Dear Parents,
What a very strange half term we’ve had.  I would first of all like to thank all my teachers for all their hard work adjusting to this new way of working and for going above and beyond in delivering outstanding lessons. I would also like to thank you, the parents, for all your support, encouragement and positivity in helping your children adapt.
We are very much looking to opening our doors to the Year 6 pupils after the half-term break and have been busy planning for this, ensuring the building is safe and our curriculum is appropriately adapted to welcome them back.
However, for now – stay safe and stay well, and as ever, please do get in touch if you have any questions.

With warm best wishes

James Stenning

Key Information

Online Peri Lessons and Invoicing
Just to say ‘Well done’ to all those who have converted to online peri music lessons via Teams.  We recognise that pupils, parents and the peri teachers themselves have had to make adjustments, but we have noticed some real positives.  For example, it has given parents a chance to sit in on lessons and meet the peri teachers and see how to support their progress.  We are now looking at ways to create group performances, with the virtual choir and orchestra.
Due to the current situation we may not be able to deliver the exact number of lessons that have been invoiced.  Please don’t worry; we are keeping a running total of lessons given and Finance will do a true-up at the end of term.

We wish you all a restful half-term holiday from the Music Department!


11+ information
Ms Lee, Ms Vivian and Miss Woods have created a document with some useful information regarding the 11+. We are all working hard to make sure that the preparation for the children both this term and at the beginning of Year 6 remains high quality and appropriate.

Ms Vivian remains in contact with the registrars of many secondary schools regarding any alterations they may wish to make to their assessment process. We will share any such changes or key information we receive with you.

Please click on this link for more detailed information. I have also attached the Future School Booklet which was shared at the last parent meeting.


Return to School
Click below to see Mr Stenning's video containing important guidance for the Year 6 pupils upon their return to school. 

Home Learning Stars

Congratulations to our Stars of the Week:
3Purcell - Elsie E / Clelia C 
3May - Kiki C 
3Gomez - Finley B
3Colledge - Eliza H
3Truesdale - Ziad F

This week, the Year 3s have been producing some fantastic poetry inspired by the famous Kit Wright's 'The Magic Box'. Clockwise from the right, well done to Ziad F in 3Truesdale,Shun H in 3May, Apostolos M in 3Colledge, Olivia J in 3Truesdale, Sophia in 3Gomez.
Leyla in 3Gomez produced another fantastic piece.
Well done to Elsie E, 3Purcell, for her creative interpretation of The Magic Box above and to Jenson V, 3May, who wrote this lovely poem below about encountering an alien in the middle of the night. Great work Jenson! 

Congratulations to our Stars of the Week:
4Polglaze - Toby B / Zahan A-H
4Barrett-Brown - Anisha G / Ethan M
4Truasheim - George B / Rachelle J-U
4Malone - Charles P / Rudy H
4Power - Tom F / Anna L-B
4Foster - Santiago L / Emily R
In 4Barrett- Brown, the children made some colourful sundials when learning about the Aztec’s religion in RE.
It is always a pleasure to see children learn new skills whilst in lockdown. Bon G (above) has been throwing pottery and made two egg cups on the wheel. Brilliant concentration Bon!

Year 5 have been busy making models in science to show how night and day occur. Well done to (clockwise from top) Marcus, Iris and Morefe whose models are pictured below, and to Cameron for this brilliantly informative write-up.
Lilia in 6Encinar made this freeze frame collage of the 'Near Sacrifice of Isaac' using her toys. Well done Lilia; very creative! 
A fantastically punchy and descriptive piece from Rufus P in Year 6, inspired by 'The Lost Words' unit of work (see below).
Oliver P has taken a beautifully descriptive acrostic approach to his poetic depiction of bramble (see below).  
YEARS 7 & 8

Congratulations to our Leaders of the Week:
It is a pleasure to announce the boys below as the leaders of the week; each boy has made a huge contribution in many areas of online leaning this week and has earned huge plaudits from a number of teachers. 

Year 7
Merlin: Shaolin L
Guinevere: Ali A
Niniane: Will T

Year 8
Merlin: Luke L
Niniane: Leo M
Inspirational Doorstep Recitals

Hovig, Year 8 Ninane, performed another concert for the residents of his road this week.  He was accompanied by an eminent resident pianist on Sunday. It was hugely appreciated by neighbours and residents sitting at their windows. Of course, appropriate social distancing was maintained by all.

