Dutch Network Newsletter - Edition August 2019
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Netherlands Association "Je Maintiendrai"
August Dutch Network Newsletter
Welcome to the Dutch Network August 2019 Newsletter!

Well summer is truly here and I'm melting, but that's ok, it's nothing a cold beer and a shaded patio won't cure. This month's newsletter contains some nice patio reading, we have our regular story contributors; from Laura Davis "Dutch 101" and from Francoise van Buytenen "Holiday in Vancouver". From Barbara & Peter Buree we continue Hollandse uitdrukkingen en gezegden with a summer related theme. John van Rij provides us with  some interesting "Dutch Facts", perhaps patio conversation starters.  

Our Dutch Poem this month is "Liefdesgedicht" by P.C. Hooft. Our featured recipe is "Traditional Advocaat". In addition, we would like to welcome our new newsletter sponsors Heleen Eekers and Robert Jan Vennik owners of "Dutch Wolf Tours", more information below.

We start this Newsletter with a SAVE THE DATE notice for the October 12th Dutch Network "Netherlands Association Je Maintiendrai" Annual General Meeting.

Enjoy your summer and perhaps we'll see you on a bike ride, a patio, or a seawall. Cheers!

  August 4
- Vancouver Pride Parade - Dutch Consular Delegation participating
  August 7 - Dutch Pub Night - Langley
  August 21 - Dutch Pub Night - Vancouver

  September 25 - Klaverjas Club, North Surrey meeting start (no August meeting)
All the details below.

Also in this edition: Dutch Coffee Clubs, Pub Night dates, and much more.

Thank you and enjoy.
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Dutch Network (Netherlands Association Je Maintiendrai) will be holding its Annual General Meeting on Saturday October 12 at 11 am, 1099 Sitka Square, Vancouver.

Through Orange Coloured Glasses: "  " by Laura Davis

Dutch 101

I caught the early morning train from Germany and made the hop, skip and a jump into the Netherlands, leisurely coasting into Eindhoven. I would do this almost every weekend for months on end. Being Canadian, a three-hour train ride didn’t really constitute as “far.” I’m certain I’ve travelled further for less. It took about 15 minutes to walk from the station to my Dutch class. It was my first day and I was a bit nervous. A couple friends were taking an intensive Dutch class and not wanting to be left to my own devices while they studied, I thought, ‘why not? I’ll do it, too.’ At this point, my curiosity for Dutch had been piqued. It seemed fortuitous that an opportunity to learn Dutch had fallen into my lap and I’m not one to close the door on fate.
I arrived on time, just a few minutes before the class started and settled into my seat.  Like I said, I was nervous even though my friends were present in the classroom. The teacher soon arrived and the class quieted down. Like all good teachers, he asked as to why we were here today to learn Dutch. He went around the room asking each individual. The answers varied; some were studying, some were working, some had Dutch roots and wanted to explore their ancestral culture, some had lived in Holland for so long that they decided it was high time to learn the language. The teacher’s eyes narrowed in on me.
“And you?” He said.
“Well, I live in Germany actually, but I really like coming to Eindhoven and I want to learn Dutch because I’m really into football right now.”
The teacher laughed unsure as to what to make of my answer. I’m pretty sure he thought I was an idiot.
Knowing some German was a huge advantage because the grammar was identical to Dutch. I learned quickly that all I had to do was substitute the words for Dutch. Curious to see how far I could go without a dictionary, I pieced together clues and found correlations between German and Dutch words.  Learning Dutch has been one of the most exciting intellectual adventures I’ve ever embarked on. It was the first time I didn’t have to be so dependant on English which was a nice change of pace.
We worked on greetings in the first lesson, naturally. We paired off and asked the basic of questions. At first it felt like I was speaking funny German and other times funny English. I couldn’t stop laughing because I felt so ridiculous at times. Which reminds me, a language has never made me laugh so much. That is something truly special I love about Dutch. I’m almost embarrassed to admit how much the phrase helaas pindakaas (too bad, peanut butter) made me laugh. After the teacher was satisfied with our progress on greetings, it was natural that we practice our goodbyes.
We looked down at our textbook and practiced doei and dag (words for goodbye). I was in a fit of giggles when I heard doei. Dag was a hard one. I would get out the “da-” pretty ok, but there was always a slight pause before I got my mouth around that harsh G. It was at this moment I learned one of the most valuable lessons in Dutch: the zachte G (soft G). It was then I knew I was on the right side of the river. I sounded like a broken vacuum cleaner hoovering up rocks trying to pronounce the hard G. Then he said, “In Brabant, we actually say houdoe (goodbye in Brabant).”  Another miracle! I could abandon dag altogether and spit out this hilarious word. I really couldn’t believe people were able to say this to each other without laughing.
For a small country like the Netherlands, it is rich in language. You could throw an Oliebol (kinda looks like a big Timbit) and knock a Dutchman in the head with a completely different accent and I’m absolutely fascinated by that. By the way, I do not condone the throwing of Oliebollen.
The class finished and we packed up our books. I proved to my teacher I was a worthy student and not a mindless football nut. I thanked him for the lesson and filed out of the room along with others. Houdoe! I said. This time without laughing.

