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Happy Earth Day from The Sustainable Living Guide

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Happy Earth Day,

Thank you for all that you do to care for the Earth - today and every day! This is a crucial moment on the planet. The daily choices that each one of us makes really matter. We need to learn to live in ways that are more sustainable and restorative. We must shift our personal, community, and cultural values and practices to care for the Earth, and for each other.

The reality of climate change has become undeniable. Now we must decide how we will face it: with fear and hopelessness or with love and healing power. We choose love
, we choose action, we choose unity!

Acute climate emergency is mandating unprecedented worldwide changes in how we live. Yet climate change is actually a symptom of the imbalance in our relationship with the Earth. When we remember that we are, in fact, a part of the living Earth, and innately interconnected with all of life on the planet, we begin to come back into balance. As we embody this awareness we naturally take responsibility for our impact on the planet. This is an amazing opportunity to grow a heart-centered, eco-conscious and just world! And we need to do it fast. The actions we take (or fail to take) now will literally determine the future of our world. 

In reuniting with the Earth, we find that we are also reconnecting with ourselves and each other in ways that rapidly accelerate our full potential, compassion and creative brilliance. We emerge as conscious co-creators, moving in activated harmony with the regenerative wellbeing of our world! As we enter this vibrant space of 'eco-heart', we can delight in the realization that as we heal the Earth we are also healing ourselves. We step into our power, as individuals and a global community, and walk together into the future of our highest visions.

You are invited to be an active part of The Sustainable Living Guide's global change-making community and take The Earth Day Pledge at You'll help heal the Earth and be connected with profound knowledge, skills, community sustainability innovation and supportive resources from all around the world!

Please share The Earth Day Pledge video widely with your networks - the time has come, now is the moment we arise together to heal our world!

~Thank You~

With bright-hearted solidarity,

Lisa Pavati, founder, and The Sustainable Living Guide

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