Dear Parents, 

With Year 4 and 5 pupils back in school now, we are slowly returning to a semblance of normality. It has been wonderful to see them learning back in their classrooms with their friends and interacting with their teachers. We look forward to the Year 3s joining them back on site on Monday. I would like to thank all the parents who took part in the recent pulse survey and your continued feedback is very useful to me. I will definitely take on board your comments about the challenges half-days present.  A number of parents questioned why we weren’t using Regents’ Park. Unfortunately we don’t have permission yet from Royal Park’s to resume using it, but this is something we are working on. I would also like to extend a big thank you to all my staff who have come in to teach the pupils. 
In last week’s newsletter, we omitted to say farewell to Anna Truesdale for which I must apologise. Anna has been on the Year 3 team since September 2018. Not only an outstanding educator, Anna has always thrown herself with gusto into school life beyond the classroom; be it teaching Music or Sports (two of her big passions), leading the highly successful anti-bullying initiative or taking on the role of Assistant Head of Year. Anna returned to her native New Zealand when we went into lockdown where she has been teaching throughout the night these last few weeks. She is very much looking forward to the start of the summer holidays when she can eventually adjust her clocks! We wish her all the very best for the future.
Wishing you all the very best for a restful and enjoyable weekend.

James Stenning

Key Information
Coronavirus support for parents and carers to keep children safe online
Please click here fora very useful government link to help you continue to monitor and provide guidance for your child under COVID19, and beyond. Some of these websites have been highlighted in previous newsletters, but this is a reminder of them.

Apps to help children stay safe online include Own It from the BBC. The website has a lot of content for children to help them navigate their online lives, and the free smartphone app comes with a special keyboard which can intervene with help and support in the moments that children need it the most.
SafeToNet is an app for parents to help them safeguard their children from online risks like cyberbullying and sexting, whilst respecting their child’s rights to privacy. The SafeToNet Foundation is providing UK families with free access to 1 million licences during coronavirus.

Club Submissions for September 2020
Please note that club bookings for the next academic year will be opening next Friday, 3rd July at 10am, and the timetable and price list will be available on the website. Booking will be open for two weeks, with confirmation of places being sent out during the Summer break. 
Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, not all clubs will be running for the first term and those that are will experience limited capacities to ensure social distancing measures are upheld. Please rest assured that we will endeavour to get all clubs back up and running as soon as we are able to.
Any further questions or help needed booking a club on the day, please contact 

End of Year Assembly: Friday 10th July
We would like to invite you to join our final assembly of the academic year. In next week's newsletter there will be a link which will allow parents and carers to join and view Mr Stenning's assembly. The assembly will start at 9am and should last no longer than an hour. 
Year 5 Summer School

Our 11+/13+ summer course will be run by a specialist teaching team:
 Maths - Mr Yeung
English - Miss Baria
Critical Thinking - Miss Soni
Physical Activity - Mr Branch and Mr Mcnee

The children will be sorted into small groups suitable for their maths ability and the work given will be targeted towards key areas for 11+/13+ preparation.  A typical day is shown below:

Timings Group 1
09.00am - 09.15am Registration
09.15am - 10.30am Maths
10.30am - 11.00am GAP
11.00am - 12.15pm Crit. Thinking
12.15pm - 12.45pm Lunch
12.45pm - 14.00pm English
14.00pm - 14.15pm PWP
14.15pm - 15.30pm Sports
Maths and English will be a combination of past papers (results will give specific areas to work on), targeted concepts that often need repetition and revision. This will not be a repeat of the curriculum to be covered in Year 6. Critical Thinking will go beyond Atom Learning and the support and guidance that they provide - tackling what are typically the trickiest of question types, looking at time management and exam technique.

With the occasional exception for some Critical Thinking lessons, these sessions will not use laptops or other devices.

Please click here to book onto the summer school programme. Any questions or for further details, please contact Mr Le Tissier.
Pupil Achievement 

Congratulations to our Stars of the Week:

3Colledge: Ella B
3May: Jenson V
3Truesdale: Abigail U
3Gomez: Sebbie S
3Purcell: Arkin C


Congratulations to our Stars of the Week:

4Polglaze: Marcia T and Alfie H
4Barrett-Brown: Sureya J and Yoav L
4Foster: Leon L and Saisha M
4Malone: Liya E and Masha R
4Truasheim: Flynn H and Emilio N
4Power: Zac A & Luke Y-S

The Elvis Twins, better known in school as Yadin and Nandi in Year 5, have been busy recording some more of The King of Rock and Roll’s greatest hits. Here they are with their fantastic cover of On Our Way.

