Dear Parents,

Very many thanks to all of you who have taken the time to complete the survey that I shared this week with you.  The feedback from this, along with that from the Parent Rep meetings that have taken place this week, is going to be really useful to us in improving the quality of our provision.
Tomorrow (Friday) is a bank holiday in recognition of VE Day; 75 years since the United Kingdom and her allies formally accepted the surrender of Nazi Germany after six years of war. Under normal circumstances, this is something we would be coming together for as a school and commemorating.  We obviously can’t do that, and I am therefore thankful for all the resources that Mr King has put together - particularly his fantastic assembly which you can watch below - for the children to learn from this week. I look forward to joining in with some lessons next week to listen to your children’s thoughts and views of the socially distanced wreath laying, the two-minute silence, the re-broadcast of Winston Churchill’s speech and the Queen’s broadcast.
There may well be some announcements about the re-opening of schools at the weekend, and I will of course be engaging with parents in advance of any re-opening to gather your views as to our plans going forwards.
Wishing you all the best for the bank holiday weekend.

James Stenning


Friday 8 May: Victory in Europe Day
On behalf of North Bridge House Prep School, Mr King brings to you a very special Friday assembly. Click to watch.
Key Information

Cognita Webinars 
Thank you to all those who attended the first Cognita parent webinar on Moving into a world of online learning. Please do share any feedback that you have on these first two sessions and let us know if you have any ideas for future topics. For anyone who missed the webinar, you can find a recording on the Cognita website here

We would like to invite you to attend our second webinar on “How to make screen time and technology work for your family”, which will provide tips and advice on how to make the most out of the technology available and how to balance screen time. Beth Kerr, Cognita’s Group Wellbeing Director, will be joined by Simon Clinch, Computing Lead at St Margaret’s Prep School near Halstead in Essex, and Tim Evans, Educational Technology Coordinator at Stamford American School Hong Kong. This webinar was held for the first time this morning and will be held again on Tuesday 12 May.

We suggest that you test out the relevant event link below 10-15 minutes prior to the start of the webinar for a smooth experience. NB: The webinar will not be live until the specified start time. If you are using the same computer that your child uses for their online learning, you may want to make sure that your child has signed out of their Teams account before you click on the relevant link below.  

Click here for Tuesday 12 May at 17:00

You can join this meeting using a computer or a mobile device and you will find instructions attached for both options. However, from experience, we know that parents usually find it easier to watch these events via a desktop or laptop. 


Reminder: Destination Schools
We are in the process of finalising the list of destination schools for our Year 6 pupils who are moving on next academic year. We would really appreciate if parents could take the time to fill in this short survey if you have not already done so.
Home Learning Stars

Well done to Baxter (5Delaney), Ula (5Delaney) and Brian (6Holt) who got the joint top score (on their first attempt!) in Mr Le Tissier's quiz.
It has been really great to see what everyone has been doing and here are some of the responses:
Ziad F - Beating my dad when he is playing hard in football.
Ula C, 5Delaney - Drawing flowers that I see on my walks. It’s really quite relaxing!
Brian L, 6Holt - I have made my own board game, and I baked something (like pizza and some cake and biscuits). And I have learned how to solve a rubix cube.
Seraphina P, 3Purcell - Teaching my mum how to play the piano.
Ashton, 3Truesdale - Doing pull-ups on bars.
Alex C, Year 8 - I have done gardening.
Suleimaan R, Year 8 - Cooking.

Leah Y, 6Ralph - I have started to exercise a lot more and have taken some new walking routes through the Hampstead Heath Extensions.
Rahul G - I knitted a scarf, it took me about 13 days while doing roughly 2.5 hrs a day.
I got a newsletter mention for this.
Sophie G, 6Ralph - I have been starting to learn the bass guitar on my Dad's bass.
Sebbie S, 3Gomez - Touch typing. Running around the block.
Misha, 3May - I started learning piano and am improving my tennis skills with my sister. We are doing Barry's workout every day.
Dalil O, 5Soni - How to multitask.
Joseph OH, 5Soni - I have developed a new skill which is basketball!
Everett, 5Soni - New songs on guitar, wake up shake up, playing new video games I have mastered, being a victim between two dogs fighting and going to school in my pyjamas.
Harriet H, 5Delaney - I have learnt how to sew two sided coloured bookmarks with peoples names on them.
Henry G, 5Delaney - Lego and drawing.
Eliott K, 4Barret Brown - How to touch type.
Adin, 5Soni - I have developed a skill of writing which is quite nice to have returned to me.
Ella, 5 Soni - I have been sewing curtains for my mums study, and baking cakes.
Zidan H, 6Ralph - I remade some Lego sets that were broken up from when I was younger. On Roblox I also programmed my own game, and I also published it.
Rishad, 7/8Knight - I have developed doing singing lessons.
Olivia J, 3Truesdale - I'm writing a very good book about a Dragon.
Aidan E, 5Soni - To ride a unicycle.
Ashton M, 5Soni - I learned how to make a good paper air plane.

