Dutch Network Newsletter - Edition September 2019
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Netherlands Association "Je Maintiendrai"
Septmber Dutch Network Newsletter
Welcome to the Dutch Network September 2019 Newsletter!

Ah September, even though we still have the Summer's blistering heat, soon it's back to school, and Fall is on the horizon. Time to take stock and prepare for Fall. This month's newsletter contains a number of features and news items, we have our regular story contributor Francoise van Buytenen with  "Canadian dingetjes". From Barbara & Peter Buree we continue Hollandse uitdrukkingen en gezegden with a "no place like home" theme. 

Our Dutch Poem this month is "Op Amstelredam" by Joost van den Vondel. Our featured recipe is "Bruine Bonen Soep" by John van Rij. In addition, we would like to welcome our new newsletter sponsor Eric Hettema owner of "Van Gogh Painting and Restorations Ltd.", more information below. We have a notice from UBC about Dutch Classes starting in September and a request for volunteers for this year's Sinterklaas event. One of our members has asked us to post a CBC News item about a couple that went missing 25 years ago, the family are still looking for clues.

Next year is the 75th Anniversary of the Dutch Liberation, and to celebrate Canada's contributions the Dutch Liberation 2020 Canadian Society is having "Canadian Liberator" Tulip bulbs brought in from the Netherlands to make Canada bloom. You can purchase bulbs and read all about the Society's efforts by following the links in the article below.

We start this Newsletter with an In memorium feature for Her Royal Highness Princess Christina, who sadly passed on August 16. Followed by a SAVE THE DATE notice for the October 12th Dutch Network "Netherlands Association Je Maintiendrai" Annual General Meeting.

  September 4
- Dutch Pub Night - Langley
  September 10 - Dutch Classes start at De Esdoorn
  September 14 - DUTCH BIKE RIDE - Fort Langley
  September 18 - Dutch Pub Night - Vancouver
  September 23 - Dutch Classes start at UBC
  September 25 - Klaverjas Club, North Surrey meetings start

  November 30 - Sinterklaas Event
All the details below.

Also in this edition: Dutch Coffee Clubs, Pub Night dates, and much more.

Thank you and enjoy.

In memoriam: Her Royal Highness Princess Christina of the Netherlands, Princess of Orange-Nassau, Princess of Lippe-Biesterfeld.

It is with great sadness that we have to start this newsletter with reflecting on the passing of Princess Christina.  She died August 16, 2019 at Noordeinde Palace, The Hague, at the age of 72.
Born on February 18, 1947 at Paleis Soestdijk as princess Marijke, the princess is the youngest sister of princess Beatrix and the fourth daughter of princess Juliana and prince Bernard.  Princess Christina was previously married and had three children:  Bernardo Guillermo, Nicolas Guillermo, Juliana Guillermo. She was probably best known as the princess who did not want to be royalty.
The princess is best known within our own local community for the Princess Christina concerts. For over 40 years, the prestigious Princess Christina Competition in The Netherlands has provided important opportunities for young Dutch music students in their late teens and early twenties, both performers and composers. The winners of the competition tour North America and usually visit Vancouver at the end of April or early May.  
On behalf of the Dutch community we represent, the Dutch Network sends its condolences and prayers to the royal family in The Netherlands.

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Dutch Network (Netherlands Association Je Maintiendrai) will be holding its Annual General Meeting on Saturday October 12 at 11 am, 1099 Sitka Square, Vancouver.

