Marketing with FAQs

What questions do your prospects ask? Are your answers consistent, concise, sincere, and easy to understand? Are many of them routine? For those questions, many organizations have created a series of video FAQs. Video FAQs not only showcases your expertise and serve your prospect’s needs, but they deliver a visual connection to the prosect and can be a beginning to establishing a relationship. Here are some basic concepts to help you develop an FAQ series.
What? How? Why?
Write down all the questions you are ask and who is asking them. If applicable, group and categorize them. Next, prioritize them by importance. Avoid making up questions and ones which focus on how you do business. For example, “Why do people choose to do business with you? These essentially testimonial and are better suited for that section of your site. The goal is to establish authentic questions that solve a problem.
Good Question Need Good Answers.
Good answers focus on the prospect's problem, are clear, precise, and while this may sound trite, fully answer the question. As my good friend and adviser, Melissa Taylor recommends you should give away "your best stuff". In other words, give the best answer to solve the problem. Knowing who ask the question helps to formulate your answers to your audience’s demographic and psychographic composition. Which will help you choose the language, questions, and delivery style to make your FAQs effective.
Testing 1,2,3
Physically write your answers and create a script. Now you can focus on the delivery method or style. Whether it is you in your office, a spokesperson (on-camera or voice over), or maybe a recreation of the problem. Keep the answers short, under two minutes. For more complex or multilevel responses consider breaking the question into multiple parts. Share your final written script for honest feedback and adjust as necessary. One revision should be enough to move to the next stage, recording.
Whether using your phone, Zoom or hiring a video professional, practice your script and know it cold. The delivery should show confidence. Be conclusive, professional, and most importantly sincere. If recording via Zoom or your phone, make sure the camera is eye level, lighting is good, and sound is clear – use a clip-on microphone. If using Zoom avoid busy or animated virtual backgrounds – keep it simple.  If demonstrating something or showing a product, record that scene separately and then edit it into the final piece. Edit the beginning and end of each question – reaching for the record button is distracting. My personal preference is to make it all the way through the answer without having to edit out mistakes. While some believe it’s okay for your head to bounce back and forth as you cut out mistake, I feel it can be distracting and leave some thinking, what did they cut out?
Well-produced FAQs are a great sales and marketing tools but as many of you know I love repurposing video content. What if they were a part of your customer service program? Create a channel for existing clients and promote it as an added value.  You could reference them in your welcome video or after the sale video. Remember FAQs are not a replacement for a well-trained customer service team or personal access to you, they are a tool to help your prospect and client get to know, like, and trust you.

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Network. Build. Grow.
Network. Build. Grow. is a networking group that is committed to helping you build and grow your business.  Having been a member of this group since its inception in 2021 I found a great group of like-minded business owners and professionals that have not only become clients but friends. NBG has a plethora of programs such as weekly huddles for members to share ideas and receive feedback. Monthly Strategic Collaboratives consist of members in similar industries. For example, I am in the Marketing and Professional Services collaboratives. We meet virtually every month to discuss ideas, challenges, and share experiences to help the other members. There are the Signature Networking events. Nationally recognized and local speakers present topics on technology, sales, marketing, operations, and more. Finally, there is the quarterly luncheon where members and guests gather for a meal network with a purpose and hear a great speaker. If you would like to check out Network. Build. Grow. and visit one of these groups, please email me and I’ll send you an invitation.


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