Verdant Yank Newsletter by Cara Augustenborg - December 2016
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Dear Friend,
I hope you're enjoying the holiday season! For me, it's been a much needed rest period after a crazy year in climate comms, including time spent in Indonesia for Friends of the Earth International at the beginning of this month (making lots of new friends, pictured above). Here's how I closed out 2016 at the Verdant Yank

On The Verdant Yank

When you lose hope
From Friends of the Earth International's Biennial General Meeting in Indonesia, I sent a dose of hope to friends who may feel down trodden about the climate crisis. Read more here

In The News

Irish Times - New Year's Resolutions
Hot off the presses just in time for your New Year's resolutions, Irish Times' Sylvia Thompson interviews those of us working on the low carbon transition about what we can all do in 2017 to act on climate here.
Huffington Post - Christmas Special
As I struggled to find something to celebrate this Christmas, it occurred to me that for the socially and environmentally conscious, Christmas is a good lesson in non-conformity. Read my Christmas blog on what JC can teach us about activism at Huffington Post
Climate Reality Leader Spotlight
I've had a soft spot for Al Gore's Climate Reality Project since I trained with them in 2013. It was great to see 'Verdant Yank' featured in their December newsletter and connect with so many other Climate Leaders as a result. I'm still replying to all the messages of support -Thanks to those of you who got in touch! 
Visions 2100
My vision of what the world might look like in 2100 made it onto the Visions 2100 online gallery. Add your own vision statement here
Thanks so much for your readership and support of the Verdant Yank in 2016! Keep fighting the good fight and have a happy New Year!
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