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I take advantage of this first newsletter of 2017 to wish you a happy new year, fruitful and full of opportunities to further expand our knowledge and expertise in surgical oncology. The year starts with a very important “double appointment” for all of us members: the new European Cancer Congress (ECCO2017), which on the first day will include the ESSO 37 Society Day... Read More

During the past ESSO 36 Congress in Krakow, we had the unique opportunity to interview the recipients of two ESSO prestigious awards: Professor Luigi Cataliotti, who was awarded the ESSO Lifetime Achievement Award, and Professor Niall O’ Higgins, who received the ESSO medal.

Over the years, these outstanding ESSO honorary members embodied the shared vision and values of our Society and acted as role models for all surgical oncologists in Europe... Read More

Still considerable variation exists in Europe in cancer management and outcome, and there is an urgent need for a uniform data collection and analysis. Quality assurance and a wider registration of patients’ outcome data could fundamentally contribute to evidence-based medicine, which could then raise the level of cancer care quality in the region. EURECCA (EUropean REgistry of Cancer CAre or EURopEan CanCer Audit) was established  to serve this purpose. Read More

Three societies involved in cancer treatment quality, accessibility and innovation – the European Society of Surgical Oncology (ESSO), the US Society of Surgical Oncology (SSO), and the Brazilian Society of Surgical Oncology (SBCO/BSSO) – prepared a short animated video to explain the positive impact of specialised surgery in the fight against cancer. With a simple language and attractive animations, the video highlights the need to inform patients for a better prevention and early diagnosis... Read More

ESSO would like to express its sincere gratitude to Professor Veronesi (28 November 1925 – 8 November 2016), who recently passed away. Together with Professor Alberto Costa, Umberto Veronesi is a co-founder of our Society, the European Society of Surgical Oncology (ESSO). During his fifty years’ long professional life, Veronesi greatly contributed to the progresses made by surgical oncology. He devoted his career to improving conservative surgical techniques and to the prevention and treatment of breast cancer... Read More

Improving the quality of healthcare has a huge impact on the survival and quality of life of patients and, therefore, it also has an impact on aspects related to public health policies at the national and at the EU-level. ESSO joined efforts with other cancer societies and took part in an important project which focuses on the organisational quality aspects to guarantee that clinical guidelines can be implemented, and colorectal cancer was selected as one of two “pilot” tumour types in the project, ... Read More

A joint venture between ESSO and the Peritoneal Surface Oncology Group International (PSOGI), the European School of Peritoneal Surface Oncology (ESPSO) has been established to provide both a basic and an advance training in peritoneal surface oncology. Under the supervision of a tutor from a PSOGI recognized centre, each student enrols in a peritoneal surface oncology treatment programme taking place in one of the participating ESPSO centres, and the programme includes participation in two ESSO Courses... Read More

Every year, ESSO co-organises an elective course on oncology for medical students, together with ESO (the European School of Oncology) and ESTRO (the European SocieTy for Radiotherapy & Oncology). This 2-weeks’ course aims to provide students with an overview of oncology as well as the complexity and importance of the multidisciplinary approach to cancer treatment. Comprehensive in nature, the course covers not only the main aspects of oncology (carcinogenesis, cancer prevention, diagnosis and treatment), but also.... Read More

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