Francoise van Buytenen - Canadian dingetjes Story banner

Canadian dingetjes

Do you notice these remarkable Canadian dingetjes? Coming from another country (Holland) I have the bad Dutch habit to judge the differences. Which immediately puts into question the reason why I live abroad. It is actually the reason I like to live abroad. With a healthy bit of curiosity and a whole lot of “knowing it better” I learn about the Canadian ways.
My remarkable Canadian dingetjes that I find so different, in my not so humble opinion, come from my everyday life. Like the first time I went to see a doctor and found out that introducing myself by handshake is quite uncommon. And from here introducing and seeing people got worse. Meeting up with Canadians with the (to me unknown) Canadian hug ended in embarrassing moments of me thinking I should kiss on the cheek afterwards. The other person, unaware of my sudden movement, looking up to me in despair as my kiss unintentionally ending on the mouth. One of these tenenkrommende Canadian moments I wish to forget.
Another Canadian dingetje is the inevitable random conversation with anyone who has a (great) grandparent, aunt, neighbour, teacher of grade 2 back in 1987, who is from Holland too. What a coincidence! And whether the ones behind me in line (or I) like it or not, the story must be told. They let me guess where the person is from by pronouncing a series of sounds starting with an A. My turn now to translate this. I start summing up the lists I learned at Aardrijkskunde; Appingedam, Abcoude, Amersfoort, Apeldoorn. It was a village of 1200 people called Abbebroek. They have not been to Holland themselves yet, but they will, one day. By this time, sweat is in my hands and embarrassment takes over for the people waiting behind me. When I finally break off the conversation boldly as a true Dutch, the people behind smile their Canadian glimlach, leaving me in doubt about the meaning of it.
This is all in line with the ultimate Canadian dingetje: Patience. Which I do not have. At all. Canadians come with double the amount. It sometimes even feels like they are trying me. Just to see when I tilt. And even when I tilt, they remain dead calm.
And this brings me to my final Canadian dingetje that makes me laugh all the time when I see it. It is forming a line. Not just with the people at the bus stop. No. With their shopping trollies. If you need to wait and you have a shopping trolley, put your trolley in line and wait somewhere else. Not far, just at place where you can sit. But your spot is safe. It does remind me of people putting towels at the swimming pool at 6 am in the morning for the best spot. Which I am certain that Canadians would never do. Because that is against the rules. And rules for Canadians are there not to be broken. That is why I wonder how the shopping trolley line up is allowed. It is very Canadian and at the same time so un-Canadian.
Of course, there are a lot more Canadian dingetjes that I did not mention like the strange paper sizes. Especially these long sheets. Or the fact that food I want to order is always finished or the machine is out of order. Their constant apologies. Their coffees to go.
I do not complain. I learn every day, even when I get impatient at times. I think I should slow down, just like them. Take life as it is. Adjust to the slow pace. And get a shopping trolley. Just to rebel.

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Dutch Network announces Van Gogh Painting and Restorations Ltd. as a new sponsor

Van Gogh Painting and Restorations Ltd. - header

Dutch Network is pleased to welcome Van Gogh Painting and Restorations Ltd. as a new sponsor. Owned for over 30 years by Eric Hettema, Van Gogh has been restoring Residential and Commercial buildings across Canada. Their services of painting, roofing, exterior and interior restorations are available across the Lower Mainland, Vancouver Island and other parts of BC. We would like to thank Eric for his financial support to our association and community.
If you would like to learn more about the high quality services Van Gogh Painting and Restorations Ltd provides, please email Eric at or visit their website at

Van Gogh Painting and Restorations Ltd.

University of British Columbia DUTCH CLASSES

Learn Dutch!  UBC Extended Learning is offering Dutch classes in the fall at the Robson Square Campus.

Beginner I Dutch: Mondays, September 23rd - December 2nd from 7:30 - 9:30 pm
Beginner II Dutch: Tuesdays, September 24th - November 19th from 5:30 - 7:30 pm

To register and for more information go to: or call 604-822-1444.

De Esdoorn School DUTCH CLASSES

Classes start on September 10th. For more information contact Eline Naajkens at 778-323-6391 or email

De Esdoorn is een Nederlandse Taal- en Cultuurschool in Vancouver en omgeving in de Canadese provincie British Columbia. De school is in 2015 opgericht en is geregistreerd als not-for-profit organisatie 'De Esdoorn - Dutch Language and Culture School Society' in de provincie British Columbia.