Dutch Network announces Dutch Wolf Tours as a new sponsor

Dutch Network is pleased to welcome Dutch Wolf Tours as a new sponsor. Dutch Wolf Tours provides high quality travel tours throughout Canada for Dutch speaking tourists. Tours are available in Western and Eastern Canada. We would like to thank Heleen Eekers and Robert-Jan Vennik, proud owners of Dutch Wolf Tours, for their financial support to our association and community. If you or your visiting Dutch family would like to contact Dutch Wolf Tours, please email them at or visit their website at

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Gezwinde grijsaard die op wakk’re wieken staag
de dunne lucht doorsnijdt, en zonder zeil te strijken
altijd vaart voor de wind, en ieder na laat kijken,
doodsvijand van de rust, die woelt bij nacht bij daag;
onachterhaalb’re Tijd, wiens hete honger graag
verslokt, verslindt, verteert al wat er sterk mag lijken,
en keert en wendt en stort staten en koninkrijken,
voor iedereen te snel: hoe valt gij mij zo traag?
Mijn lief, sinds ik u mis, verdrijf ik met mishagen
de schoorvoetige tijd, en tob de lange dagen
met arbeid avondwaards. Uw afzijn valt te bang
en mijn verlangen kan den Tijdgod niet bewegen,
maar ’t schijnt verlangen daar zijn naam van heeft gekregen,
dat ik de tijd, die ik verkorten wil, verlang.
P.C. Hooft (1581 – 1647)

Pieter Corneliszoon Hooft is na Joost van den Vondel de beroemdste Nederlandse dichter uit de Gouden Eeuw. Naast gedichten schreef hij ook toneelstukken en geschiedkundige werken.

After Joost van den Vondel, Pieter Corneliszoon Hooft is the most famous Dutch poet of the Golden Age. In addition to poems, he also wrote plays and historical works.
"Holiday in Vancouver" by Fancoise van Buytenen. ~ photo: Anthony van Houten

Holiday in Vancouver

With temperatures currently rising above 40 degrees Celsius in Holland, I am pleased to be in Vancouver. It reminds me of the summers in Dubai. As soon as Christmas was over, the next step was to plan the summer holiday. With 42 to 48 degrees it is just too hot to stay. And as the school summer holiday lasts about ten weeks, just like here, leaving the desert for a long vacation is not a luxury. It is almost a necessity. Besides the heat, everyone you know is gone for the summer, so filling the time is a bit of a challenge as well. How different the summers were when we lived in Scotland… when we had three sunny days, we were pleased we had a good summer.

