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The last few months we got several question, why the Newsletter wasn’t send out anymore. The reason for this is simple. Due to a technical fault the mailing list got lost, it was necessary to re-enter all the addresses again.
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In recent years attention has been paid to particular topics requested by fans. Regularly the question where raised about topics, who already where discussed. The last few weeks who got several requests about how to deal with paratyphoid. This remains an issue that remains unresolved. Through this link you can find the answers to many questions.
What is good to emphasize is that the routine cures in autumn against paratyphoid, makes little sense if one's intention is to curb the paratyphoid problem. The "value" of these cures lies in that it brings down the infection of several latent infections. With regard to the excretion paratyphoid, one is usually back on the old level within a month.

For lofts with little resistance, and a large-antibiotic use by the year, it may be possible that is necessary to do, because these lofts are held op with antibiotics. But the lofts that follow the natural approach for a while and work on the resistance, giving such cures is often unnecessary, perhaps even undesirable.

When an outbreak of paratyphoid or lofts where the presence on pigeons is there, one must do more than just cure against the disease. Vaccination is necessary (click here for more information on treatment).

There are live and dead vaccines. Keep in mind that if a live vaccine is used, that it no longer preferable to use any treatment after the vaccination and wait at least five days. When one does anyway, it can deactivate the vaccine. Strictly speaking, it is common to cure before dead vaccine, then vaccinate and then cure after. With live vaccine; cure, wait at least five days and then be vaccinated only.


Basic Tincture

Bony Basis-TBony Basic T is a tincture of herbs. The name may be chosen wrong because many people will be put on the wrong track by the letter T.
In the moulting period, it is good to give the pigeons a tea cure. There are several excellent herbal blends on the market where they themselves can draw a good tea. In the case of an herbal tincture can often be used the same as in the seasoning mixtures of tea mixtures. The difference is that it be put various herbs tincture on alcohol to make free the ingredients. This can be used, depending on the herb between the two weeks and 4 months in order to obtain the optimum tincture. A tincture is also much more potent than a tea.

Whatever you use, it is not a bad habit to give the pigeons a powerful herbal treatment at this time of Pigeon teayear. The Bony herbal tea contains 22 different herbs that support the intestines and liver and kidneys help in the elimination of impurities in the body. However, the Basic Tincture of Bony does the same in a more powerful way. Furthermore, it is added a mixture of dyes to the Basic tincture which contains a very high content of anti-oxidants. That is why there can be a dark discoloration in the drinking water. This is totally harmless.

Bony Base System

Autumn is the ideal time to start with a natural approach. Too often we are approached just before the racing season by lovers who also like to try the ‘natural approach'. I usually refer them the start after the autumn. After all, it takes time to build up a good resistance. That does not work in a few days.

              Bony Basispakket
The basic system is composed of a number of coordinated products that contribute together to the optimization of the resistance. The backbone of the system has been for years the Bony SGR. If using this product for the first time, it is best to give the drink in the drinking water for 10-14 consecutive days. After that you can continue the system with a midweek day, together with the Omega Nucleovit and the Bony B.M.T as the Basic Core are given together with the food. Finally, on Friday, Bony mineral. The base system can further be supported with the Basic M mineral mix. This limited range of products you can optimally support the health of the pigeons for a long time. 

Exhibition in Kassel

Next month we will be at the fair over in Kassel (Germany) on 22-23 October. If you visit the fair, feel free to visit our booth to chat while enjoying a coffee or anything else.

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