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Arthritis Sufferers. Save the Date! Wednesday 24th February; 11.30 - 12.45. 
Arthritis is a painful condition, sufferers may avoid exercise in an attempt to decrease pain, but this can lead to stiffness and weakness. Pilates is a good form of exercise for people suffering from Arthritis as it’s gentle and does not place stress on the joints. Pilates exercises can help to improve mobility and reduce joint pain and stiffness by increasing flexibility, muscle strength and endurance.  Subtle improvements in posture may result in fewer aches and pains.
Following so much interest and fantastic feedback about our Specialist Subject Class on Osteoporosis and Sciatica, Sue Wandless is hosting another Specialist Pilates Class on Wednesday the 24th of February! This time the subject is Arthritis, and Sue will present on the condition and take you through valuable Plates exercises; at the end of the class there will be a Q&A session with the Zoom audience.
The class is FREE to all members of the Fit4Life Family who have paid their online subscription for February! If you have missed a few months of our online programme and want to re-join us just follow this link to our shop! 
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If you aren't with our Fit4Life Family just now, then you can  join Sue on Zoom for the Full Class and Q/A Session, plus unlimited access to the Class Recording on the Fit4Life Family YouTube Channel. The cost as a one off is just £10.00. For payment information and to reserve your place please email
What is Arthritis?
Arthritis is a common condition that causes pain and inflammation in a joint and is the leading cause of disability in people over 55!
There are different forms of arthritis, the most common is Osteoarthritis (OA) (degenerative joint disease) a result of trauma to the joint, infection of the joint or age.
Arthritis wears away the articular cartilage at the end of the bone. The cartilage helps joints move smoothly without friction and absorbs shock. Eventually bone starts to rub against bone.
It can be genetic; In some people, the bones develop in a way that the cartilage wears away faster. Researches have also found that certain genes are higher in people with osteoarthritis.
Additional weight places more pressure in the hips and knees, which can contribute to cartilage breaking down in the joints
Overuse or injury to a joint, Injuries such as fractures or ligaments tears and repetitive movements can cause osteoarthritis.
Another form of arthritis is Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) a chronic systemic autoimmune disorder that causes the immune system to attack the joints.  It can be a disabling and very painful condition which can lead to substantial loss of function and mobility.  It is important to be aware with Rheumatoid arthritis not to exercise through bouts of inflammation. 70 percent of people diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis are women, and two thirds of people with rheumatoid arthritis are overweight. Excess bodyweight is known to cause an increase in inflammation, which can exacerbate symptoms.  Environment, Stress, and emotional trauma are all thought to play a role in developing rheumatoid arthritis.
At the moment there is no way to reverse osteoarthritis or cure rheumatoid arthritis. However, there are medications, which can reduce symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis and slow or stop the disease from progressing. Additionally, symptoms can be managed through lifestyle changes, physio and in more severe cases medication or even surgery
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