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Bonjour, friend!  I hope this email finds you neck-deep in an escapade that's challenging enough to excite you but not so difficult that it daunts you.

That's definitely where I found myself last month. The excitement of seeing Les Stone Cold Killers out there for anybody to read paired with the anticipation of my first ever release party was overwhelming. I spent more than a day curled in a ball on the floor of the Sea Shanti in terror, truth be told.

But, mon ami, if you're not a little bit scared, you're probably not growing (not even a little bit). When you think about it, living a life without fear means living a life wherein everything is always exactly as you expect it to be. It's living a life without surprise.

Sounds pretty dull to me.

I learned from my meltdown in April that if you can tough out the scary parts (with help from your friends, of course), you'll pop out on the other side feeling confident and giddy with excitement. That's the flip side of fear. If you can show it who's boss, you level up!

Speaking of the release party

It was a blast!

My college friend Red Jenn the Adventurer flew in from North Carolina to attend, and we reminisced about our first trip to Paris, when we were about the same age as Perilous and Sparks.

Hannah the Magnificent, founder of No Worries Soap, drove in from Houston and brought soaps that she'd crafted just for the series.

A mysterious gentlemen agent arrived in full James Bond attire and stole the prize for International Person of Mystery, and we all indulged in lots of chocolate and daydreams about travel and adventure.

Plus, Les Stone Cold Killers sold out! I'd call that a success.

A quick word on reviews

I've gotten some glowing reviews from readers on Amazon and Goodreads, and apparently, reviews are sort of a big deal for indie authors. That's how other readers find out about our books, doncha know.

Rather than subtly hint, let me just come right out and say it: if you read Les Stone Cold Killers and you liked it, s'il vous plait, leave a review on one or both of the sites listed above.

It doesn't have to be lengthy or lavish, but it's helpful if you pinpoint one or two things that you liked about the novel. For some people that may be the fact that I feed my heroines regularly and give them dresses with pockets; for others, it may be the car chases and the general juvenile delinquency. Whatever caused your inner spy to sizzle, let me know in a review.

And one more plug for LSCK

If you still haven't picked up your copy of Les Stone Cold Killers, what are you waiting for? Get it today!
Gimme it!

Plus, intel on The Kowloon Jukebox

With the release of Book One in the Perilous and Sparks series finito, I'm turning my attention to Book Two The Kowloon Jukebox. Believe it or not, I'm more excited about this novel than the first.

It's set in London and Hong Kong just a few months after Les Stone Cold Killers, and it features a movie starlet, several groovy rock bands, and, of course, a doomsday device.

Les Stone Cold Killers was based on a vintage YA novel called X Marks the Spy, and I wanted some of the old bones sticking out, which created cramped parameters to work within. The Kowloon Jukebox, on the other hand, is 100% pure, distilled A.Ware imagination.

And a survey

Maybe I spoke too soon. In fact, TKJ will be almost 100% pure, distilled A.Ware imagination. I could actually use a little help with one teensy detail. I'm torn between several band names, and I'd love your input.

Which is your favorite? Click the link to air your opinion.

Jane Bond and the Doomsday Device
Jane Bond and the Henchmen
Jane Bond and the Barettas
Jane Bond and the Super Villains

One final request for daring adventurer types

If you've been enjoying the Innocent Postcards on the Perilous and Sparks website, why not pen one yourself? Click the button below to find the guidelines!
I want to deliver an Innocent Postcard!
Nervous about putting your brain out there for anybody to take a gander at? Boy, do I know what you mean. Maybe reading a few of the posts that other Agents of Eris have already written will inspire you.

All of this month's featured postcards were written by audacious adventurers who've taken enough risks in life to offer up advice on living more fully, authentically, and dangerously.

Pick a postcard.

Adieu for now, mon ami! Be well! Have fun! Cause a little trouble when you're so inclined!

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