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Pigeon The most frequent asked question in the last month, is whether one should or should not provide a cure for breeding. Recently, at the autumn fair of the NPO the same question was point of topic.
After many times, I have given my opinion to do this, I started to throw it at a different tack.

I asked, “What cure do you mean?”.
 ‘Well, you know for paratyphoid and so.’
"Do you have problems with paratyphoid? '
‘No, no, but you hear so often that others do too, so I think I should maybe even consider doing myself '
"Your pigeons, you think are healthy?"
'Yes, I think so'.
"Did they come through the moult without problems? No crazy things seen?”
‘No, everything went well, the manure is good, they eat well’.
“Do you yourself think that it is necessary to provide a cure?"
‘I'd like to hear it from you?’
"Well, you can of course give a cure. Then you can count out how many boxes of aspirin you need. "
The astonished fan asked, "Why do that? '
"Well, I suggest that you take an aspirin during the treatment yourself and your wife and children. Every day as long as you give the cure to the pigeons. Let's say you cure ten days, then you can calculate how many aspirins you need. "
The man looked at me like I was crazy
‘What is it good for’, he blurted out, slightly annoyed.
"If nothing is happening, then that cure is foolish, as is taking aspirin for headaches that can possibly going to get about four or five months."

pigeonsIt was time that I was serious. "You know," I said, 'if you think your birds are sick and that it is established that they are ill, cures may be meaningful. Along with a few other measures, such as grafting and disinfect. But if your birds are not sick then cures do not make sense.

I therefore believe that you suspect your birds are not healthy. That is something quite different. We have to distinguish between the disease and no optimal healthy. No optimal health means that we need to work on health. We must ensure that we improve it. That is very different than to treat pigeon against a disease they do not have at all. Pigeons can be carriers of paratyphoid. It is still better to fix this before you decide to go cure blind. Did you know that by every antibiotic treatment that is given, a portion of the intestinal flora is permanently lost?
Research has established this. This makes it more difficult to maintain optimal health for the pigeons, especially given as regulated unnecessary cures. An acclaimed scientist, Claude Bernard once said that pathogens do less, but it is mainly the conditions that makes that an individual becomes ill. It is accommodating to that thought, it is more important to help the health of the pigeons optimize, then to do a preventive alleged illness from infections that might not exist.
It is good if fans start making a distinction between illness and health care. Healthcare is exchanged with sickness. Too many fans think they do health care as they do only sickness care, often then also against diseases that are not at all present.
Do not get me wrong. I'm veterinarian. If animals are sick, I will definitely use medication to get pigeons healthy again. But almost 30 years, I try to convince the fans that overcoming an infection must be the starting point of an approach to health care. Does one nothing, then one runs quickly against a new outbreak of disease and they know there is treatment after treatment to give. For many lovers this unfortunately is the daily practice.

Health care is to ensure that the pigeons have so much leeway to present pathogens to have no hold on them. Health care is to ensure that the pigeons get good food, with enough vitamins and minerals. Moreover, this is often quite a challenge at this time. Besides providing probiotics and prebiotics is a sensible thing. Under prebiotics we mean the nutrients that help to better grow the good bacteria. The good bacteria are then in this case, the probiotics.

Research has shown that good intestinal bacteria live in symbiosis with the host. It is also in the interest of the good intestinal bacteria that life in the host. Good gut bacteria are responsible for the production of vitamins and minerals, which help can be easily recorded. Now also found that pathogens to compete with the attachment sites on the intestinal wall. The more pathogens to get a chance to attach to the intestinal wall, the greater is the likelihood that the patient is ill. It is, therefore, much better in order to ensure that there are enough good intestinal bacteria available in the intestine. Giving probiotics can contribute to it. But we can acidifying herbal drinks, as S.G.R., to also provide help to strengthen the existing own good intestinal bacteria. In this way one contributes to the health of the pigeons that allows repay through better manure and better condition of the pigeons.

Similarly, showed that in houses where good gut bacteria sprayed harmful bacteria have less chance to survive. It may well prove very wise to be able after a thorough disinfection of a good loft (bottom) to atomize bacteria in the loft. It is not yet common in the sport to do so. But the lovers applying this though there are quite satisfied.

Health of the pigeons can further help by giving regular spices, supporting the function of liver and herbs for pigeonskidneys. In addition, a range of natural products, there has become available which, in particular, harmful bacteria and parasites, to make a much more difficult to survive.
Giving antibiotics should be limited to those cases where the birds are sick. In these cases it is good to establish, through research, which antibiotics are best suited to use. Blind cures should not be in the vocabulary of pigeon fanciers.


Bony Probiotica and Bony S.G.r.

Bony SGR


Bony S.G.R. contains numerous herbs that contribute to a higher resistance. Amongst others: Echinacea purpurea, eleuterococcus and panax ginseng. Furthermore Bony S.G.R. contains some herbs that help to optimize digestion, which a/o reveals in improvement of the quality of droppings. A well-balanced composition ensures improvement of intestinal flora and a brake on the growth of yeasts such as Candida albicans.

The better intestinal flora contributes to a lesser chance of coli-bacteria's causing diseases getting the upper hand. That is also the reason for a quicker recovery of infections and limited lost of condition for pigeons that run into the Adeno virus in spring. Basically, Bony S.G.R. can be supplied to pigeons whole year through.



Bony Probiotics contains a multifunctional probiotic profile of many species, with each approximately 8,000 to 9,000 different lineages.

The probiotics provide natural health and protection and counter the pathological bacteria's. In the intestinal sector many bacteria's live. There are several
reasons for the intestinal flora to become imbalanced. For example, the use of antibiotics could be a reason.

Besides the pathological bacteria's, a huge amount of good bacteria's disappear as well. Probiotics are the answer to this problem

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