Our summer holiday in Canada has started. With camps, holidays, visitors and time for boredom as a good balance. Then again, a lot comes down to the weather… We camped the first two weeks of July on Vancouver Island. You probably do not remember these weeks as much as I do, but the good news was that we had no fire bans and sunburns in these weeks. Neither did we have a shortage of clean shorts, swimming trousers and t-shirts as there was no need to wear them. The whole camping idea and my mood are based on good weather, I guess.

I learned something important during my camping holiday at Vancouver Island: I am spoiled rotten. I longed for warm showers and shampoo (I always forgot shampoo when my hair smelled badly of woodfire and I was already under the shower). A Nespresso machine and dishwasher to put my cup in. A fridge for the cheese so it would not give a funny smell of wet socks in the cooler box. We already had that smell in our tent which was enough. A socket with electricity for almost anything. A running tap within arm’s reach to wash off the returning dirt. And, a washing machine to wash the moldy towels. Come to think of it, I have all these amenities at home! For the first time ever, I looked forward to the weeks we would spend at home this holiday.

However, in the meantime, we thought of a solution to the camping-weather-holiday issue. Wouldn’t it be great to camp without the cold, the wet and the ugly? My husband found the answer. A 46 year old vintage travel trailer (a Trillium). A tiny little house on wheels, only 14” long, but with electricity, soon with running water and surely with dry beds. It still does smell of wet socks, but after stripping it to the bottom and painting it all over, that should be solved.

To us it seems like a great alternative for a tent. More luxury, still full camping feeling, rain or shine. The only one small remaining question I have regarding this trailer, is where to fit the washing machine and dishwasher...

Summer Flowers photo: Anthony van Houten
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Hollandse uitdrukkingen en gezegden

by Barbara & Peter Buree
Er is zeker geen komkommertijd bij de Dutch Network nieuwsbrief in augustus; weer vol met informatie en leuke berichtjes.
Nederlanders kunnen wel vindingrijk zijn en pakken aan. Onlangs bij een BBQ kwam een vriend wat laat en vertelde: ‘ik moest nog snel de was doen voor morgen maar de wasmachine werkte voor geen meter en het duurde even voordat ik hem aan de praat kon krijgen. Uiteindelijk is toch gelukt en ik kon weg’. Aan de praat.... misschien om dat de machine lawaai maakt en weer werkte?

Soms zit je echt met een probleem, het gaat moeilijk en je komt niet uit; dan op eens een woord van aanmoediging:  er valt toch altijd een mouw aan te passen. Dus samen iets bespreken en een oplossing vinden. 
Zomer is tijd voor vakantie; even iets anders doen; zelfs als de zoete inval komt (familie uit Nederland) kan je gids in je eigen stad zijn en genieten.
* komkommertijd: slow news day, usually in August when politicians are on vacation.
Translation  ;)  The Editor
Bike Ride Banner


Date:  Saturday, August 10, 2019
Departure Time:  10:15 am from Delta Deas Rowing Club, 6090 Deas Island Road, Delta BC   MAP
Host:  Jeanette, cell phone number is (604) 818-2515
Meeting Time and Location: 
We meet at 10:00 Saturday, August 10, at the Deas Island Parking lot. Deas Island is east of the tunnel, off River Road. The parking lot is just past the Delta Deas Rowing Club: 6090 Deas Island Road, Delta BC.
We will leave at 10:15 and head out along the path that runs along River Road through farmland and beside the slough.

We will enter the trail that goes under the tunnel and into Ladner, following along the Ladner Harbour and boat launch onto Ferry Road, turn right onto River Road, then right onto Elliott Road to Georgia Street. Then right onto 48th Ave and a right onto River Road. We will cross the bridge to Westham Island. Perhaps stop at Emma Lee Farms for an ice-cream or bathroom break and/or go to Reifel’s Bird Sanctuary for a stretch and bathroom break. Back to Ladner via River Road and stop off for lunch at Sharkey's and basically the same way back to Deas Island. Come and join us!!!!
Special instructions:   If the weather is raining, I will contact you via email by 8:30 am on the day of the bike ride. 