Lessen worden individueel of in kleine groepjes gegeven aan leerlingen van alle leeftijden. De focus ligt op dit moment bij leerlingen van 4 t/m 12 jaar, maar in overleg  zijn er ook mogelijkheden voor leerlingen die buiten deze leeftijdscategorie valt.

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Peter Vanderkooy - Makelaar - Realtor - - Mensen verbinden met locaties & locaties met mensen. Het meest belangrijkste is de verbinding die ik met U maak! Connecting people with places and places with people, however,  the most important connecting is the one I make with you!

Looking for Volunteers!

We are a group of dedicated Dutch volunteers who will welcome Sinterklaas on November 30th, 2019. We are looking for volunteers to join our team. We will start planning our 8th annual Sinterklaas party in early September, and we will meet about 7 times to create this great event.

You will enjoy this event even more when you participate with the creation of this memorable experience for children and the young at heart.

If you are interested in joining our team, please send an Email to Please tell us any previous volunteering experience, and why you are interested in joining the Sinterklaas team.

Aen d'Áemstel en aan 't Y, daer doet sich heerlijck open
Sy die, als Keyserin, de kroon draeght van Europe,
Amstelredam, die 't hooft verheft aan 's hemels as,
En schiet, op Plutoos borst, haar wortels door 't moerasch.
Wat watren worden niet beschaduwt van haar zeilen?
Op welcke marckten gaat zy niet haar waren veilen?
Wat volcken zietse niet beschijnen van de maan;
Zy die zelf wetten stelt den ganschen Oceaan?
Zy breit haar vleugels uit, door aanwas veler zielen,
En sleept de weerelt in, met overlade kielen.
Welvaren blijft haar erf, soo lang de Priesterschap
Den Raed niet overheert, en blindhockt met de kap.

Joost van den Vondel (1587 – 1679)

Joost van den Vondel was a Dutch poet, writer and playwright. He is considered the most prominent Dutch poet and playwright of the 17th century. Vondel's theatrical works were regularly performed until the 1960s. The most visible was the annual performance, on New Year's Day from 1637 all the way up to 1968 (331 consecutive years!), of Gijsbrecht van Aemstel. Amsterdam's biggest park, the Vondelpark, bears his name. The Dutch five guilder banknote bore Vondel's portrait from 1950 until it was discontinued in 1990.
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Hollandse uitdrukkingen en gezegden

by Barbara & Peter Buree
Old Ducth Wall Clock photo
De vakantie is nu op en vele mensen gaan weer naar huis. Hoe is het ook weer? Oost west thuis best. En er zijn nog meer gezegden die uitdrukken hoe belangrijk voor ons thuis zijn is. Zoals het klokje thuis tikt, tikt het nergens. Thuis heb je het op je gemak en je kan zelf je omgeving zo creëren zoals je het wil. Na ja, je moet wel een beetje rekenschap met de buren houden, toch? Beter thuis rapen eten dan elders gebraad. Een excuus om niet uit te gaan? Maar het gaat niet alleen om het huis zelf. Als iemand zegt je moet je handen thuis houden dan weet je wel wat je niet moet doen. Van alle markten thuis zijn is iemand die veel kan of weet. En anders om, als je van iets niet thuis bent dan heb je er geen verstand van. Die ene is een echte huismuis en blijft graag thuis. Iemand anders voelt zich gauw snel ergens anders thuis en is veel op reis, misschien ook voor zaken dus zijn thuis is in een schuur. Maar of in Vancouver of Amsterdam eigen haard is goud waard ! Vaak heb je dan familie of gasten die uit de pot van Egypte eten (zij worden goed verzorgt); een grote tafel maar toch gezellig. Maar waar je ook bent als je je maar thuis voelt is het prima.
This Old Dutch Farm House photo

75th European Liberation Anniversary -- Canadian Liberator Tulips on sale now for fall planting.

