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Welcome to the October edition of your Fit4Life Pilates Post! This post will keep you informed with important dates for your diary, news on our recent and future fundraising activities, and we have included some interesting research on the benefits of Pilates for Office Workers
Please Join Us At The Fit4Life Christmas Party!!

This Is A FREE Event This Year!

Please join us at Toft Cricket Club on Friday 30th November for our Christmas Party. The Evening includes a Hot Meal with catering by Kara Dexter,  Fun Games and Dancing hosted by our favourite DJ Pete Deane.
Tickets are available to all Fit4Life Class members, couples and singles. If anyone wants to bring their partner who doesn't attend Fit4Life Classes, we will try hard to accommodate these requests; total numbers are limited so please look out for the registration form in the studio which will be on the noticeboard next week. 

Many of you have asked Linda about the black sparkly Shashi socks she’s been wearing! We've now opened a trade account with the UK Supplier and can offer these lovely ladies socks for sale. We intend placing an order for socks in mid October; if you'd like a pair please email Linda with your request, stating shoe size. They're priced at £12.00 per pair
"Fitsteps FAB" Free Taster Class on Wednesday October 17th at 1.45pm

A brand new Beginners Fitsteps Class. FAB has been devised by Strictly Stars Natalie Lowe and Ian Waites. FAB means "For All Bodies" and is a low intensity but high fun class for people who want to enjoy Fitsteps Fun with easier dance steps; the classes are lower impact, at a slower pace and with simple dance steps to help people get fit in a fun environment! Linda and Tracey will be hosting this FREE TASTER Class and as numbers are limited please email Linda to reserve your place as soon as possible!

Our latest "Fitsteps, Fizz and Fun" was a great success on Friday Evening 21st September; watch the short video of some of the dances, and contact Linda if you want to join the Fitsteps FAB Free Taster during October......but do remember, this is Fitsteps and Fun, no Fizz served at this class!!
We will be holding a Strictly Sweepstake again this year with proceeds going to Alzheimer's Research UK, and Fit4Life will reward the winner with a Voucher for a block of 6 classes!! Simply pick your  Strictly Couple, pay the £5.00 entry cost and tune in every Saturday to  see how your chosen couple are doing in the Competition.  If your Strictly Celebrity is the eventual winner of the Competition, your name will go into the hat with any others who have picked out  the same celebrity;  you could then be picked out to win the block of 6 free classes worth £54.00 !! See Linda or your teacher after class in the studio  to join in!

You will have noticed that our Landlord has marked out Car Parking Spaces around Gilbert House. Spaces that have no company initials are free for anyone to use, and you may also use any free Sheldons spaces (Marked with "S") that are unoccupied.


I'm sure that all of you who include Pilates as a regular form of exercise in your life plan recognise how much improvement to your posture has been made as a result of your ongoing classes. The following educational article reminds you about the impact of too much sitting down! Read through as a useful reminder to share with any of your family and friends who may be inclined to sit down a little too often!! Its particularly relevant to people who have to stay at a desk for long periods of work.

"Have you ever thought about how much time we spend sitting?

 We slouch from bed to car seat, to work seat, to sofa.  But the goal of sitting is to give our bodies a break from standing. Sitting is meant to break up the motion of a dynamic day. But the opposite has become the modern way; we sit for 13 hours a day, sleep for 8, and move for 3.  And living all day on our bottoms isn’t good for us.

 Studies have shown that People who sit for more than 11 hours a day have a greater risk of premature death.  Sitting really is the new smoking.  It drives up blood pressure and increases the risk for diabetes, obesity and depression.

Sitting for too long will decondition your gluteal muscles in the buttocks, tighten your hip flexors and your hamstrings will shorten.  All of this can contribute towards back pain.

 We conduct most of our business and social affairs from a seated position so whenever possible, why not try to follow our tips below...

 Top tips to improve your posture in the workplace and reduce back and neck problems:

 1.  Do more walking!

Swap your meeting venue from the board room to the outdoors. Walking can help your ideas flow. Whenever possible have regular breaks from your desk and walk around, instead of emailing a colleague get up and go and see them.  When you’re on the phone try to walk around, or stand up.

 2. Think!

Think about your posture when you’re working, avoid slouching, poking the chin forward and rounding your shoulders.  Make sure your computer monitor is at the right level and place your feet flat on the floor.  Ensure you're sitting in the correct type of chair and your office 'props' are supporting your properly. 

 3. Take a break!

Have regular breaks and do some gentle stretches whenever possible.  Remember that regular short breaks are better than longer infrequent ones. Did you know that your head weighs between 10 & 11 lbs and if you poke your chin forward it increases the load on your spine fourfold?

 4.  Pilates can also help!

The things you learn in Pilates really can be transferred into everyday life.  It teaches you to be posture aware and corrects muscle imbalances. 


Thank you for your support over the past months in donating your old, junk and unwanted Jewellery to the Alzheimer's Society. We returned 4 large bags weighing in at over 7 kilos, and have received an email acknowledgement from the Society thanking you all for your generosity and support. The old jewellery will be passed to the Alzheimer's Partners for restoring or further modelling to be sold on for the Societies funds.
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