One little boy, aged 5, was so moved he was in tears afterwards, insisting he wanted a violin... He cheered up when Hovig showed him how to make some music for when he finally gets one!

Hovig’s road will be treated to regular courtyard recitals and concerts throughout the Summer – lucky neighbours! And a huge well done to Hovig for being such an inspiration.
Great effort from Louis in Year 8 who made his own quadrat for science and collected his own sampling results in his garden.
Kai in 7Lancelot did a wonderful job making an intricate model of the muscles in the arm, showing how they work antagonistically. He was the only one in the class who managed to get his model to work.
Artists of the Week
Well done Edoardo, Sophie and Jojo for being this week's artists of the week! 
4Trusheim: Edoardo D (flower)
6Todd: Sophie P (ear)
Year7: Jojo UW (still-life)
Our summer of Shakespeare continues ‘at a pace’. The week before last the Year 3 and 4 students designed costumes from Oberon and Titania from ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream.’ Some of the work was outstanding and would not of looked out of place in a GCSE Drama portfolio. Mr White was very, very impressed. Apostolos deserves a special mention as does Liv in Year 3, who both showed real insight into the characters they designed for. Brilliant!! In Year 4 a shout out to Bon, whose steam punk Oberon was totally on point!!

We have also been busy recording two famous scenes from two Shakespeare plays. With Years 5 and 6 we have been looking at the balcony scene in Romeo and Juliet and Years 7 and 8 have been creating video of Prospero and Ariel from the Tempest. 
PE & Games Highlights

Cognita Home Games
A massive well done to all the boys and girls, teachers and parents who took part in the 2020 Cognita Home Games! We were blown away by the dedication of some of our children who took their training and efforts to a new level to secure themselves a medal. We now have the results of the Cognita Home Games but regardless of the those results, we are so proud of our athletes! To find out the results please click here. As you can imagine, we have received so many photos and videos of our competitors completing their events. Below is a snapshot of what we have received. Thank you for helping to send all of these in and we do apologise that we could not fit them all in. A huge thanks again for all your efforts to make the Cognita Home Games a very special event!

Click here to see a Tweet from Katherine Copeland earlier this week regarding the Cognita Home Games. 
Year 3 Athletes
Arin S - Toilet Roll Tummy Challenge
Freddie E - Dribbling Challenge
Misha K - Step Challenge
Kiki C - Plank Challenge and her results
Elliot S - Burpee Challenge
Jill E-C and Claire E-C
Siana P - Plank Challenge and step up challenge
Ivan M - Plank Challenge
Year 4 Athletes
Cassidy C – Plank Challenge
Jai S – Burpees Challenge
Jake P – Press ups Challenge
Masha R – Step ups Challenge
Max S – Plank Challenge
Tara T – Juggling Challenge
William O – Burpees Challenge
Momoka S
Raphael G
Year 5 Athletes
Izabella T - Plank Challeneg
Lena A - Plank Challenge
Aisha A - Step up Test
Leo B - Plank Challenge 
Cameron B - Plank Challenge 
Ula C - Balancing Toilet Roll Challenge 
Oscar A - Plank Challenge 
Harrison B - Plank Challenge 
Chiara G – Plank Challenge
Dashiel B – Burpee Challenge 
Year 6 Athletes
Rufus P – Target Throw Challenge
Archie B – Toilet Roll Tummy Challenge
Lara A – Speed Bounce Challenge
Brian L – Toilet Roll Tummy Challenge
Jack O – Plank Challenge
Harry D – Plank Challenge
Sebby W – Juggling Challenge
Year 7 & 8 Athletes
Leo M – Speed Bounce Challenge (see below).
Sports Personality of the Week Winners
Well done to all this week’s winners; your efforts in PE and during your home workouts have been so impressive - keep up the great work!
  • Year 3 - Kiki C - for her great effort with the Cognita Home Games and uploading all her video evidence. 
  • Year 4 - Raphael G - for showing such commitment with his Cognita Home Games training. Well done!
  • Year 5 - Ula C - for being the first to upload all video evidence and scores. 
  • Year 6 - Sebby W – for his brilliant efforts in training for the CHG. It was great to see the effort Sebby has put in through the videos he posted.
  • Year 7 - Bryn D – for being super speedy with uploading his CHG results and working hard in the training leading up to it.
  • Year 8 - Leo M – for consistently performing well and being one of the first boys to submit his results, and impressive results they were!
Tune into NBH Prep’s monthly playlist for a soundtrack to your bank holiday weekend and the month of May. Have a lovely half term!
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