Verdant Yank Newsletter by Cara Augustenborg - March 2017
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Dear Friend,
Everytime I start writing a monthly newsletter, I think I'll have nothing to report but it's amazing what you can get done in a month, particularly when you use your holidays for activism and blogging! Check out my March action below and thanks for supporting 'The Verdant Yank'.

On The Verdant Yank

What it Means to Miss New Orleans
I spent ten of my formative years in New Orleans, Louisiana. On a recent visit back, I realized just how unique a city it is and came to terms with its susceptibility to our changing climate. Read an environmentalist's view growing up below the sea
Blog (and dance) like nobody's watching
'The Verdant Yank' celebrated its one year anniversary on St. Patrick's Day. I took a moment away from the festivities to reflect on the highlights of the year and where blogging has taken me so far with special thanks to readers who have kept me "fighting the good fight"! Read my anniversary edition of The #VerdantYank

In The News

My Burning Issue
In advance of Energy Action's Fuel Poverty and Climate Action conference, I examined the link between burning solid fuels (coal, peat and wood), air quality and the climate. The truth is, our obsession with burning stuff is killing us. Read my OpEd in the Irish Independent
St. Patrick's Day with Mr. Frackhead
For the St. Patrick's Day festivities, my daughter and I joined Love Leitrim and Friends of the Earth to march in the Sligo parade, banishing Mr. Frackhead from Irish soil. Our display won the adjudicator's award out of the 96 entrants! Check out a short video or my photos
Climate Reality at DCU Business School
Listen to a thirty-minute Climate Reality talk I gave to graduate students at Dublin City University on March 21, 2017. Their questions at the end are challenging and well-informed, which gives me hope for our future
TV3's Tonight with Vincent Browne
Reading the March 22nd headlines with Vincent Browne, I was surprised to find the Parliament's dress code getting headline news over the World Meteorological Organization 2016 'State of the Climate' report. Check out "real" shocking news about the state of our planet here and my 30 second comment here.

Coming Up

Thanks so much for your readership and support of the Verdant Yank! Keep fighting the good fight!
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