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March 2019 Newsletter
Welcome to the 2nd Fit4Life Newsletter of 2019, the March edition; and depending on whether you  class Spring as having already arrived (March 1st - Meteorological Calendar) or yet to arrive (March 20 - Astronomical Calendar), your Fit4Life team hope that you are looking forward to longer and warmer days! In this edition we are featuring news about our FUND RAISING event on 30th March for The UK Sepsis Trust (the day after B-Day!!) and interesting editorial about the Benefits of Pilates for Racquet Sports enthusiasts. 

Announcing the Fit4Life 2019 Fundraising Event on Saturday March 30th!

It’s estimated that, every year, sepsis costs the NHS £2 billion and claims the lives of at least 52,000 people. Sepsis is when the body’s response to infection injures its own tissues and organs. It is a life-threatening condition arising when the body’s abnormal, or ‘dysregulated’, immune response to an infection causes organs to start failing. Caught early, outcomes are excellent. Left unchecked, the patient is likely to spiral to multi-organ failure, septic shock and death. Fit4Life wants to help The UK Sepsis Trust by raising funds from a full day of Fitness and Fun! Please do try and support the event if you can..... join in a class on the day, or buy a raffle ticket, or come down and enjoy a massage, or just pop in and have some tea and cake!!

All proceeds from the day will be donated to The UK Sepsis Trust

Morning Classes 

09.00am Bootcamp
10.15am Fitsteps
11.30am Fitsteps for Beginners

12.30 – Sepsis Talk

Afternoon Classes

1.00pm Barre Pilates for Men
2.00pm Pilates Intermediate
3.00pm Pilates Beginners & Improvers
Coffee/Tea and Cake Served all Day

Awesome Raffle Prizes !!

Sports Massage
Seated Massage

There are a few spaces left for victims (sorry, "volunteers") to put their name down for the Men In TuTu's Barre Pilates Class; we hope these brave ballet boys will raise some sponsorship towards their ordeal (sorry, "challenging class")…...if there's a man in your life who would benefit from sampling the delights of an alternative "Bar" on a Saturday, please email Linda to sign your man up and we'll whiz you over a sponsor form before you can say "pas de basque!!"
Many of you have asked Linda about the black sparkly Shashi socks she’s been wearing! We've now opened a trade account with the UK Supplier and can offer these lovely ladies socks for sale. They're priced at £12.00 per pair, which is a saving of £6 off RRP!!
Fit4Life Are Sponsoring The Opening Event of 2 New Glass Backed Courts for Knutsford Squash Club
On the 30th March Cllr Peter Coan, our Mayor, will officially open the 2 New Glass Backed courts at Knutsford Squash Club. The evening starts at 6.15pm with a demonstration of Junior Coaching by the Club Pro, Jules Abbas-Silvera; guests will then be treated to an exhibition match between Jules and the number 65 Women's World Ranked Player, Rachael Chadwick. Rachael is a Professional Squash player and is based at Neston Squash Club on the Wirrall; she has recently returned from a successful tour of the USA competing at several Pro Squash Tournaments. If you are interested in joining Knutsford Squash Club, please contact Greg!!

Pilates Training for Racket Sports Players: Tennis and Squash

A growing number of tennis and squash players at every level practise Pilates. They utilise their Pilates training for a range of issues. Issues such as: injury prevention and recovery, rectifying muscle imbalance, to improving flexibility and building core and stabilizer muscles.

Professional Tennis Players Use Pilates Training

It is no secret that many well-known tennis player use Pilates. Players such as Serena and Venus Williams and Martina Navratilova.  Navratilova may now be retired, but she says that Pilates has helped her body regain the flexibility of her prime. Pat Cash, the former Wimbledon champion, still does Pilates training as a key part of his fitness routine.

How Does Pilates Help Racket Sports Players Exactly?

Racket sports are by their nature one-sided. Most players repeatedly use the same hand and arm to hit the ball, generally in the same direction. Typically they do this with their head and neck usually adopting the same position in anticipation of playing a shot. Such pronounced left- or right-sided movements load stress on the structure of the body. This produces a physique that is out of balance and thus is more liable to break down with over-use injuries particularly prevalent.

Further problems can result from the fact that few tennis players have a bio-mechanically perfect serve. Repetitive, inefficient patterns of movement combined with the quest for power give rise to problems in the collection of joints that make up the shoulder. ‘Tennis elbow’, or inflammation of the muscle tissue and ligaments at the base of the elbow, is caused by chronic twisting of the arm plus repeated shocks to a small bony ridge on the outer elbow.

While even the best Pilates instructor may not help you serve like Serena Williams or Roger Federer, a programme of specific exercises will work the body more uniformly to prevent over development of one side. It will also strengthen the deep abdominal muscles needed for a stable base from which to hit that winning shot. Addressing flexibility through the shoulders and upper back while lengthening the tighter front muscles of the torso will boost your power and range of motion – and make it easier to reach for that drop shot at the net.

Many thanks for those of you who have recently moved from paying by Cheque or Cash to BACS; we promised that anyone making the change would go into a prize draw for a free block of classes, and the lucky name out of the hat is John Peet from the 8 clients who opted to change!
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