Dear Parents,
Very many thanks to those of you who took the time to complete the return to school survey.  The results of this survey and the comments have been very useful to us.  94% of respondents agreed that their child had benefited from returning to school, and 92.5% of you felt that we had managed the return to school well. 92% of you felt that every possible risk mitigation that could have been taken was taken by the school and 85.7% of you felt that your family had benefited from your child returning to school. Some of the main concerns you identified with regards to the return to school was the logistical arrangements around half-days, the lack of opportunity to go to either Regents’ Park or have more time in the playground, the change of teacher for the last few weeks of term and concerns around pupils mixing outside their bubbles when they leave the school site. We will of course take on board this feedback and weave it into our pandemic planning.
I am delighted to announce that we are currently finalising our plans to fully re-open in September with all pupils following a full timetable. The guidance is quite complex and includes a lot of detail about how schools should manage the movement of pupils and staff when they return to school. I will be writing again in due course to give further details about how we are going to operate within these guidelines to ensure that we can come back to school as safely as possible.  The expectation is that all children and staff will be returning to school. It is also worth noting that much of the 'leaked' information earlier this week was inaccurate and the published guidelines are very helpful and practical. Returning to school will be hugely exciting for some but for others I realise that it will cause considerable anxiety and concern. My next communication with you will include the details of the measures that will be taken to ensure we follow the published guidelines and do our very best to get all pupils back to school next term in as safe a way as possible, and to hopefully ensure that we do not see any further school closures in the future.  
Next Friday is the last day of the academic year, and we are planning a whole school virtual assembly, at 9am. Please find the link to this below. If you are able, please do join us for the final assembly of the year It will be a chance to bid farewell to some of our teachers and pupils, a chance to reflect on the year and to celebrate some of the children’s successes. 
With best wishes,

James Stenning

Key Information
We are delighted to be able to invite Years 3, 5, 6 and 8 into school for the final morning of term - see the plan for the morning above.

You will be able to access the assembly using this link.

Please note the importance of the drop off and pick up 10 minute slots. We must keep walk-ways clear outside of the school, so please drop your child off promptly where they will be greeted and directed to the correct classroom. Children should use the same entrance as they have been previously.

We are currently in discussion with Naughtons, our transport provider, with regards to the safe transportation of pupils in line with government guidance (details to follow in due course), and coach and shuttle service booking is now open for 2020-21. A new online form must be completed by 10th July 2020 if a pupil wishes to continue using the service in the following Autumn term. If a new form is not submitted, it will be assumed that the service is no longer required and your child will not be allocated a place on the coach.

For full coach details and booking form, please see the school website.  

This week is the last week for the Virtual Choir and 'Ain't No Mountain High Enough'. We have had some amazing recordings. Today is the last day for videos to be sent in so make sure if you were a part of the project your video is sent in to Miss Greenham. 

If you are interested in Lip Synching to the final chorus for fun, please contact Miss Greenham. All you will need is the audio recording, a camera, a yellow top and a smile!

In September we are introducing the whole class learning of an instrument to Year 5 instead of Year 6.  This is largely due to it allowing pupils to continue with these instruments for longer at school, and thus providing more opportunities for ensemble-playing in and out of the classroom.  
We want to provide pupils with the opportunity to learn violin, cello, flute, clarinet, trumpet, or trombone during their class music lessons.  Each music class lesson will be taught by 2 music teachers to allow for as much individual support as possible within the group context. 
Parents will be asked to agree to the purchase of the instrument through the school, with the school organising this at a discount. The fee will be included in your school invoice. We have managed to keep this cost down to approximately £99/trumpet, £119/trombone, £80/violin, £99/clarinet, £99/flute, with the possibility of hiring the cello. These prices were for 2019-2020 and are subject to change for 2020-2021. For reasons of hygiene and care of the instrument we require that parents purchase and take responsibility for the upkeep of the instrument. Once the instrument has been bought it is yours for life – we will provide the specialist teaching in the class lesson. 
We are widening the choices of instrument this year to introduce the strings, which is very exciting!  We have run this scheme for the past 7-8 years, mainly with brass but this year (2019-2020) adding woodwind has been great.  We are very enthusiastic about giving all pupils the chance to learn a musical instrument as it has so many far-reaching benefits to the pupils not only as people with their own well-being, but it also supports all the other subjects that pupils learn at school by helping promote a self-discipline in concentration, focus, team-work and analysis of how to correct their work (how to make that note in tune for example).
To help support you and your child’s decision, here are some short videos explaining each instrument:
Violin and cello video
Flute video
Clarinet video
Trumpet and trombone video 1
Trumpet and trombone video 2
Trumpet and trombone video 3

Please complete this form by Wednesday 8th July 2020,  indicating which instrument your child would like to learn. If you have any questions regarding this, please contact

We are delighted to be able to offer a Year 3 and 4 Summer Camp this year. Please see details below and click here to book a place. For more information, please email Mrs Shelley via
Pupil Achievement 

Congratulations to our Stars of the Week:

3Colledge: Jasper H
3May: Harriet M
3Truesdale: Daisy H
3Gomez: Sophia A
3Purcell: Blake R
Year 3 Online Learning Class: Masarra A and Spencer A

Congratulations to our Stars of the Week:
4Polglaze: Sophie K and Jai S
4Barrett-Brown: Eliott K and Anisha G
4Foster: Dhanraj B and Felix S
4Malone: Raoul R and Mark K-K
4Truasheim: Sofia T and Nico G
4Power: Sol G-F and Erika N
Year 5 have been focusing on the topic ‘Religion and Social Justice’ in their Faith and Philosophy lessons. Some of the themes we have covered are Religion and Gender, and Sexual and Gender Identity. Below are some of the children’s responses from what they have learnt. They have approached these topics with an open mind and great maturity. Please click here to view another brilliant piece of work on this topic. 
The Year 5s have also completed a STEAM project on designing futuristic houses. Click the slide below to see Isla's (5 Soni) fantastic presentation on her house, followed by Dalil (5 Soni) and Kush's (5 Sassery) designs on Minecraft.
In Science, pupils have been creating projects on amphibian classification. Here are just a few of the great examples we have seen. (Click to enlarge).
Top right: Henry
Bottom: Kyle followed by Chiara
YEARS 7 & 8

Upper School Leaders
  • Guinevere: Jaime C-C for his outstanding contribution to NBH since his arrival with Cova. We wish them all the best back in spain.
  • Niniane: Alex C for fantastic work in music this week.
  • Lancelot: Kai G for great time keeping and continuing the high standard of work he has been submitting.
  • Merlin: Abdulaziz B for making an enormous amount of progress over the past few weeks. 
Well done to all of you boys.
Year 7 have been producing some brilliantly informative and well-presented newspaper articles inspired by pieces from ‘The Week’. Well done to Kai, Shaolin, Jonathan, Giulio, Ali and Ben.
On Wednesday, Year 8 students took part in their Post CE Programme Languages Day. The Latin students were asked to recreate Roman themed paintings and we think you’ll agree that their creations are truly inventive, hilarious and quite simply spectacular!
Artists of the Week
Cassidy in Year 4 (lockdown lounge)
Bryn D in Year 7 (rainbow leaves)
William G in Year 5 (still life tonal sketch)
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