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If you smashed together Horatio Sanz & Kevin James, you'd get something like me

Give Me the Highlights

  • An interview with me discussing the continuing penniless struggles of independent filmmaking on The John J. Fahey Show 📺
  • Paging Doctor Me! I play a supporting role in the concept film Verbatim
  • I play Christ-adjacent as Chris the Guidance Counselor in God Help Us
  • Stoked to have been a part of locally shot Free Guy as Gamer #1⭐

  • When danger strikes, A New Superhero Rises in this new sketch 🦸‍♂️
  • Proud to be working with Black Indigo Productions on even more sketches
  • I get on the Mixer like one of those crazy kids and play video games live as Gamor while increasing number of person watches 🎮
  • I learned what machinima meant after I was cast in LimINK Productions' on-going projects using Halo multiplayer footage to make movies. And here I thought brickfilms where the height of filmmaking innovation!
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A Quirky Character, A Dedicated Professional

A strong naturalistic performer capable of creating crazy characters
Experienced in over 60 projects featuring a wide array of characters including nerds, stoners, doctors, drunks, Iraqi dictators, mob bosses, guys getting pinched by the mob, vampires, patriotic soldiers, Southern mechanics, old men, shy guys, serial killers, abusive husbands, mischievous horses, Twitter trolls, cops, FBI agents, and much more!

I come from a diverse background and have a desirably unique, ethnically ambiguous look that is incomparable with other actors but if you smashed together Horatio Sanz with Kevin James you'd probably get something like me. I'm also a no-nonsense professional who respects the set as a workplace.

Let's Do Business

You can view my resume and clips at:
My Website | IMDB Pro | Casting Networks | Actors Access

Tell Me More, Tell Me More

I moved out, sight unseen, to Boston in the Summer of 2018. It was a big change but I've slowly started to find my way around the narrow streets and double-parked cars. I've made my peace with the terrible donuts they have here.

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