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Eternity ?

2Co 4:18  because we do not look for things that can be seen but for things that cannot be seen. For things that can be seen are temporary, but things that cannot be seen are eternal. 
Jud 1:25  to the only God, our Savior, through Yahushua the Messiah, our Lord, be glory, majesty, power, and authority before all time and for all eternity! Amen. 
עֹלָם    עוֹלָם
‛ôlâm    ‛ôlâm
o-lawm', o-lawm'
From H5956; properly concealed, that is, the vanishing point; generally time out of mind (past or future), that is, (practically) eternity; frequentative adverbially (especially with prepositional prefix) always: - always (-s), ancient (time), any more, continuance, eternal, (for, [n-]) ever (-lasting, -more, of old), lasting, long (time), (of) old (time), perpetual, at any time, (beginning of the) world (+ without end). Compare H5331, H5703.
From G165; perpetual (also used of past time, or past and future as well): - eternal, for ever, everlasting, world (began).
What is eternity? Simply put it is a different dimension. In eternity there is no measurement of time.

Please let that sink in. We her on earth in this life are conditioned to measure things in a linear way using time as a way to track everything in our existence. We see in the Hebrew word (properly concealed, perpetual, before and after) it is important to realize how different the dimension where the Kingdom of Heaven is from what we are for the most part currently experiencing.

I stated above for the most part what we are experiencing in daily life is this temporal existence. But for the believer this is not the whole story, we are living now as eternal beings with Yahushua. Our spirit and soul are knit together in Yahushua as one! This means we exist in more than one dimension and can touch and be touched by eternal things daily! You are a new creature in Yahushua Ha Mashiac. Praise Him for the great things He has done!
2Co 5:17  Therefore, if anyone is in Messiah, he is a new creation. Old things have disappeared, and—look!—all things have become new!
Eph 2:6  raised us up with him, and seated us with him in the heavenly realm in Messiah Yahushua, 
Whoa!! Incredible are you experiencing heavenly things as you walk with your Saviour each day; it is part of who you are as a believer. We encourage you to get into that prayer closet and to meditate about you eternal existence daily; this world is passing away and everything in it. As believers we must focus our attention upon our Saviour who is in heaven so we can deal with the challenges of our daily lives here. Walk in His ways and do His commands. We are not saved by doing good works, we do good works because we are saved! I serve a living God whom I am connected with literally.
1Ti 6:12-14  Fight the good fight for the faith. Keep holding on to eternal life, to which you were called and about which you gave a good testimony in front of many witnesses. Since you are in the presence of God, who gives life to everything, and in the presence of the Messiah Yahushua, who gave a good testimony before Pontius Pilate, I solemnly charge you to keep these commands stainlessly and blamelessly until the appearance of our Lord Yahushua, the Messiah.
The Kingdom of Heaven is where we will be forever it is in the eternal dimension. You don’t want to miss out on this for any reason we implore you to take the time now and make your place secure in Messiah so you won’t miss out on any good thing, now and forever.
May you find Yahushua today
From all of us here at MKI Studios
For here and for all further Scriptural references unless specifically noted we use The King James(KJV) and or The International Standard Version (ISV) for our Scriptural quotes. Please also note we use Strong’s Hebrew and Greek Concordance for added understanding.
For here and for all further Scriptural references when these two words are used; LORD and Jesus please be advised of the following: We do interchange them out of respect to our God.
Wherever LORD is used the actual Hebrew = יהוה Yahuwah H3068
Wherever Jesus is used the actual Hebrew = יְהוֹשֻׁעַ  Yahushua H3091

We have a further in-depth study on His Names on our website Here.
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