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Your Virtual Space

What does your virtual space look like? After two years of virtual meetings, we still see ceiling fans, people looking like they’re in witness protection, poor audio quality, and distracting virtual backgrounds. Just like showing up in workout clothes these video imperfections will distract from your message. Whether using virtual meetings for networking, sales, or internal meetings, these simple and inexpensive improvements, will improve your online image and allow the viewer to focus on your message.

Camera Placement – Hey nice ceiling fan.
The camera lens should be eye level. If using a laptop, purchase an inclined cooling pad for under $25. Consider an external webcam for easier adjustment or placement, and the microphone on a webcam is generally better than the microphone in your computer. You can get a good webcam for under $40.
A phone or a tablet should be on a tripod at eye level. Many ring lights provide brackets to hold the device. I’ll cover lighting shortly. Finally, make sure the lens is clean. Use a soft eyeglass cloth to clean the lens area.

Lighting – Are you in witness protection?
Is the strongest light source behind your camera lens? Cameras adjust for the brightest light source so if there is a window behind you relocate. If you cannot, put something over the window to darken or at least block some of the light. Ring lights can solve a lot of lighting problems and cost about $30. Most have two or three light settings. Use daylight if there are a lot of windows in your room. White light for mainly artificial light sources. Experiment with what looks best before your next meeting.

Audio – What did you say?
Averaging about $20, wired mics or earbuds with a mic are a good inexpensive solution. Wireless mics or Bluetooth earbuds are also good but remember to keep them charged. If you are doing a lot of video presentations, consider investing in a wired podcast mic.

Virtual Backgrounds – What’s behind you matters?
Slide shows, videos of a beach scene or outer space, and complicated images could distract from your presentation. Your background choice should reinforce what you do. For example, your logo or product positioned to your left or right on a neutral background. Looking for an office, conference room or living room? Check out For the price of a cup of coffee, you can get some very nice images.  Another option is choosing the defocus filter to blur your background.

Know your tools – Practice makes a better meeting.
Before using your new virtual meeting space, test out everything – video, audio, background. Learn the software adjustments. For example, I like using the Boost filter in Zoom. It darkens the image slightly and enhances the color. Leaving your audio in auto is a good place to start. Make a recording to see how you’ll look.

With a $100 investment, you can create a virtual meeting space that keeps the focus on you and your message. If you need help with any of these recommendations, PWE-media offers a free 15-minute virtual meeting analysis.

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