Check out the website


By Adriana Zylmans, president Dutch Liberation 2020 Canadian Society
On August 31, 2018, the Dutch Liberation 2020 Canadian Society was formed with representatives from the Dutch communities in the Lower mainland and included members from the Dutch Network, CAANS, and Dutch Business Club and the BC Yukon Command of the Royal Canadian Legion.  The goal of the Society is to plan events and activities to commemorate the 75th Liberation of the Netherlands and Europe throughout British Columbia and across Canada.
The Society’s mission is to thank and to honour Canada and its veterans including soldiers, sailors, airmen, nurses, and military personnel, for their contributions to end World War II in Europe.  As a result, the Society is working to implement a variety of commemorative events from May 2020 to July 2020
As part of a nation-wide initiative to publicly thank Canada and its citizens for their contributions in liberating Europe, and re-establish European freedom in 1945, we are inviting cities, gardeners, landscapers, citizens, and businesses to plant the Canadian Liberator tulip this fall.  With the planting of the iconic Dutch tulip, we hope to decorate cities, towns and villages” red”, as a visual reminder across Canada of all the sacrifices made by men and women during World War II and gratitude towards Canada’s war effort. 
We invite you to visit our website at to order your tulip bulbs today and/or visit a nearby nursery or garden center to purchase the Canadian Liberator tulip to join the celebration. 
In advance, on behalf of the Society, thank you for your support in helping to decorate your community with red flowering tulips for spring 2020.  Your participation will build awareness and pay respect to the many men and women who contributed towards lasting peace in Europe.

Planting Tulips to Thank Canada footer
Dutch Bike Ride - Ladner 2019 Photo 1

DUTCH BIKE RIDE - Fort Langley

Date:  Saturday, September 14, 2019
Departure Time:  10:30 AM
Hosts:  Adriana Zylmans and Bruce Melville
Email:   Adriana’s cell phone number is (604) 816-3243
Please RSVP, if you plan to join the cycling group. 

Meeting Time and Location:
Meet in the parking lot at Derby Reach Regional Park (Edgewater Bar) at 10:00 am.  The Edgewater Bar parking lot is located on Allard Crescent in Fort Langley.
Travel Directions:  If you are coming from Vancouver; follow Highway One to exit 58 and continue North on 200 Street. Turn right on 96th Ave. and turn left on 208 St. After about 2 km, the road veers to the right, and turns into Allard Crescent. On your left is Derby Reach Regional Park (Edgewater Bar). We will meet in the far parking lot near the river.
Parking is free and amply parking is available at Derby Reach Regional Park.
We will have lunch in a Restaurant in Fort Langley.  Location to be determined.
Cycle Route and Length of Bike Ride: 
Our bike ride is approximately 28.5 km and we should be done by 3:00 pm. 
We will depart from the Park along the Trans Canada Trail and pass by Muench Bar to 208th St.
Left at 208 Street. Cross over Railway track and after crossing turn left at 96th Ave. Left at 216th Street. Right at 100th Ave. Right at McKinnon Crescent. Left at Allard Crescent. Right at Houston Road and right into the Fort – to – Fort Trail that leads to a heritage area of Fort Langley (Washrooms available).

Arrival at Restaurant:  To Be Determined. 
Resume bike ride as per Mavis Ave. Left at River Road – continue to 240th Street. Right at 240th Street and continue along to Rawlison Crescent and cycle up the hill to 232nd St. Right at 232nd Street and continue along 232 to Glover Road. Right at Glover Road continue cycling toward the town of Fort Langley. Left at 96th Ave. Right at Allard Crescent and follow Allard Crescent around the curve and watch for exit as you come down the hill to follow the trail along the river bank. Turn right into Derby Reach Park to follow the trail along the River bank to Edgewater bar parking lot.

Dutch Bike Ride - Ladner 2019 Photo 2
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Dutch Pub Nights

Join us and meet your local Dutch community over a drink and a conversation in Dutch. Our Pub Nights take place twice a month and are a great opportunity to get in touch with other Dutch people in your area. All you have to do for this free event is show up, order your drink, and take a seat with the rest of the group. Everyone is always happy to meet new people.

