Dear Parents,

I hope you all had a restful and enjoyable half term break. 

I was delighted and thrilled to welcome back the Year 6 pupils to school on Tuesday this week.  Significant preparation went into making sure the classrooms and building were COVID secure and we have adapted our curriculum and programme to ensure that pupils remain in their class ‘bubble’ and don’t therefore interact with pupils from other classes. 

I am glad (and very relieved!) to report that the first week back has gone very well, and I would like to extend my thanks to the teachers, learning assistants and support staff who have made this possible. 

I look forward to when we can welcome back more of our pupils!

Wishing you all the best for the weekend,

James Stenning

Key Information

As part of Cognita’s work to support our return to school, Simon Camby, Director of Education and Beth Kerr, Director of Wellbeing connected with the clinical psychologist Professor Tanya Byron to gain her expert advice on children’s wellbeing at this time. Together they have recorded a video podcast so parents have the choice of either viewing or listening to the 30-minute discussion.  Many of you will have heard or seen Professor Byron before - an author and frequent commentator, she is a practising clinical psychologist and works solely with children and adolescents.
You can view as a video here.
You can listen as a podcast here.


YEARS 3 & 4

Usborne Book Collection @ PWP Playground:
Monday 8 June & Tuesday 9 June, 9am-3pm
Tables will be set up in PWP playground throughout these two days to safely distribute orders from last term’s book fair. Any further questions about book orders please contact: Jane Ireland, 606970.



Merchant Taylors' Open Morning
For those of you considering Merchant Taylors’ as a future school for your child, please be aware that they are holding a virtual open morning this Saturday. You can register here.

Assessment Week
Next week (w.c. 8 June 2020), Year 5 will be carrying out assessments in English, Maths, and Critical thinking. Please click here to see the letter that was sent out this week detailing timetables and assessment arrangements. 

Home Learning Stars

Congratulations to our Stars of the Week:
3Purcell - Zana-Maria I
3May - Wenxi L
3Gomez - Andrea C
3Colledge - Elliott S
3Truesdale - Thomas K

Congratulations to our Stars of the Week:
4Polglaze – Maya B / Andre B
4Barrett-Brown – Yoav L / Sheldon C
4Malone – Rafa L / Leah F
4Power – Florence V-G / Andrew L
4Truasheim – Ben K / Aru K
4Foster – Ted G / Priyanka K
Children in Year 4 have been learning about the effects that World War 2 had on London in history this term, studying VE day, the Blitz and air raids. This week, they learnt about features of air raid shelters and were asked to design their own shelter (above). Their creative designs had to consider the location of the shelter, what material to make the shelter out of to ensure protection, and supplies including food, clothes and anything else they may need. There were many amazing designs, including those by Erika and Mark (4Power), Gaia, Benjamin and Emilio (4T) and Max, Mark, Raoul, and Masha (4 Malone).
During half term, Sheldon in 4Barrett-Brown (above) planted pepper and morning glory seeds. He was very excited this week to find a new sprouting.
In history, Year 4 have been learning about World War 2. Shailan in 4Barrett-Brown produced this model of an Anderson shelter out of clay and cardboard. Nice work Shailan!

Oscar in 5Lianou has come up with a great initiative to keep his and his classmates’ creativity flowing.  The “Lego Masters” take to Zoom to construct a piece around a theme determined by a digital wheel that is spun at the beginning of the session. 20 minutes later, the children return to the screen with their Lego builds and a winner is decided upon after each creation has been presented and put to the vote. A big well done to Oscar for showing such great ingenuity - after holding three Lego Masters sessions now, he has received amazing feedback from both his friends and their parents.

Below is a diagram illustrating how the force of gravity keeps a planet in orbit around the sun. It is always lovely to see wonderful artwork combined with science. Well done Baxter M in 5Delaney!
Below is a water feature made by Kitty S in 5Purchase over the lockdown.
Students in our well-being chats have been sharing their lockdown creations:
Homemade soaps by Olivia in 5Soni.
We have an author in the making in 5Soni: Yadin produced a fantastic short story inspired by Street Child, a novel we have studied in English this year. Click here to read Yadin's story. 
Some fantastic acrostic poems were produced on the subject of Spring by the Year 5s in Miss Baria’s English class on the last day of half term. Anticlockwise from top: Joseph, Lena, Eva, Annie and Keira.
Oscar A in 5Lianou took on an extra challenge in his computing lesson before half term. He created his own Microsoft Forms quiz. It got shared with the school, other schools in Cognita and now he would like you to have a go! Click here to take Oscar's football quiz. 
Well done Oscar; a great attitude and great work!
YEARS 7 & 8

Congratulations to our Leaders of the Week:

These boys have shown a huge amount of hard work over the past few week delivering some exceptional work. The upper school teachers have been impressed with the maturity and dedication each one has shown. Well done and keep it up. 

Merlin: Lucas G
Guinevere: Fergus L
Niniane: Charles H-S
Lancelot: William C and Christian 
Artists of the Week
3May: Kiki C (Portrait)
6Todd: Amaya G (Ear)
Year 8: Edo G (Fruit bowl)
Summer of Shakespeare

Good day to all. It has been great to have the Year 6s at school this week. There is nothing to replace ‘being there’ but again, the hard work of all those at home has truly been inspiring. We have two films made by the boys in the upper school. Ali A and Charles R have created and edited two short films which we hope you enjoy. The time and effort to create video, in particular the editing that is required, is something to be noted, and shows high levels of acting and technical ability. Well done and thank you boys.
We have created a short film of the wonderful work the Year 3 and 4s did just before half term. The task was to create a donkey’s mask (or design one) and some of the work was exceptional – enjoy!
Be well,
Drama Department
The Year 3 and 4s creating donkey masks. Some exceptional work!
Ariel and Prospero by Charles
Ariel and Prospero by Ali
The PE Department is delighted to announce the arrival of a newly designed PE kit for the pupils. It is bespoke to NBH Prep and being launched by Uniform4Kids in July. Here are a couple of photos and the link to the website:
Sports Personality of the Week Winners:
  • Jill and Ilan in 3Colledge continue to produce some fantastic workout videos and will never be seen without their “workout buddies”.
  • Max in 4Malone has been working incredibly hard in his fitness sessions and has found the Eye of the Tiger by Survivor highly motivating.
  • Oscar in 5Lianou and Oscar B in 6Todd have produced two fantastic football quizzes for everyone to have a go at.
  • Ali in 7Guinevere scored an outrageous 50/50 in the tennis quiz this week. He certainly know his Continental grip from a Semi-Western!

Finally from us, we’ve been posted a “Stay Healthy at Home” video in the PE Teams from none other than Olympic Gold Medalist Kat Copeland this week. In the video she shows us her medals and explains some of the symbolism behind them. She also gives us 5 top tips to staying healthy whilst we’re at home. Click here to watch Kat's video! 

Stay active and have a lovely weekend.
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