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June / July 2019 Newsletter
Welcome to your June / July edition of the Fit4Life Newsletter; in this edition we are featuring some hints and tips about applying Pilates technique to assist you in your Gardening!! We all want to make the most of any fine weather in between the rainy days, and for some of us that means working in the garden! 

We have had many clients over the years who come crawling into the studio after a weekend of gardening complaining that their back hurts!  Although we can’t promise that you’ll be able to completely avoid the possible soreness or awareness of new muscles when you start into gardening season, there are some things you can pay attention to, to help keep your body well-balanced while you’re digging, chopping, raking and having fun in the garden this summer!

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To help us manage your class swap or catch up request in the future, please only make requests via - we can then ensure that we handle your request more effectively! 
This process starts on the 1st May......please do note that we won't be looking out for swap requests on other platforms after that date!!

Recent figures show that back and neck pain has risen by 12% in the last year with 2 in 5 adults two in five affected!

Our body has the capability to adapt and become strong enough to tackle most projects provided we give it time to build up strength and endurance. Just like you would not run a marathon without training, gardening is no different. Research within sport has shown that if we build up by 10% every time we exercise we can gradually teach the body to do more and more and this is the same with each gardening session. The problem is with the UK weather and when the sun shines, we hit the garden hard and fast! Ideally, start with just a couple of hours and build up slowly.

When spring arrives, we suddenly expect our body to be ready to haul 100L bags of compost in to the car, bend over weeding and planting all day with no warm up and no gradual increase in activity. After a long winter, a little preparation of the body before you begin will pay dividends so make the effort to warm up and stretch like you would before any other exercise activity.

Top tips for pain free gardening

  • Do some gentle spinal mobility exercises such as pelvic tilting before you start
  • Take a few weeks to build up to the heavier and more demanding jobs.
  • Try to buy bags of compost in smaller quantities. This may cost a little more but reduces the physio bills!
  • Take care when lifting or better still ask for help. For lifting and carrying heavy weights, the hips and thighs are more powerful and better equipped to deal with the load than the back, always bend from the hips as we doin our Monkey Squat in class;
  • Don't overfill the wheelbarrow or the watering can – do more trips.
  • Don’t lift and twist in the same movement and take care turning the mower.
  • Don’t hunch over or over reach. Try to get in to a comfortable position before you start and regularly change posture.
  • If you have back pain, plant low maintenance shrubs and perennials and choose plants for ground cover to reduce the need for continuous weeding.
  • Choose lightweight tools appropriate for your height – some have adjustable length handles.
  • Only spend a maximum of 20 mins bent down in one position before walking around for 5 minutes. Keep switching jobs.
  • Use kneeling pads and stools to protect your knees.
  • Use raised beds and pots to minimize the bending.
  • Remember to pace yourself. Do the hard stuff first, before you’re tired out and more likely to over strain yourself.
  • When you have finished your garden, release your back by doing some cat stretches, hip rolls, and maybe a short walk too!

Pain is nature’s way of telling you to change what you are doing before you hurt yourself. Usually these aches and pains go quite quickly, but if you have more persistent niggling pains that limit your gardening, we are here to help with treatment and advice.
Linda and the team recommend trying the following exercises after your gardening session!

Cat Stretch
Shoulder Bridge
Hip Roll
Pelvic Tilt
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Introducing "The Hog" Backstretcher.
Many of you have now experienced using The Hog in your Pilates Classes, and we now have a stock of these available for your personal use at home, priced at £20 each.
The Hog is a multi-functional piece of equipment which not only targets abdominal muscle groups for core strength but also works on the obliques and lower back whilst providing effective deep tissue trigger point massage at the same time. Regular use has been shown to result in improved core strength, an increased range of motion and flexibility, enhanced balance, better posture and a reduction in muscular aches, pain and discomfort.
Many of you have asked Linda about the black sparkly Shashi socks she’s been wearing! We've now opened a trade account with the UK Supplier and can offer these lovely ladies socks for sale. They're priced at £12.00 per pair, which is a saving of £6 off RRP!!
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