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October Meeting Highlights
Welcome back everyone!  We had a wonderful first meeting of the Guild year.  We voted on our new bylaws and they passed unanimously.  We also discussed programming and charity priorities for the coming year.  It's going to be a great one!

Sue, our secretary, has a request: she would like a member to take pictures during Show and Tell.  The volunteer would only need to take the pictures and upload them to Dropbox, no note-taking is required.  One person can sign up for the entire year or multiple members can cover the various meetings.  Please let Sue know if you can help at the beginning of the November meeting.
The President's Corner

First off I want to say thank you to everyone who voted and gave me the opportunity to serve you and the guild as President for the next two years. It’s a real honor and such an exciting opportunity. I’m pretty new to the guild, another reason to say thanks for putting your trust in me.

When I moved to NYC three years ago, I’d been quilting for over a decade, and I had never joined a guild before but one of the first things I did here was look up quilt shops, guilds and shows, and soon found that NYC has incredibly rich offerings in all three. So of course I wanted to get involved. I’d been an NYC quilt shop customer for years during frequent visits, but moving here was something else. I went to the Empire show at FIT during my first month and soon found myself immersed in everything the city has to offer- the food, the exploring, the shopping, the bookstores. Did I mention the food? My favorite thing about New York is the food.

But I digress. I quickly wound up at the newly-opened Gotham Quilts where I learned about the Metro Mod Guild. It took me a little while to attend my first meeting, but I was hooked right away. The meetings were fun, the people so nice and welcoming. As an introvert it was tricky for me to reach out but everyone was so warm and kind it was impossible not to want to stick around. Attending the Ladore retreat in 2015 sealed the deal.

So here I am, ready to get to work. Over the next two years I hope to continue and amplify efforts to make the organization better self-sustaining, through securing the appropriate nonprofit status, getting a handle on the finances and doing some behind-the-scenes work to shore up the management policies and procedures. All of this so you all can continue to have the smoothly functioning group you’re used to. And on the front end, I want to assist with events and programming and find more ways for members to have fun with their friends while learning and growing as quilters.

Please come to me with your ideas and enthusiasm! We’re stronger together so let’s make it great. And please share your restaurant recommendations lol!


Quilters of Color Network
The Fiber Matrix
Westbeth Gallery, Bethune St. 
Closes 28 October
The Quilters of Color Network had a gallery show of its members' quilts--an extensive show exhibiting a wide variety of techniques, styles, and artistic perspectives. Some of own in the NYCMMQG who also participate in the Quilters of Color Network had quilts on display, including Sandi Knight and Aleeda Crawley. Congratulations to all who had a quilt in the show! 
War and Pieced: The Annette Gero Collection of Quilts from Military Fabrics
The American Folk Art Museum
Closes 7 January
A number of our members who've seen the show have been raving about how stunning and incredible the quilts exhibited at the Folk Art museum exhibit are. Tiny, detailed piecing, incredibly intricate work--everything a quilter would drool over!
If you haven't been to see the exhibit yet, there has been some chatter about getting a group together to go--we'll keep you posted!
Let's quilt together! 
Mariandale Retreat!
Have you signed up yet?
January 5-7, 2018
If you had tried to send something to the PO Box, you might have had it sent back to you--sorry! Everything is back up and running. Mail at will!
A note about Membership:
We will be finalizing membership for this year by the end of November! If you have not renewed your membership yet, please click here to register! You can pay by credit card or by check. Checks can be brought to the November meeting or mailed to the PO Box. 
The Show & Tell Four Patch
It was great to see what members have been up to over the summer!
Feature News
Gotham Quilts Is On the Move!
by Deborah Bingham
Gotham Quilts, our local modern quilt shop, has moved from its original space upstairs at 40 West 37th Street to a ground floor duplex storefront that is FOUR times as large – 1,500 square feet!  In addition to a huge sales floor on the street level, the store’s balcony has a big and brightly lit classroom space. 

Several guild members showed up on Saturday, October 14, to help Gotham co-owners Andrea Deal and Ivete Tecedor assemble new shelving and cabinets - Andrea Murray, Chris Economos, Maria Gualdoni, Eva Le Blanc, Susie
Dippel, and Amanda Thompson.

