lawn (provided by the University).
Connect at Kiah Ridge - 31 October
At the beginning of the new calendar year, Year 11 students participate in either the Peer Support Camp or Community Service camp and as such do not have an opportunity to develop skills as a cohort.  ‘Connect’ at Kiah Ridge, gives Year 11 this opportunity and endeavours to build relationships and develop leadership skills in our students.  As students move through the Preliminary year it is important to develop collegiality amongst Year 11 prior to their Higher School Certificate studies.
Sydney and NSW University Visit - 9 November
On Wednesday 9 November Year 11 students attended the University of NSW and the University of Sydney and participated in Campus Tours.  This was a fantastic opportunity for students to see the options that are available to them when they finish school.  Students are always amazed at the size of these institutions and the number of co-curricular activities available at University when they finish.  Should students have any questions regarding University options they are encouraged to speak to me.
Other activities
In addition to these events Year 11 will participate in an in-school activity called Skills for Life and the HSC on Monday 21 November, the focus of this day is resume writing and study skills.  They will also be completing a First Aid Course on Thursday 24 and Friday 25 November.
Year 10
For Year 10 the new academic year marks with it the beginning of the RoSA and students are encouraged to try their best in all aspects of the courses as they work towards achieving this credential.  An information session regarding the RoSA will be held in the new year.
Year 10 Cruise – Wednesday 16 November
Early this week it was wonderful to officially welcome Year 10 into the Senior School at the Year 10 Harbour Cruise.  This event marks the right of passage for students and was a fantastic opportunity to celebrate completing Middle Schooling and be encouraged as they enter the Senior School.   Apart from a great meal and an opportunity to enjoy each other’s company students heard from the Head of Middle School, Head of Senior School and from two school prefects, Andrew Simmons and Sophia Seton, who offered some further words of encouragement and reflection.
Senior School at Macarthur
To stay up-to-date with courses and happenings in the Senior School may I remind parents and students to keep tabs on our Senior School Facebook page.  The purpose of this page is to keep our students up-to-date with what is happening in the Senior School as well as with information regarding careers and tertiary institutions.
Scott Bedingfield
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