May 2022
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Bonnie's Column

The theme for this year's Older Americans Month is "Age My Way." I suggest that it be called, "Stage My Way" and I encourage you to make Senior Theatre yours.

Older adults have always been a vital source of resilience and creativity in America. And this is even more true these past few years when many seniors kept dramatic expression moving forward despite the need for social distancing. Now that the restrictions of the pandemic are easing, we must ensure that older actors have an even stronger voice on stage.

To celebrate Older Americans Month, the organizing agency proposes four elements to enhance the quality of life. It's easy to view these goals from a theatrical perspective.

  • Planning: Look at your current participation in Senior Theatre and ask yourself where would you like to go: Do you want to improve your skills, do more performances? Should you increase your theatre company’s outreach? Maybe it's time to shift away from comedies and advance to meatier topics. Remember, when a theatre company always does the same thing, it gets boring and predictable. Now is the perfect time to think strategically about trying something new and generating fresh excitement.
  • Engagement: Theatre is a dynamic, multi-faceted field. There are so many options. You could explore scenery, costume, or sound design. Read about a specific playwright and explore their works, watch their plays. Sign up to volunteer at your local community theatre. Or join an improv class—they are always so much fun!
  • Access: Make changes so that more older actors can participate. If actors are hesitant to memorize, perform script-in-hand or readers theatre. Be sure to perform on raised platforms using microphones so audience members with hearing difficulty can enjoy the performance.
  • Connection: Take emotional risks. Reach out to other performers and share yourself with the audience. Aim for joy.
Here at ArtAge, our full range of resources and materials supports the theatrical dreams of all older actors, from amateur to professional. It brings us joy to help you live vibrantly, enjoying life as you contribute your dramatic skills to the broader community. We do our work so that theatre folks, like you, can say "I Stage My Way!"

President, ArtAge Publications
The Senior Theatre Resource Center

Our Plays are Being Performed!

It would have been so much fun to have seen these marvelous productions. Bravo!
Jack Benny's Not 39 Anymore was a fabulous hit in Las Vegas! It was a lovely production and everyone enjoyed the relatable characters.
In Viagara Falls & the 70 Year Old Virgin, there's a mix up between artificial sweeteners and experimental ED pills. Audiences in Minnesota were laughing so hard it hurt.
Grand Moves was a grand success in Virginia. Audiences will never look at their realtor the same way again!

May Sale

As the summer begins, we start thinking about vacations, yard sales, and 4th of July celebrations. Save $5 off these select e-Scripts between now and May 17th, 2022.

A Passing Fancy
55 minute musical
5 men, 5 women, extras possible
A lively show that is easy to produce and will have your audiences singing along! The setting is a patriotic picnic under the shade of the old apple tree.

Miss Ida's Man-in-the-Moon Yard Sale
45 minutes, 1 woman
It’s July, 1969 and Miss Ida Lemmie is on a mission! Her yard sale prompts a wonderful recap of her life's adventures.

They Also Serve
10 minutes, 3 women
A story of wartime and waiting a lifetime for the love of your life. Available in the hard copy, Age on Stage: 10 Minute Plays. $5 off.

Griddle Cakes
10 minutes, 2 women
It's a warm day and 2 sisters are on the porch, chatting, in rocking chairs. The only thing that they can agree on is that they're like griddle cakes: "Warm and floppy, and as old as the hills."

The License
10 minute comedy, 3 either
After the county clerk's probing questions, the engaged couple questions their decision to marry. Will they say "I do"?

Dream Camper
10 minute comedy, 3 women
Rose and Dottie accidentally discover their dreams with the help of crusty Wilma at the KOA campground. Like many of Linda LaRoque's plays, it strikes the perfect charming balance between funny and thoughtful.

The Stick Up
15 minute comedy, 2 men 1 woman
It's tough pulling off a robbery when the friendly cashier knows your name.

Life Guard on Duty
25-30 minute comedy, 2 either
Two friends come out of retirement to work as lifeguards in a deceptively light comedy. 

Under a Magical Moon
25 minute romance, 1 man, 1 woman; or 3 men, 3 women
Award-winning show that blows a fresh breeze across the hearts of two friends. ($5 off hard copy, too!)

Alliance Stage Company

Who's Who in Senior Theatre

Who's Who in Senior Theatre welcomes the Alliance Stage Company. Based in New York City, the group was founded in 1992 and since 2009, has been under the direction of Cory Michael Herman. Today the group is forty members strong!
Members of Alliance Stage Company will next be seen in the first annual Celebrate Arts: Age My Way.
Why: To support and celebrate the incredible older artists across Manhattan’s East Village and Lower East Side. The performance will feature acting, singing, dancing, poetry, puppetry, readings and other performances by older adults.
Where: 14th Street Y Theater, 344 East 14th Street
When: 1PM, May 27 & 28
$2 General Admission

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