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Waste Management Intelligent Systems and Policies

November 2019

Welcome to the WINPOL Flash #3!

During the past six months, the WINPOL partners have strengthened the development of the project at local level. They shared the knowledge already gained through the exchange of experiences not only with their local stakeholders but also within their organisations. This is important as they will need the full support of all these actors to successfully transfer the practices identified elsewhere to their own territories. Slowly but surely, they are paving the way to the elaboration of the action plans. But for the time being, they are still planning potential transfers of experiences and continuing to discover new practices.

For this, as you will learn in this new issue of the WINPOL Flash, they were welcomed by the cities of Imola, Italy, and Ghent, Belgium, who showed how they used innovation to improve their performances. During a second thematic seminar, they enriched their database with 11 good practices of innovative models for waste collection, prevention, and reuse and recycling.

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WINPOL discovers Imola’s waste management strategy

Faced with the necessity to increase the separate collection of waste on its territory and improve the quality of materials collected, the city of Imola in Italy upgraded its existing system to include new and innovative features. The positive results achieved, with over 78% of waste selectively collected, attracted the attention of the WINPOL partners who visited the municipality to understand the reasons of this success. More

11 additional good practices in the WINPOL database

After a first thematic seminar in May 2019 in Maribor, Slovenia, and a study visit to Imola, Italy, in October 2019, the WINPOL partners continued to exchange experiences during a second thematic seminar and site visits in Belgium. Hosted by the city of Antwerp from 19 to 21 November 2019 the event focused on innovative models for waste collection, prevention, and reuse and recycling with the presentation of 11 practices on these topics. More

WINPOL finds innovation in Belgium

The Thematic Seminar in Antwerp was accompanied by three study visits, to Umicore Precious Metals Refining, De Collectie, and the city of Ghent. It demonstrated how innovation and waste management go hand in hand but also that innovation does not necessarily involve high technological solutions. More

Outcomes of local dissemination events

Interesting conclusions are brought forward after each event organised by the WINPOL partners. For example, experts from the Information and Communication Technology and Innovation industry gathered by ERA in Malta on 29 October called for a nationwide big data system while discussing current technologies and systems within the waste sector. More

WINPOL featured in a poster exhibition in Bilbao

WINPOL was one of the good practices chosen by the Waste4Think project to be part of the networking session of its final event, which took place on 8 October 2019 in Bilbao. Thanks to engaging posters. participants of the event discovered 8 European projects in the field of innovative waste management strategies, including WINPOL. More

A stakeholder's view on the Imola study visit

The WINPOL project is not only benefiting project partners as their stakeholders also can take part in the exchange of experiences and join the project’s meetings. Like that, Juan Revilla, representing the Spanish National Association of Public Companies for Environment (ANEPMA) and stakeholder of EMULSA, joined the WINPOL team during the study visit in Imola, Italy. We interviewed him to know more about his impressions and thoughts following the visit. More


Waste management in the pocketsize metropolis of Antwerp

Host of the second thematic seminar, Antwerp is the second biggest city in Belgium and the largest in the region of Flanders. Although the recycling rate in Flanders is as high as 70%, Antwerp has a somewhat lower rate due to tourism and its specific metropolitan context. However, Antwerp has developed an efficient waste management system and is constantly innovating, thus serving as an example to many cities and municipalities in Belgium. More

ACR+ launches “More circularity, less carbon” campaign

With the launch of the “More circularity, less carbon” campaign, ACR+, WINPOL advisory partner, is encouraging local public authorities to account for the carbon impact of their circular economy strategies. The network and its members are tackling an ambitious challenge: taking steps at their level to reduce the carbon emissions linked with local resource management by 25% by 2025. The campaign will be fed by good practices as the ones identified by WINPOL. More


Since September WINPOL is not the only Interreg Europe project tackling innovation in waste management. It has been joined by a new project, the SMART WASTE project. Seeing the similarities and potential for cooperation between the two projects, WINPOL shared its experience, developed after one year of activities, with the SMART WASTE partners and the local stakeholders in the Italian region of Tuscany during the project’s kick-off meeting. More

Autonomous robotic system for urban waste recycling

A new autonomous robotic system capable of categorizing and separating recyclable materials is under development on the territory of WINPOL partner the Region of Crete through the ANASA project. By mid-2020, it will be tested in two different urban waste management industrial units, namely in DEDISA (processing recyclable wastes) and also in ESDAK (processing composite wastes). More


A Union that strives for more with the von der Leyen European Commission

On 27 November 2019 the European Parliament approved the European Commission 2019-2024. Following the presentation of her team, the new President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, reaffirmed that climate change is one of the defining issues of our generation. She had already announced that she will focus on an ambitious climate agenda to make Europe the first climate-neutral continent by 2050. Thus, she proposed bolder carbon emissions targets, with a reduction of 50% to 55% by 2030 and committed to submit a plan for a “Green Deal for Europe” and a European Climate Law within her first 100 days in office. More

Circular economy strategies and roadmaps in Europe

The European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) has published a report on synergies and the potential for cooperation and alliance building in terms of circular economy. This study reviews existing circular economy strategies across Europe, highlighting the different degrees of inclusiveness in terms of consultation. A few strategies focus on innovation as a horizontal topic. By supporting innovation as well as research and development the strategies aim to find new ways to close value chain loops. More

Successful 2019 European Week of Regions and Cities

The European Week of Regions and Cities had a successful 2019 edition with more than 1,000 speakers and 9,000 participants joining the more than 300 sessions taking place from 7 to 10 October 2019 in Brussels. In addition to the Brussels-based workshops which included sessions organised by Interreg Europe, local events were run from September to November all over Europe. Through the collection of news and stories online, you can live again this incredible week. More

What's next?

The identification of good practices by the WINPOL project will come to an end during this new semester, which will be closed in May 2020. Partners will then select the practices that they would like to transfer on their territories, helped by their stakeholders and by additional visits to the territories implementing the selected practices. After looking at what is being done around Europe, the WINPOL project will now firmly get anchored locally and the first stones of the action plans will be laid.

Information on events and activities organised by WINPOL are regularly uploaded on the website, so do not forget to check it every once in a while or follow WINPOL on Twitter!


The WINPOL project - Waste Management Intelligent Systems and Policies - aims to foster and promote the use of intelligent equipment and planning derived from it, through improved waste management policies, thus contributing to waste minimisation in European cities and regions. Find out more on
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