Saturday, September 14, 2019 at 10:30 AM - Fort Langley Bike Ride

Please Note: The City Ride has been cancelled for this year, so make sure to join us on our Dutch Bike Rides.

Dutch Facts (in case you have to impress your Canadian friends!)

1. Not all Dutch people are from Holland or from Europe
Holland is an area in the Netherlands that today is made up of the provinces of North Holland (Noord-Holland) and South Holland (Zuid-Holland). Historically Holland was the area that contributed the most to the Dutch Kingdom’s economy and wealth, thus becoming a common name to indicate the entire country, although incorrectly. In addition, due to a history of colonialism, three Caribbean islands are still part of the Netherlands: Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and Saba. Their citizens are Dutch and can vote in EU elections.

2. The Wilhelmus is the oldest national anthem in the world
Officially the second oldest but the Dutch national anthem "Het Wilhelmus", which was written between 1568 and 1572, was not then given any official status. The first anthem to be officially proclaimed as such was "God Save The Queen", adopted by Great Britain in 1745.
3. The Netherlands is the healthiest country in the world for diet
4. King Willem-Alexander was the first Dutch King in 123 years
5. The Dutch were the first in the world to legalise gay marriage
6. Dutch men are the tallest in the world
7. Gin was invented by the Dutch and introduced to the Brits
8. The Netherlands has the highest English-proficiency in the world
9. There are over 1,000 windmills still standing in The Netherlands from 1850
10. The Netherlands produces around 6 million souvenir clogs each year
11. An entire province (Flevoland) is made from land reclaimed from the sea
12. Almost 80 percent of the world’s flower bulbs come from the Netherlands
13. The Netherlands has the highest population density in Europe
14. The Dutch government plans to ban the sales of petrol and diesel-powered cars in 2025
15. The Netherlands is the world’s second biggest beer exporter
16. The Netherlands is home to more bikes than people
17. Cycling in the Netherlands is the safest in the world
18. Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport offers more direct flights than any airport in the world
19. More than 60 percent of the Netherlands is agriculture and horticulture
20. Home births are still cherished in the Netherlands
21. One-fifth of the Dutch population is foreign
22. The Dutch eat the most liquorice in the world
23. The Dutch introduced orange carrots to the world
24. CDs, DVDs and Blu-Ray were invented in the Netherlands
25. The first multinational company, stocks and stock exchange were Dutch
Source: John van Rij

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Dutch Pub Nights

Join us and meet your local Dutch community over a drink and a conversation in Dutch. Our Pub Nights take place twice a month and are a great opportunity to get in touch with other Dutch people in your area. All you have to do for this free event is show up, order your drink, and take a seat with the rest of the group. Everyone is always happy to meet new people.

Our Langley Pub Night takes place every first Wednesday of the month, while our Vancouver Pub Night takes place on the third Wednesday of the month.

Dutch Pub Night – Langley
Every first Wednesday of the month (next Pub Nights are August 7 and September 4, 2019)
Time: 19:30
Location: Jimy Mac's, 19935 96 Ave, Langley (1 minute from Hwy 1, exit 200 Street)

Dutch Pub Night – Vancouver
Every third Wednesday of the month (next Pub Nights are August 21 and September 18, 2019)
Time: 19:30
Location: The New Oxford, 1144 Homer St., Vancouver (Yaletown, 1 minute from Canada Line)

