December, 2022
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Bonnie's Column

Recently, when someone wished me a "gentle holiday," it really struck a chord. What a lovely idea! Let's un-complicate the season.

It got me thinking, "What does a gentle holiday mean to me?" When I was younger, holidays were a mad rush of decorations, shopping, and seemingly endless holiday parties with rich food. Now, I'm focusing on ways to embrace the season as a time to slow down, and do the things I love rather than all the things I "should." I'm building in extra time for me.

It also means reflecting on the past year and feeling thankful that since the pandemic, Senior Theatre is rebounding. I've been saying this for awhile now, but the numbers don't lie! We're back to the same level of performances we had in 2019. 

We are grateful to you, fellow lovers of theatre, for helping older performers feel the joy of being on stage.

Now have a gentle, simplfied season. Take time for you. Then, when the New Year comes, join us for more fun in Senior Theatre! 

Yours in Theatre,

Bonnie L. Vorenberg
President, ArtAge Publications' Senior Theatre Resource Center

The ArtAge office will be closed for the holidays, December 24 - January 3, 2023.
We look forward to seeing you in the New Year! We've found some new plays and we know you'll love them.
ArtAge Publications is looking forward to launching a new website, and we need a group of testers. If you're interested, please fill out this form. We'll be reaching out to those who respond soon. 

Our Plays are Being Performed!

We have had so many productions recently, it's been a wonderful whirlwind of photos and great stories of success. Here are just a few for you to enjoy.
 A group in North Carolina produced The Day They Kidnapped Blanche (left photo) and Signals, (right photo)
Audiences in North Carolina had so much fun laughing at the three women who wake up to see The Naked Man on the Couch. Photo courtesy of Robert Dumon Photography.
We thank the group in Colorado for sharing with us this photo of the team that won the hearts of the audience for their performance of The Peacock's Pep Talk
When the sound effects crew member calls in sick, the audience is called on to participate, making the radio show Tina Latino Rides to the Rescue come alive.
This production, in California, got rave reviews!
Bonnie came into the warehouse gleeful, saying, "We just got this from a director. I love it, because it's what we do here at ArtAge—we put Grandma front and center!" Here's to all the grandparents on stage: Bravo!

Love is in the Air for 2023

$5 off these select e-scripts 

It's time to get ready for Valentine's Day! We've chosen some favorites to put on sale for you. All are on the theme of relationships and how there's always something new to discover about the people you love. 

Crazy for Love
10 minute comedy, 1 man, 1 woman
Second-time-around and in love, Barry and Sylvia quickly discover all sorts of things about each other! Treat your actors and your audience to this hilarious favorite, pictured here. 

Out of Here
10 minute comedy, 2 men, 2 women
A coffee date has never been so interesting! Besides the two potential lovebirds at the table, their inner voices are along to coach, cajole, and criticize. This could work as a park bench play

Love and Other Investments
25 minute comedy, 2 men, 2 women
Wry-witted, with rapid fire screwball comedy dialogue. Agnes tries to finish her taxes but finds that there's more to life than investments and paperwork.

Readers Theatre Karaoke®: Love Conquers The Wild West
15 minute melodrama, 3 men, 6 women, double casting possible
In the 1870's, as Daisy Fontaine's wedding approaches, she gets news that she must travel west and leave the man of her dreams in New York. But will true love find a way?

The Gift of Love 
10 minute issue-oriented play, 1 man, 1 woman
Rushing to their grandchild's birthday party, Howard struggles with leaving the baseball glove and going with the princess theme. A heartfelt play about not just loving, but accepting a transgender granddaughter. 

Sunset Village 
90 minute comedy, 2 men, 6 women
For two years, Edna has been walking in a fog. Moving to Sunset Village wakes her up in more ways than one!

A Dog Barks 
10 minute comedy, 1 man, 1 woman
A hilarious comedy about a zinger-trading couple, noise ordinances, and their 40-year anniversary.

Save the Date
15 minutes, 4 women, 1 either, an off-stage voice, and optional cast of 7 either
A simple wedding proposal turns into a production. This play is part of the collection, Cuckoos in Cahoots at the Villa Estates.

Love’s Language
10 minutes, 1 man, 1 woman
Jackie and George are about to get married but can he survive the "language of love?" Will these two ever get on the same page?

click here for more plays about relationships!

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