Deacon, Jazzy, and Macy: All saved THANKS TO YOU!
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You saved Deacon! 

Donations paid for Deacon's vet examination, microchip, heartworm and fecal tests, preventative vaccines, an ear check and grooming. All in all, just a bit more than $600 was needed to save Deacon's life.

Please consider donating during the summer fundraiser so you can save the next Deacon! 

Thank you!

Barbara, Christina, Claire, Cyn, Jackie and Sue 
When Deacon’s elderly parents could no longer care for him, family members took turns driving into town to make sure he had food and water. But they wanted more for this sweet boy, so the daughter-in-law reached out to Airedale Rescue Group. She drove Deacon to meet Deb, his foster mom, who would teach him house manners since he had been living outside.  Deacon was a little anxious about all the changes, but he loved stretching his legs in the enclosed pasture and learning that food would be served each day. Deacon needed his forever home, though, and ARG found just the right family: Doug, Jon, and 18-month old Airedale June.
On transport day, Deacon wore the biggest smile – he just seemed to know that all these friendly people were taking him closer to his own family. After Doug and Jon met Deacon and his last travel crew, it was time to go home. Jon put the ramp into position for Deacon to get into the SUV, and Deacon tried a mild attempt to avoid it, but Jon had instinctively positioned himself to block the effort. That was a good sign for the relationship; no words were even necessary. Deacon trotted right up – into the front seat! Once positioned correctly, off they went to meet June, who had been hanging out with Doug’s parents. June and Deacon got off to a happy start, playing in the yard, where the resident Westie mix actually preferred Deacon. 
Deacon developed a reputation for being a crate escapee and a counter surfer while in his foster home. He hasn’t completely abandoned his acrobatic career; one evening Doug walked into the kitchen to find Deacon standing on the counter – not climbing up, not hanging on, just standing there.  Doug helped him down to the floor.
June occasionally reminds Deacon that she is the Queen, especially if she perceives that he is getting more attention than she deems appropriate.  But the two have become wonderful friends and bring out the puppy in each other. During the first couple of weeks, Doug said that Deacon sometimes was restless and seemed a little anxious. One evening when everyone was in the backyard together, Deacon was running around with his squeaky rope toy with complete abandon. Doug and Jon knew Deacon knew he was home.

Jazzy is looking for her perfect home! 

(Free phone consultations with ARG's animal behaviorist available to help Jazzy settle in with her new family!)
Three year-old Jazzy sleeps great in her crate overnight. Her trainer crates her off and on during the day, and she struggles a bit with this because she does not like the separation, though a Kong can keep her happy. However, if Jazzy is crated following exercise she settles in pretty quickly. She will need help to overcome her separation anxiety to prevent her becoming a nuisance barker or destructive. Jazzy needs a home where she will not be left alone for long periods and where the family will be dedicated leash walkers who will exercise her frequently. She would be a great candidate for nose work to channel her energy and engage her high prey drive in a positive fashion. Jazzy needs a low key environment where her parents will continue her training and exercise program. Hats off to Cindy Green for her talents as a trainer and foster Mom.

Big Girl Macy -- are you her new person?

(Free phone consultations with ARG's Animal Behaviorist to make sure she's a perfect family member!)
Macy is a very sweet and protective seven-year old Airedale who wants to spend almost all her time with you. This 80 pound girl (a picky eater, just a large Airedale!) will climb the fence to come to the front door to be let in after a potty break. Occasionally, she decides to take herself for a neighborhood walk. She has become very afraid of loud noises such as gunshots or thunder. Macy loves men and women but has lived without much experience with children or other dogs. She’s a couch potato who wants you as the center of her life. Macy needs training to learn she is safe when you are out of sight and that she doesn’t need to protect you from everyone. She would benefit from structure, positive training, and an Airedale savvy family who will be dedicated leash walkers.

Donate without spending a cent! 

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Or you can go to and choose Airedale Rescue Group of South Carolina as your charity. (That was ARG's name when we first incorporated a few decades ago!)  Won't cost you a cent and you'll save Airedales EVERY TIME YOU SHOP! 

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