If you have any questions regarding Pub Nights, please contact us at

Recipe: Traditional Advocaat

Advocaat or advocatenborrel is a traditional Dutch alcoholic beverage made from eggs, sugar, and brandy. The rich and creamy drink has a smooth, custard-like consistency. The typical alcohol content is generally somewhere between 14% and 20% ABV. Its contents may be a blend of egg yolks, aromatic spirits, sugar or honey, brandy, vanilla, and sometimes cream (or evaporated milk).
Advocaat is the Dutch word for "lawyer". As the name of the drink, it is short for advocatenborrel, or "lawyer's drink", where borrel is Dutch for a small alcoholic beverage consumed slowly during a social gathering. According to the 1882 edition of the Dictionary of the Dutch Language, it is named as a good lubricant for the throat, and thus considered especially useful for a lawyer, who must speak in public.
Advocaat is often used as a waffle, pancake or poffertjes topping, as an ingredient for ice cream, custards, pastries and similar desserts, or as an aperitif or digestive. The latter, possibly topped with whipped cream and then occasionally sprinkled with a touch of cocoa powder, is served in a very tiny bowl or small glass from which it is eaten by use of a teaspoon.


    10 egg yolks
    ½  tsp salt
    1 ⅓ cups sugar
    1 ½ cup brandy
    2 tsp vanilla extract  


In a bowl, beat the egg yolks, salt and sugar until thickened. Slowly trickle in the brandy, while continuing to beat the mixture.
Pour the mix into a saucepan and warm over a low heat, whisking continuously.
Heat and whisk until the Advocaat is thick and simmering. Be careful not to let it boil.
Remove the saucepan from the heat and whisk in the vanilla extract.
Using a funnel, pour the warm custard into a swing top bottle and refrigerate.

John van Rij
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Dutch Koffie Clubs - GEZELLIG!

Join us and meet your local Dutch community over Koffie and a conversation in Dutch. Everyone is always happy to meet new people. For details about your local Coffee Club, visit our events page for June for details, dates, times, locations and contacts. AUGUST EVENTS 

If you have not been to a Koffie Club for some time and you would like to go, it is a good idea to give a call to the organizer and confirm. Sometimes a meeting is moved because of a special event and you might miss out.

Vancouver Dutch Coffee Club ~ meets weekly

     DAY/DATE: Every Thursday, TIME: 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Coquitlam Dutch Coffee Club ~ meets weekly

     DAY/DATE: Every Wednesday, TIME: 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Nanaimo Dutch Coffee Club ~ meets monthly

     DAY/DATE: 1st Friday of the month,  TIME: 11:00 AM

South Surrey Dutch Coffee Club ~ meets monthly

     DAY/DATE: 2nd Tuesday of the month, TIME: 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

North Surrey Dutch Coffee Club ~ meets monthly

     DAY/DATE: 3rd Monday of the month, TIME: 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Langley Dutch Coffee Club ~ meets monthly

     DAY/DATE: 3rd Wednesday of the month, TIME: 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Abbotsford Dutch Coffee Club ~ meets monthly

     DAY/DATE: 2nd Tuesday of the month, TIME: 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

New Westminster Dutch Coffee Club ~ meets monthly

      DAY/DATE: 3rd Tuesday of the month, TIME: 7:30 PM - 9:30 PM

For more information about Koffie Clubs go to

DID YOU KNOW? WhatsApp group "Dutchies in Van"!

WhatsApp group called ‘Dutchies in Van’

Did you know that the Dutch community in the Lower Mainland has a WhatsApp group called ‘Dutchies in Van’? If you would like to socialize online and also stay up to date on the latest events or event changes, join the group! To be added to the group, send an email with your mobile phone number to We will send you an invitation link by text.

Klaverjas Club in North Surrey meets on Wednesday, September  25, 2019.

There will be no meetings in August. Meetings will resume in September on the 25th, with meetings following on October 23rd, November 27th and December 11th, 2019.

The Dutch North Surrey Klaverjas Club meets once a month at St. Matthews Roman Catholic Church, 16079-88th Avenue, Surrey, BC, in the Fire Site Room for Card Games and Klaverjassen. The cost is $5 per person per month, and includes coffee, tea, cookies and snacks. For more information, visit our events page for dates, times, locations and contacts. SEPTEMBER EVENTS

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