Our Langley Pub Night takes place every first Wednesday of the month, while our Vancouver Pub Night takes place on the third Wednesday of the month.

Dutch Pub Night – Langley
Every first Wednesday of the month (next Pub Nights are September 4 and October 2, 2019)
Time: 19:30
Location: Jimy Mac's, 19935 96 Ave, Langley (1 minute from Hwy 1, exit 200 Street)

Dutch Pub Night – Vancouver
Every third Wednesday of the month (next Pub Nights are September 18 and October 16, 2019)
Time: 19:30
Location: The New Oxford, 1144 Homer St., Vancouver (Yaletown, 1 minute from Canada Line)

If you have any questions regarding Pub Nights, please contact us at

Pub Night photo

Recipe: Bruine Bonen Soep (Dutch Brown Beans Soup)

I know, summer is not even near its end and here I am talking about a typical winter dish, Bruine Bonen Soep. Please hear me out; I was at a coffee shop in North Vancouver the other day and their soup of the day was Erwtensoep! For Dutch people a strange dish to serve on a summer’s day. While I was making my way down Lonsdale it did make me think of all the other nice Dutch winter dishes that will be coming our way in the months to come. Bruune Boon’n Soep is one of those and I don’t want to wait till December for this dish. I have never seen this dish on a Canadian menu and a bit of research told me that Dutch brown cooking beans are not available in North America unless home-grown or purchased from a Dutch store. So off to the Dutch store you go and here is a recipe to make it at home:


  • 2 cups of Dutch brown cooking beans, dry. If you're not able to find any, this soup will also work well with pinto or pink beans.
  • 1 bay leaf
  • 1 medium size onion, peeled
  • 3 cloves, whole
  • 1 leek, sliced
  • 2 sprigs of fresh thyme
  • 1 small onion, diced
  • 1/2 cup of diced celeriac root
  • 2 potatoes, peeled and diced
  • 1 carrot, peeled and diced
  • 1 handful of celery leaves, chopped
  • 2 tomatoes, diced
  • 4 slices of bacon, diced
  • 1 Kielbasa or 10 smokies
  • Salt
  • Pepper  


Wash, rinse and soak the beans the night before in sufficient water. The next day, drain, rinse and add to a cooking pot with enough water to cover the beans. Poke the cloves in the whole peeled onion, take the bay leaf and the thyme and add these items to the pot. Cover and bring to a boil, then turn down to a simmer and cook the beans until done. This may take up to an hour or two, depending on the age of the beans.
When the beans are done, dispose of the onion, cloves, bay leaf and thyme sprigs. Take out two cups of cooked beans. Purée the rest of the beans. You may have to add some water or stock if the soup is too thick at this point. Add the remaining fresh vegetables and the bacon to the soup, and simmer for another twenty minutes. Add the kielbasa or the smokies after that until they're hot, and stir in the two cups of beans you've set aside earlier. If you're using kielbasa, remove it after ten minutes, slice it in thick chunks, then return the meat to the soup.
Taste, adjust with pepper and salt if needed, and serve hot with thick slices of whole wheat buttered bread.
John van Rij
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25 years and still missing: the disappearance of Nick and Lisa Masée

One of our friends from CAANS, Nellie, has passed along a link to a recent article on the disappearance of Nick and Lisa Masée, who were well known among the Dutch Community in Vancouver. Please read the Article for more information. CBC NEWS ARTICLE CLICK HERE

Here are some details from Nellie:

Subject: CAANS member Nick Masee, missing 25 years
To some of our CAANS friends,
Some of you will remember Nick. The last time he was at CAANS was at a Sinterklaas evening, more than 25 years ago. He was a member nearly from the start of our chapter.
The news item below was on CBC July 30, 2019.  Over the years it has been regularly covered by Albert in de Windmill Herald and by the North Shore News, because Nick and Lisa lived in North Vancouver, on Monteray above Delbrook. You can google for more information.   Also on the connection with Fred Hofman.


