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Strongs Hebrew & Greek “Law”

תֹּרָה    תּוֹרָה
tôrâh    tôrâh
to-raw', to-raw'

From H3384; a precept or statute, especially the Decalogue or Pentateuch: - law.

H3384     ירא    ירה     yârâh  yârâ'     yaw-raw', yaw-raw'

A primitive root; properly to flow as water (that is, to rain); transitively to lay throw (especially an arrow, that is, to shoot); figuratively to point out (as if by aiming the finger), to teach: -  (+) archer, cast, direct, inform, instruct, lay, shew, shoot, teach (-er, - ing), through.

As we can see the word in our English Bible is stated as the Law. The actual Hebrew word has an entirely different meaning and thought than our English understanding. Most all of us think of a rule or regulation in the context of our language.  “The Greek word "Law" in the N.T. is like being taken to the courthouse, to appear before a judge and jury, to hear your sentence and find out which prison you will be sent to for the crimes you have committed. This definition resembles punishment after a law has been broken.  
Please carefully read the Hebrew H3384 above it gives an entirely different feeling and understanding of the transliterated English word law.

The Hebrew word for "Law" in the O.T. is a far different definition which resembles measures or training to help you avoid punishment or missing the the mark or target, to teach, to train like an archer: -  (+) archer, cast, direct, inform, instruct, lay, shew, shoot, teach (-er, - ing), through.

Or if you will flow like a river The River of Yah !

Now when we listen to wisdom cry out in Proverbs we begin to hear the true direction the target of their life, a wise man and an unwise man.

Pro 8:33-36  Listen to instruction and be wise. Don't ignore it. Blessed is the person who listens to me, watching daily at my gates, waiting at my doorways— because those who find me find life and gain favor from Yahuwah. But whoever sins against me destroys himself; everyone who hates me loves death." 

Pro 23:19  Listen, my son, and be wise, commit yourself to live Yah's way. 
What is Yah’s way what is the way of a true believer is it not the straight and narrow path? What did our Messiah say about it, what does Scripture say about it?
Mat 7:13-14  "Go in through the narrow gate, because the gate is wide and the road is spacious that leads to destruction, and many people are entering by it. How narrow is the gate and how constricted is the road that leads to life, and there aren't many people who find it!" 
Luk 21:34-36  "Constantly be on your guard so that your hearts will not be loaded down with self-indulgence, drunkenness, and the worries of this life, or that day will take you by surprise like a trap, because it will come on everyone who lives on the face of the earth. So be alert at all times, praying that you may have strength to escape all these things that are going to take place and to take your stand in the presence of the Son of Man." 

We are told to follow the narrow path, the road or direction and we will find the Gate and our way through this world and it’s evils. This sounds a lot like Torah doesn’t it.

Hebrew is written and read from right to left. English is written from left to right. In Hebrew each letter has a meaning and so we can see something amazing comes out of the 4 letters we see above in the Hebrew word Torah. Taw means (Cross) Vaw means (Nail) Resh means (Head, or First or Son) and Hey means (Behold). Now let us take the Hebrew letters of the word Torah and read them from left to right and something wonderful is hidden in plain sight…
Behold The First Son Nailed to the cross.
Law in our Bibles really is the word Torah now it means much more to us when we follow Torah we find what comes out of it is Yahushua ! Behold The First Son Nailed to the cross.

May you all find great blessings when you read the word law in your Bibles from now on !
Love in Yahushua
From all of us here at MKI Studios

For here and for all further Scriptural references unless specifically noted we use The King James(KJV) and or The International Standard Version (ISV) for our Scriptural quotes. Please also note we use Strong’s Hebrew and Greek Concordance for added understanding.
For here and for all further Scriptural references when these two words are used; LORD and Jesus please be advised of the following: We do interchange them out of respect to our God.
Wherever LORD is used the actual Hebrew = יהוה Yahuwah H3068
Wherever Jesus is used the actual Hebrew = יְהוֹשֻׁעַ  Yahushua H3091

We have a further in-depth study on His Names on our website Here.
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