Gotham now stocks nearly 1,000 bolts of fabric, focusing on collections such as Tula Pink, Carolyn Friedlander, Alison Glass Chroma batiks, Cotton+Steel, Joel Dewberry, American Made solids, and others. Their original quilt patterns, including Yuma, Kupka, New York Neighbors, Athena, Upside, and their soon-to-be-released Subway Row-by-Row are available in-store and online.  Gotham also has a choice, but comprehensive, selection of quilting notions, threads, patterns (including wearables and embroidery), and books, with even more in all categories on the way now that they have more room. 
Expanded store hours also mean more time to shop: Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays they’re open 1-6, Thursdays 1-9, and weekends 11-4.  (Mondays they’re closed.)  Gotham offers a guild discount on the first Thursday of each month (which is also the day they’re open until 9 PM!) so remember to bring your membership card!
Quilter Spotlight
Every month, we will be celebrating one awesome quilter in our membership--a chance to celebrate each other and get to know each other even better!  For our inaugural issue for the 2017-18 season, it seemed fitting to spotlight our new president!
How long have you been quilting?
I took my first quilting lesson in January, 2002 at the Boston Center for Adult Education. It was a hand-sewing class and I made miniature quilts by hand for two years before buying my first (and only) sewing machine in 2004.
What got you started? 
I don't remember why I started. It was just something I always wanted to try, and then I saw that the BCAE had a class and signed up. That was it!
What is your favorite quilting technique?
I love foundation paper-piecing because you can get such precision and detail and can do pictorial things so easily. I've made squirrels. flamingos, dragons, complicated geometrics and more. Fun!
What is your favorite color? or What is a color that always seems to pop up in your work?
I have more blue fabric than anything else. If there is more than one colorway offered in a fabric line, I always want the blue version.
What is your most favorite quilt you've ever made? 
This Jacob's Ladder quilt is my favorite. It's from a book called NICKEL QUILTS. I based the fabric choices on the border fabric, which I really love. It's my cuddle-quilt of choice.
What quilt did you make that gave you a real sense of achievement or victory? 
This paper-pieced quilt of dragons was technically difficult but the quilting was the most challenging part for me. It is probably ideal for FMQ but I did it by hand, echo-quilting and doing free hand designs. It sat around for a long time while I figured out how to quilt it.
What do you think the most valuable or important aspect of quilting is for you?
I enjoy getting better at the technical side of quilting--piecing precision, learning new techniques--over the artistic side. I love learning how to do new things. Oftentimes my husband helps me with color choices because I have no sense for color lol.
What kind of machine do you use?
I have a Janome QC6260 bought in 2004. It's not fancy but it's a workhorse. I'm going to cry when it dies!
What is one quilting notion that you can't possibly live without?
My rotary cutter! I think it revolutionized quilting and made so many techniques easier and more attainable. I don't know how I would do anything without it.
What is your biggest quilting goal?
I'd like to learn free motion quilting. 
What is your favorite part of being in the guild?
Meeting people who love quilting. It's great to be part of a community! This is the first guild I've belonged to and it's made the hobby even more fun.
What do you hope to accomplish as president of our guild?
Hopefully streamline some aspects of managing it and help plan events.
What do you do when you're not quilting?
I love books and reading. I've been a book blogger for 10+ years at; the community of readers I've met through my blog is a really important part of my life. I write book reviews on the blog and pieces about travel, events and the book industry. I've worked as a bookseller and a librarian, and collect first editions of Booker Prize winning books and signed first editions by my favorite authors. My house is filled with books and fabric, with room left over for my husband of 13 years, Jeff, his book collection and our two Siberian cats. We moved to NYC in 2014 from Cambridge, Mass. and I enjoy exploring NYC and New Jersey. I work at Little City Books in Hoboken NJ and around town as a background actor. I also work as a French-to-English translator. I enjoy Pilates and fitness and spending time with my friends and my Wellesley College alumnae network.
Block of the Month
In lieu of Block Lotto, we're focusing our attention on making charity blocks for those affected by the events in Las Vegas. Find full instructions here.
Member News
Jenny Bergman
got married this summer! Woohoo! The best to you and Jared!
Sandi Knight
accepted a position at PayPal and is moving back to California. Congratulations, Sandi--we'll miss you!
Hayden Lees & Jorge Cubas
got engaged! We're all looking forward to our first guild wedding!
Emily Nieder
started a company! She is the owner of Athena Art Conservation. Congratulations!
Ivete Tecedor & Andrea Deal 
opened a storefront for Gotham Quilts! Congratulations!

Do you have any news? Please email to let everyone know!
See you on November 4th for our next meeting!
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