On Monday, Year 6 pupils took part in a fantastic day of bushcraft activities - both online and in school. Rahul, Brian, Joseph and Mia produced some lovely nature journal entries in their online learning class as part of the celebrations.
Year 6 thoroughly enjoyed their Bushcraft experience both in and out of school. Check out this video to see all the wild and wonderful things they got up to.
Pupils in 6Lee have been responding to some Literary Heritage texts in their English lessons to inspire and inform their writing. We have some fantastic examples from Aarav, Rufus and  Zidan.
YEARS 7 & 8

Upper School Leaders
Congratulations to our Upper School Leaders Jasper W and Max S (pictured below) for outstanding work in the community; well done boys! The Upper School teachers are very proud of the work you did.
Post Common Entrance Community Day
As part of their Post Common Entrance programme, pupils partook in a Community Day to play their part in the local community. A huge well done to Ali M, Oli B, Jasper W and Max W who did a run around Regent’s Park to raise money for the ZSL London Zoo, and to Leo M who baked cakes and put the bins out for his neighbourhood. Adi K also did a good deed helping his Dad’s friend to fix his racing car!
Above: Ali M's presentation on his run for ZSL with Oli, Jasper and Max. Below: Leo M's homemade cakes and efforts to put the bins out.
Post Common Entrance Drama Project

The Year 8s have also been busy with a drama project, hoping to bring to life Star Wars, Episode 4 – but with a twist... It will all be in Shakespearian iambic-pentameter! Thanks to Hovig for music, Charles and Leo M for editing, and so many of the Year 8s for stand out acting, but in particular Ollie B for his performance as Luke and Felix as Obi-Wan. We hope to share the video in the last week of term; it is now in post-production!! Watch out for its premiere soon!
Year 6 have been creating their own colouring books this week around the theme of animals. They’ve produced some very intricate designs that will make for quite challenging colouring in! Well done to Harper, Oliver, Rufus and Lara G for such careful and complex work.
Year 8 have been working on lockdown comics and we have seen such a great selection of informative, emotive and humorous creations! Here are some lovely examples from Luke L, Ali M, Leo M, Charles R Christian N and Felix N (pictured top to bottom, left to right).
It’s all been happening this week. The Year 3s and 4s have been building up their athletics skills and are challenging their families to a heptathlon of events. Amongst others, there’s the classic egg and spoon (or kiwi fruit and spoon) race, shot put, javelin and relay races. We’ve been sent so many photos and videos this week, so we’ve selected a few highlights below.
Our Wake up, Shake-ups are still going strong, although we’ve had to make them a little more challenging as the pupils’ fitness seems to be going through the roof! This week we’ve upped the exercise time to 40 secs on and just 20 secs rest. I’m not sure how much longer the PE teachers’ legs can last.
In school, Miss Todd has been putting the Year 6s through their paces as she prepares them for an athletics competition week.
Sports Personalities of the Week
  • Year 3: Leo and Sebbie S – sent in a fantastic video of their egg and spoon skills.
  • Year 4: Max S – uploaded an incredible video of his extremely speedy feet and ability to change direction at pace.
  • Year 5: Sam K – has been dedicated to his fitness training. His effort during the “Wake Up, Shake-Up” sessions each morning is impressive.
  • Year 6: Juliette F – has been focused and always giving her best in her PE lessons.
  • Year 7: Shaolin L – scored and incredible 9/10 in the long-distance running quiz.
Keep those photos and videos coming in; there are plenty of merits on offer. Stay active and have a lovely weekend!

Given that the Year 6 Bushcraft Day was such a success, we would like to make parents aware that Cuffley Camp in Hertfordshire is taking bookings for their 5 day summer camps for 8-14 year olds. Cuffley are really hopeful that they will be able to safely operate a reduced number of camps and so are taking bookings for 10-14th August or the 17th – 21st August

Parents can find out lots more information, answers to frequently asked questions, and make bookings here
You can now view previous newsletters here.
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