Congratulations to our Stars of the Week:

3Colledge: Faris KR
3May: Liv C 
3Truesdale: Daniel C 
3Gomez: Claire EC 
3Purcell: Lara S 
Seb M in 3Gomes made this fantastic Lego-marble maze while Ilan in 3 Colledge has been growing lettuce.
Year 3 have been writing explanation texts about how bees make honey. Well done to Marissa M and Faris KR in 3Colledge, who both produced some particularly well written pieces (pictured above and below respectively). 
Faris KR, 3Colledge
4Barrett-Brown have got off to a fantastic start with their weekly writing challenge. Each week they are set a theme to write about. Last week's theme was Time Travel and Lara T created a well written and engaging piece. Well done Lara!
A very impressive Lego build from Adan in 5Lianou... A future in construction perhaps?!

Remote Learning Rock Stars:

6Encinar: Jacob R - for putting fantastic effort into his lessons. 
6Todd: Sophie P - for having a positive attitude to learning in all of her classes. 
6King: Cova - for great work in Computer Science, and Newman - for producing high quality work in History. 
6Holt: Brian L - for a consistently fantastic effort in all his classes. 
6Ralph: Tilly G - working diligently in all her lessons. 
Archie B, 6Holt - Dr Purchase was very impressed with his detailed write up for his Bouncy Egg Experiment
Joseph S, 6Todd, wrote a poem this week titled 'Shingle'. Another example of brilliant home learning. Great job Joseph!
Online learning has allowed us to get particularly creative with our lessons and we are seeing many cross-curricular benefits: below our Year 6 Latin students have moved things into the kitchen and have tried their hand at making Roman honey cakes. Well done to Joseph S (top left), Mira (top right), Amelie S (bottom right) and Zak R (bottom left) for their delicious-looking efforts. 
Callum in 6Encinar went above and beyond this week, making this fantastically informative fact file (pictured below) on Italy as extra work. 
Sophie P in 6Todd (above) & Lilia P in 6Encinar (below) - Ms Vivian thought your poems were brilliant. 
Miss Holt's English class have been producing some beautifully written and illustrated poems on snakes. Well done to Amaya G, 6 Todd; Georgie C, 6 Holt; Ibrahim A, 6 King (pictured below from top to bottom).
While Year 6 have been working hard on their Lost Words poetry unit, Giorgio has found his park walks particularly inspiring as he’s been able to seek out some of the plant life he has been writing about.
YEARS 7 & 8

Congratulations to our Leaders of the Week:
Merlin: Sasha S, Rishad AH
Lancelot: Ben W, Kai G
You each made a huge contribution to online learning this week!
The Year 7 and 8s have been creating some truly stunning work for their themed projects exploring either Nature, Reflection, People or Typography.

Don't forget to follow the Prep Art Instagram account to keep up-to-date with the art department’s top tips for young artists working from home, as well as to view the beautiful work that is produced on a daily basis by pupils.
Home PE and Shake Up lessons
We’re starting to receive lots of videos and photos of the pupils (and teachers!) getting involved in their PE and shake up lessons. Thank you so much for sending these in; it’s very cool to see all the children getting stuck in. Below are a couple of the photos and videos we have received this week from Ivan M, Thomas K, Noah B, Sebbie S, Arin S and Miss Truesdale in Year 3; Max S, Emilio N and Dante B in Year 4; and Leo M in Year 8. Apologies that we can’t share them all!
The PE department’s weekly challenge
Before we reveal this week’s PE challenge, check out Guy’s attempt at surpassing Mr Cooper’s mark from the challenge last week!

This week’s challenge is a catching and co-ordination challenge, good luck!
A message from a Star
Click here to see a video that Lewis Ludlam has shared with our pupils. Lewis plays rugby professionally for Northampton Saints and England, and is a former pupil of our very own Mr Branch!
Cognita Home Games
We have more details about the exciting Cognita Home Games... The information below is straight off the press from Cognita!
Sport and being active is such a key part of our wellbeing, and that is especially important in these difficult times. That is why we are delighted to offer our schools the chance to participate in our very own Cognita Home Games, which will take place from 18-22 May!

This special and unique event has been pulled together by colleagues from around the Cognita family with the aim of inspiring our school communities to get active, train hard and above all – have fun.

The events are divided into fitness and skill activities and there are four fitness and four skill events in total per age group. There are also some bonus 'fun events' at the end. The events have a similar core, which are developed according to age. The events should be completed by the night of Wednesday 20 May and on Thursday 21 May.

Further details about scoring and how this will be rolled out will be sent home by our PE staff and form tutors next week.
Sports Personality of the Week Winners
Well done to all of this week’s winners; your efforts in PE and during your home workouts have been so impressive. Keep up the good work!
  • Year 3 - Sebbie S - for a great high elbow on his batting drive. Well done for going the extra mile and keeping the PE team up to date with action videos and pictures from home. 
  • Year 4 - Dante B – for getting creative with his cricket stumps practice and making an incredible video showing some very skillful shots.
  • Year 5 - Chiara G – for really getting stuck into her wake up shake up each day and trying her hardest.
  • Year 6 - Clara W – for always putting 100% effort into her wake up shake ups each morning.
  • Year 7 - Will T – for getting a great score in the cricket masterclass bowling quiz.
  • Year 8 - Suleimaan R– for an outstanding effort in his masterclass batting quiz with a solid 9/10.
Tune into NBH Prep’s monthly playlist for a soundtrack to your bank holiday weekend and the month of May. Tracks old and new, our teachers are now sharing their favourite songs with you.
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