Vancouver Sitka Square Koffieclub changes from meeting weekly to meeting once a month.

Sadly, after more than 20 years, the Vancouver Sitka Square Koffieclub will no longer be meeting on a weekly basis. As of September 2019, the Vancouver Koffieclub has decided to meet only once a month. The Vancouver Koffieclub will meet on the last Thursday of the month from 10:00 am to noon at 1099 Sitka Square, Vancouver. The Dutch Network would like to extend special thanks to Marion and Bill Stroet and Barbara and Peter Buree for hosting the Koffieclub during the past year. Please contact Marion and Bill Stroet at 604 738-4391 for further information and monthly attendance. 

Dutch Koffie Clubs - GEZELLIG!

Join us and meet your local Dutch community over Koffie and a conversation in Dutch. Everyone is always happy to meet new people. For details about your local Coffee Club, visit our events page for June for details, dates, times, locations and contacts. SEPTEMBER EVENTS 

If you have not been to a Koffie Club for some time and you would like to go, it is a good idea to give a call to the organizer and confirm. Sometimes a meeting is moved because of a special event and you might miss out.

Vancouver Dutch Coffee Club ~ meets monthly

     DAY/DATE: Last Thursday of the month, TIME: 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

West Vancouver Dutch Coffee Club ~ meets weekly

     DAY/DATE: 3rd Wednesday of the month, TIME: 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Coquitlam Dutch Coffee Club ~ meets weekly

     DAY/DATE: Every Wednesday, TIME: 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Nanaimo Dutch Coffee Club ~ meets monthly

     DAY/DATE: 1st Friday of the month,  TIME: 11:00 AM

South Surrey Dutch Coffee Club ~ meets monthly

     DAY/DATE: 2nd Tuesday of the month, TIME: 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

North Surrey Dutch Coffee Club ~ meets monthly

     DAY/DATE: 3rd Monday of the month, TIME: 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Langley Dutch Coffee Club ~ meets monthly

     DAY/DATE: 3rd Wednesday of the month, TIME: 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Abbotsford Dutch Coffee Club ~ meets monthly

     DAY/DATE: 2nd Tuesday of the month, TIME: 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

New Westminster Dutch Coffee Club ~ meets monthly

      DAY/DATE: 3rd Tuesday of the month, TIME: 7:30 PM - 9:30 PM

For more information about Koffie Clubs go to

Morning Nature Walks

Morning Nature Walks ~ meets weekly

     DAY/DATE: Every Friday, TIME: 9:30 AM - 11:30 AM

Jeanette van Hattem hosts the Friday Free Nature Walk. She loves the great outdoors, local walks, trails and forest and dyke. She discovers something new every day and would like to share with people that have the same interest or want to learn about their natural surroundings.

Walks begin at 9:30 am and will be about 2 hours in length, rain or shine. Bring your camera and binoculars.

Please visit Jeanette’s website: for up-to-date information and meeting points.

Contact Jeanette at 604-818-2515 or if you want to join.


Klaverjas Club in North Surrey meets on Wednesday, September  25, 2019.

Meetings will resume in September on the 25th, with meetings following on October 23rd, November 27th and December 11th, 2019.

The Dutch North Surrey Klaverjas Club meets once a month at St. Matthews Roman Catholic Church, 16079-88th Avenue, Surrey, BC, in the Fire Site Room for Card Games and Klaverjassen. The cost is $5 per person per month, and includes coffee, tea, cookies and snacks. For more information, visit our events page for dates, times, locations and contacts. SEPTEMBER EVENTS

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We are looking for volunteers to help with maintaining our social media platforms and the newsletter. Do you like to read Dutch news? Why not post it on our Facebook page and keep your fellow Dutchies up to date?

Send us an email if you are interested in joining the Dutch Network Board. We are looking for Board members who are interested in taking a lead in organizing Dutch events and/or just participating on the Board with your thoughts and ideas to promote Dutch culture in Vancouver.

Contact Adriana Zylmans, president at 604-816-3243 or email or

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