System on a Chip (Soc)
Built for all your surveillance needs

Security requirements change and market trends evolve. One constant remains: the need for intelligent networked surveillance solutions – in every market, for any application.
At the heart of
Hanwha Techwin’s new product development is the Wisenet7 System on a Chip (SoC). Developed in-house and built in Korea, we’re continually enabling new features and analytics.
Wisenet7 is our most technology-intensive and user-friendly SoC - 
…proving the biggest ideas often have the smallest beginnings…
Hanwha Techwin’s Wisenet7 SoC: Excellence through innovation in Image Quality, Cybersecurity, Analytics and Artificial Intelligence. 

Enhanced Image Quality
Vivid 4K Resolution

Hanwha Techwin's F1.2 varifocal lens is implemented into the Wisenet 7 4K camera lineup , allowing the most light into the camera's sensor and producing clear and vivid images.

Sharper images with enhanced noise reduction technology

Identify objects faster and easier, even in low-light environments. The Wisenet 7 camera line's enhanced noise reduction technology minimizes motion blur and image artifacts while increasing object sharpness and definition.

Extreme WDR with Scene Analysis technology

Hanwha Techwin's improved multi-frame WDR technology lets you take full advantage of image contrast to see detailed objects clearly even in environments with strong backlight conditions.

Wisenet 7’s Scene Analysis technology manages the dynamic range and tone of each frame allowing our extreme WDR technology to produce vivid and natural images unattainable with conventional WDR implementations.

Realistic image reproduction with LDC

Wisenet 7's lens distortion correction technology produces natural-looking images without the distortion often created by conventional camera designs equipped with wide-angle lenses.

DIS with built-in gyro sensor

Wisenet 7's advanced image stabilization technology can reduce the motion blur caused by wind or vibration.  A gyroscopic sensor plus DIS technology is specifically designed and engineered into select Wisenet7 cameras resulting in sharp, stable images.

System protection, built-in from the ground up

With its own device certificate issuing system, Root CA, the Wisenet 7 camera lineup offers the highest levels of cybersecurity possible. Secure by Default, Hanwha Techwin's cybersecurity policy, embeds unique certificates into all products during each step of the development and manufacturing process. This results in a cybersecurity policy that satisfies stringent UL CAP standards as well as our own requirements for product reliability and design innovation.

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