Verdant Yank Newsletter by Cara Augustenborg - February 2017
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Dear Friend,
February is usually my least favorite month of the year both due to typically bad Irish weather and my distaste for the corporate "holiday", but this year the weather was good enough to go 'up in the air' for EcoEye and I put my own twist on Valentine's day in my blog. Check out my February action below and thanks for supporting 'The Verdant Yank'!  -Cara 

On The Verdant Yank

How 'Hunky Trudeau' broke my heart
To celebrate Valentine's Day, I explain how Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau broke my heart with his neo-liberal policies on trade and environment and his recent pro-pipeline joint statement with SCROTUS Donald Trump. Read more here
Cobain's 50th birthday shows how far we've strayed from Nirvana
Nirvana's Kurt Cobain would have turned fifty years old today. In my early teens, I reveled in the rebelliousness of Cobain's anti-establishment ethos. Two decades later, I can’t help but wonder what he would think of the world now and if his words still hold inspiration today. Read more and check out embarrassing 'high-school Cara' photos here

In The News

Up for EcoEye
Some of the most fun-loving people I know work on EcoEye, so it was a thrill to spend two days in their company filming 'Climate Friendly Living'. Check out this visionary episode on YouTube now. 
When Green is Brown for Deutsche Welle
The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) met in Dublin this month to begin a special report on land use. Deutsche Welle covered the event and I added my $0.02 about Ireland's reputation on climate action to date. Read more here. 
Irish agriculture for 'Irish Environment'
I sat down at my home with fellow yank, notable environmental lawyer, and journalist Bob Hernan to discuss Ireland's greenhouse gas emissions in agriculture and transport for this interview at 'Irish Environment'. Watch here (12 min)

Coming Up

Thanks so much for your readership and support of the Verdant Yank! Keep fighting the good fight!
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